Ufone Gives Away GLi to ‘Kismat ki Dastak’ Winner

Mr. Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer, Ufone, handing over the car key to Mr. Fida Hussain, the winner of the first Corolla GLi under the campaign 'Kismat ki Dastak'
Mr. Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer, Ufone, handing over the car key to Mr. Fida Hussain, the winner of the first Corolla GLi under the campaign 'Kismat ki Dastak'

Ufone has brought forward to the masses is “Kismat ki Dastak” which offers an array of exciting prizes which are bound to change the destiny of Ufone’s valued customers.

A ceremony was held in this regard on Wednesday 23rd of June 2010 to announce the winner of the first GLI from “Kismat ki Dastak” promotion.

In total Ufone will be giving out 6 Toyota Corolla GLI’s and a Grand Prize of a ‘Furnished House’ along with 100 Free minutes to a lucky winners everyday and 40 Mobile handsets out of which 5 Mobile handsets will be given every week for 8 weeks.

Mr. Akbar Khan Chief Marketing Officer Ufone said that Kismat ki Dastak is a life changing experience. It is overwhelming to see the excitement of Mr. Fida Hussain the winner of the first Toyota Corolla GLI which was handed over to him this evening. We have yet again set ourselves apart from all existing promotions in the industry and we look forward to bring more smiles to our valued customers as this promotion continues it will be entering into a more exciting phase for our customers.

How you can participate?

All the customer is required to do is dial *728# & start playing the exciting and extremely user friendly SMS quiz at Rs. 10+tax for every entry. All correct entries will automatically be entered into a lucky draw to win Grand prizes. The more questions a customer answers, the more are his/her chances of winning.

Customers can also participate in the quiz by sending start to728. Everyone is encouraged to take part in this life changing promotion hence if customers using other networks wish to be a part of the promo they should rush and get their own Ufone SIM at the earliest or dial 033 1236 1236 to port-in to Ufone’s network.

  • This is incredible, at a time when everything is getting difficult and more expensive Ufone has made Mr. Fida one of the luckiest people in the country.

    Well done Ufone, we wish to see many more of such offers and i wish i win a car too :)

  • Also give the photograph of the guy who is paying for the houses and the cars that Ufone is giving away (ufone or akbar are not paying for the prizes)… hahahahah I like that the Chief (or Cheap) Marketing Officer is posing there and taking the credit for giving the prizes of a service that he doesnt even knows about. Nice one dude, but the telco dudes know you better ;)

  • I was reading somewhere that Zong initiated this type of campaigns. Here is also a good one now by my ufone. I’m loving it!

  • I think this type of activity is not new in Pakistan.If Iam not mistaken, Zong was the first Telecom operator to introduce this trend in Pakistan and Ufone has responded only recently.One thing about Ufone is sure, at least its huge profits do not go abroad and make up precious reserve of Pakistani banks

  • Well Ufone has definitely done something good for their customers. Ufone Keep up the good work!!!!!


  • hmm i lost nothing much just 60 rs actually i was playing the quiz my answer were right but i noticed u answer and keep answering 1 after the other nearly 13 rs ..the funny thing about this is that the car they r giving is worth how much? 10 lakh? and there are 16 coroe here i am not saying all have ufone but even if 1/3 have it and spend 100 rs each playing the game ufone just fooled everyone coz what they will earn if 20 times the amount of the car..by the ways the guy in the pic taking the car we dont know who he is he could be anyone looks like a tea boy..i mean who knows? they slipped 10,000 bucks in his pocket and told him to say a few words..dont tell me this dude can answer quiz questions ..these kinda issues have been proved before like samad the great fruad who sold prize bonds worth millions and poor people came on tv and said they won 1 million? later on he was arrested on 420 charges..dear friends this is pakistan nothing is free here ..ufones owner will give this car i am sure but to his son in law ..by the ways why dont u guys find this dude who got the car and make sure if hes really got it..here people would work for 5000 a month so if hes given even 10000 to speak a few words he will do it,,

  • yeh fraud hai,mein ny Quiz py Rs.10000 lgyay hein magr mujy 1 free minute bhi nhn mila Car aur Ghar tu bht hee dorr ki baat hai…yeh Car jeetnay wala Fida hussain advertise mein khta hai k mein ny srf 1 answer dya tha aur yeh fraudiay khty hein k jitni ziada entries utnay hee jeetnay k ziada muwaqay,phr yeh insaf tu na hua na??? yeh salay awam ko loot rhy hein….ufone “tum hee tu fraudiay ho”

    • very true!! i hav also wasted my thousand rupees on this stupid quiz .. nd din got anythng!!! choudary n the prsn with d name truth em with u guyz!!

  • Great post, bless you for that. Ufone Gives Away GLi to ‘Kismat ki Dastak’ Winner is cool! Could I consult the website owner where he or she acquired his design and style? Or does it appear normal at this web log? Keep it up and many thanks once again for your time and efforts.

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