PTCL EVO Lands in Peshawar

Just two weeks ago we covered about PTCL EVO’s service reaching in 18 cities of Pakistan, now there is this news that PTCL EVO has started offering its broadband wireless services in Peshawar too.

It is too early to comment on EVO’s quality of service in Peshawar.

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If you are in Peshawar, you can visit or call following to get your EVO devices right away

  • Can we use existing smart tv if we subscribe to ptcl evo. and if yes any one please share his experience of iptv and ptcl evo

    • why dont you just call their helpline O_o . oh and dont think about emailing them they have got a couple of jokers sitting there , ill share an incident i had with them . p.s i recommend not to buy evo it sucks . they say it them selves the average download speed you get is some 300 to 500 kbits per second . so the best you get is a 512kbps connection :P

      buy evo only if
      1-you are very near their bti (tower ) {p.s if you find out some way to find out where the hell their bti’s are located do tell me .-.}
      2-their are not many evo users around

      if the above 2 conditions fulfill go buy evo now and enjoy a dl speed of ABOVE 2 mbits per second . {practically talking} if not the other best wireless solution for you is wateen .

  • its a matter of deep concern for khyber pakhtoonkha government that evo reached there after so long. peshawar which is the capital of one of four provinces of pakistan. many cities are covered first then came peshawar where peshawar should be among the first.

  • hey, i today read on geo tv news ticker about latif khosa saying that he is fully aware of 3G technology and its need in pakistan and he is confident that 3G service will get started very soon here and it will replace older mobile internet techonogies like gprs and edge etc.
    hope they understand the need fully now issue licenses for it.

  • I just bought an EVO yesterday and it sucks
    No one is willing to guide me from where i could get help
    Signal strength is 20% in cant and for refund I have to wait for 3o days

  • salam
    evo tamama fata our kpk me kam kary ga.
    agar kissy ko chheye to miry 7 rabeta kary .
    syed muzafar khan bdo ibn ptcl mall rood peshawar no 03439024404

  • mere pas evo connection hai lekin ye kpk mai kam nahi karta jo meri leya barra masla hai mia kya karo

  • If anyone needs PTCL Land Line connection, DSL Connection, 3G Evo(3.1MB). 3G Evo Nitro(9.3 MB),
    3G Evo Wifi Cloud (3.1 MB), 3G Evo Tab (3.1 MB)in Lahore then contact me on this no:

  • hi there i live on warsak road in a village i use to use World call but now it suck now i wana use evo i have vptvl and with antina it has full signals so will evo work there i live in Mathra sheikh kali

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