Message from Pakistan Cyber Army on Arrest of Pakbugs and Recent Defacements

After recent defacement of some 130 Pakistani websites, including Punjab Police’s official webpage and in return the defacement of Indian CID’s website, some voices opined that a new cyber war between Pakistan and India is in the making.

However, a deeper look into the matter reveals that senior hackers are not supporting this rising conflict.

Back channel conversations with senior hackers from both side of the borders convey that they don’t want to get indulged into cross-hacking stuff any further. However, they are of the view that some kids are creating the unrest, which is bad for the economies of both the countries.

Part of these trouble creating hackers included Pakbugs, which got arrested by FIA, last Monday.

In response to these developments in past week, ProPakistani received a message from Pakistan Cyber Army, a.k.a PCA.

We know PCA for 5 famous and targeted defacement of Indian websites against Pakistan’s OGRA’s defacement.

Pakistan Cyber Army was established soon after OGRA’s defacement, and that too when some hackers were using abusive language on Pakistani Forums and Blogs.

After that particular activity in November 2008, PCA went underground, however, with recent developments – they are back with a formal message, which is as following (and is presented here un-changed):

“Message from Pakistan Cyber Army on arrest of Pakbugs Members

If anyone has doubt that we are not the one who defaced ONGC then get a life first. If people have forgotten, then we are the same guys who Defaced ONGC in response to the attack on OGRA. After which we did a peace deal with the groups involved on both sides of borders including “Pakbugs” and “ICW” but kids didn’t keep their promise and got arrested.

We told PakBugs many (many, many, many) times to not to deface/destroy Pakistani websites and infrastructure. We told them to take FIA and NR3C seriously – as these agencies are not bunch of NOOBS, we had warned Pakbugs that you people don’t know about the power and the resources that NR3C has got but they gave a damn to our words and ended up in their custody.

I feel sad about the kids but… it happened due to their carelessness and childish attitude, which eventually landed them in the jail.

If you people are upcoming hackers and don’t know about Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance then go and read it on NR3C website. I fear that Pakbugs would have a jail of 7 years if they got trialed and if FIA bail them out with some punishment they should thank Allah and concentrate on their studies.

We always told Jawad (HUMZA) and other kids about the consequences that they may face if arrested. [Jawad correct me if I am wrong.

Request to FIA/NR3C

“It is our humble request to FIA (NR3C) authorities to consider the case realistically and don’t give the kids the capital punishment as they are kids and can improve if given a chance. If they got the capital punishment as mentioned in Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance then their future will be ruined. Sir these are our kids and our force if given a direction“

Message for upcoming Hackers

Our message to upcoming hackers or people who are interested in this field is that there is nothing bad to have the knowledge of hacking or hacking techniques, what’s bad is the usage of such knowledge and skill against our own country, National and international organizations or departments – that may cause damage to our country and its repute in the world.  Don’t push your efforts to get famous. The fame will come by the time.

Some of your kids out there think that organizations in the west give opportunity to the hackers, if that’s the case then you are living in a heaven of fools.

Don’t believe in such stories that hackers will have a good future. The person who has a criminal record cannot fly from the country or he can’t enter into a country legally – go and ask your elders about it.

Message for Indian Hackers

If Indian hackers think that the game is over then read our message once again “Don’t mess with Pakistan else you will lose both your Name and this Game”. If you think that “Pakbugs” got arrested and you have a chance to play then give it a second thought.


Pakistan Zindabad,
We are still awake for our country.
Haroon aka D45H & Hamza aka r4yd3n
Pakistan Cyber Army”

  • Wow.. for the first time i am proud of our Pakistani Hackers… Guys u ppl are really an unknown army of Pakistan and i am proud of u ppl…

  • i truely appreciate this message from PCA…..
    and i m happy to see their message for our upcoming hackerz….
    i think every upcoming hacker should consider on that…..
    and the message to Indian hackers is also good and i think this cyber war which is pretending to be started is done by INdians as they first defaced Pakistan’s 130 websites…

    • dude r asking abt 130 sites defaced.
      urduhack is now back in action
      we defeted indian cobras in 2001
      now we r back
      i got vul that how they defaced 130 sites
      and i got trackback to their shells
      they r couple of lammers.

      And about pakbugs
      all members those r arrested r just Noobs
      farman , vergin etc
      except that xoom
      i know xoom he was a good religious guy
      about punjab police that IW claims that they defaced it
      its just a childish thing
      getting admin pwd and editing my bullshit editor
      its lame

  • And what a lame way of going about calling them KIDS, when they themselves exploit the vulnerabilities discovered by someone else. Get a life, unless you discover vulnerabilities in softwares and then write patches for them or something.

    • Rez i think they are calling then kids because of thier relation with them not because they calling them kids in thier skills.

  • Pakistan Zindabad
    Paki cyber army,you guys are doing great…and i pray for pakbugs to come back in the game safely…

    and for indian hackers,dont bother or else you dont know the power of pakiz….

    May Allah help you all and pakistan!

  • lolz
    @ u guys

    soon Porkbugs will revel other info about ppl from porkjokers(pakhaxors lol ) and your leftover SQL skids will also be inside the Jail

    Go hide your asses Skids

  • @C00lt04d
    ____ stop doing childish act
    if u can do something do it harder
    stop doing sql bla bla bla
    deface pak cyber crimed dpt as I defaced ur CYBER CRIME DEPARTMENT.

    dude we are PROs
    dnt mess with us
    i can deface ur 81sites in 1 sec

    [Comment Edited]

    • Ok lets get this clear . I dont understand why u guys call yourself hackers ( both indian and pakistanis)when you are just leeches who have contributed in no ways in developing exploits or some tools :D . Using Per developed exploits and then finding servers on both side which are vulnerable to those particular exploits is what KIDS do not PROS. If you guys really are PROS then give us a list of how many disclousers you have done ?? . Lols most of you are at 0 :D .

      YOU guys just know how to use your tools . Nothing more i can give you guys credit of .

  • Haroon bhai and rest of the members of PCA,I think you guys had said the right thing, hacking is not some fun game or some time pass, its all about security and making systems (not only computers) more better, but the problem is people dont even understand the true meaning of hacking and start running for fame in underground communities.

    urduhack says:
    July 12, 2010 at 9:25 am

    hey pca seems we need to talk
    replay me here
    [email protected]


  • I Repeat Message ….

    Message for Indian Hackers

    If Indian hackers think that the game is over then read our message once again “Don’t mess with Pakistan else you will lose both your Name and this Game”. If you think that “Pakbugs” got arrested and you have a chance to play then give it a second thought.


    Pakistan Zindabad,
    We are still awake for our country.

  • I am proud of PCA but I am not expecting this kind of message from them. I expect that they will warn the agencies those are working against Pakistanis online or offline, but unfortunately they shows shame over PakBugs.

    I don’t know why PCA members are behaving like defenders but not attackers. Indians are also have the resources to kept hackers but they don’t just because of Anti-Pakistan mind.

  • Dear Muhammad Asad,

    In my opinion the PCA Looks a mature hacking group who knows what they are capable of and doing. I dont think soo they actually shows shame over the arrest rather they reflect thier grief over the arrest post a good message to warn the new commers like these lines “Sir these are our kids and our force if given a direction” they want them to be free and to have jobs or anything like using thier skills.
    I am agree with thir opinion and i didnt knew that there is any ” Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance” in place it means they are fully aware of the situation laws and ethics of the country as well.

    Pakistan Zindabad

    PCA best of luck.

  • really good message from PCA , Yeah Agencies should think before punishing! PAKBUGS !

    130 websites which were hacked by PakBugs , then there Webmasters have to think about their securities.

    • PakBugs Did’nt Hack 130 Websites….
      They Hacked a lot…
      But recenlty 130 + websites were hacked by Indian Cyber Army

    • huh guy w0t are y0u d0ing there is whole crew there???
      well yea pakbugs are back….

      Pakistan zindabad..

    ~TRUST NO ONE. ~

    paki hacker’s zindabad

    ”hey urduhack dnt be angry wid mi c0z i usd ur tag. lol

  • Pakbug Guys should be punished, most of them were hacking Pakistani websites, some of guys are sitting in UK those must also be arrested.

  • i find more funny is that most ppl participating are just Cheer leaders of hackers . they may not know what is a SKID and what actually is parameter of being called a pro :) but they will leave n stone upturned in calling hackers from”their side” 31337’s and hackers from other side noobs . :D . A message to them go get a life and dont add more feul to the fire which we are trying to quench .
    Indians and pakistanis are more alike then different .( we are south east asians have same genes , language , cuisine and culture ). We should learn from european countries who also among themselves were bitter enemies like India pak but now they have free border :) . And the whole region is developing . We should focus more on this rather than giving EMPTY THREATS THAT INDIAN HACKERS WILL SEE YOU OR PAKISTANI HACKERS ARE NT DEAD . KIDS I SAY …

  • first of all here i will correct that zombie_ksa hacked many pakistani website too he is nothing just a kid anyone can do hacking just google it and u will find many ways to hack a website but who will go for it ? this is the question ?ofcourse a well educated and respected person know the consequences of these thing so he/she wouldnt go for it now the rest those on net who want to show that they are something (in reality the are nothing) because if they are some professional hacker they wouldnt come online and say they are hacker its common sense . they said they are innocent and not doing anything well they steal credit card hack shopping websites and get hold on credit card from database so how come they are innocent recently FIA arrest pakbugs crew and pakbugs was down from many days now here i would like you guyz to know that (pakbugs has already been hacked before) google it and you will see about pakbugs hacked story .now they are again online claiming that they cant be hack they are this and that they need to grow up now and all their actions like hacking website kiddo things making pakistan name spoil all over the world .they need to be taken down as soon as possible way to go FIA I AM WITH U GUYZ .

    • hey plz don;t call Zombie_Ksa a kid ,
      bachoo ko muqaa ,il gaya hai batain karnay ka ,you kuch hota nahii batae karwaloo jitnee

      nxt time be careful ,we know what we r doing

  • you pakistani must awake for your country & we indian also, but we must not fight each other…what happened in our past foregot….bcz if we want to make good future for our chindren & if we think “we r children of one GOD” & IF we r realy a human then “WE MUST RESPECT EACH OTHER (INDIA & PAKISTSTAN)”


  • Hey, i’m an Indian and does hacking mobile networks.. I runs a wapsite .. I’d like to design a site for hacking Pak mobile networks for free internet.. If anyone got any good stuffs, i’ll design the site 4 them.. It wont be crime.. Hacking mobile network is silly and least bothered by the authority.. Go to my site and inform if u r ready..

  • salam to all .bhai ma pca k bare kafi suna ha magar kabi unse contact nahi ho saka shayad unki koi website he nahi apke is forum k through un tak aik message bhejna chahta hun.mera Gmail account kisi khabees indian ne hack kar liya ha.jiski waja se ma ek website jispar ma ne account gmail k through bnaya that bhi hack ho gya ne apni sari jama poonji us website pe invest ki hui thi.bhai agar ap mera ye message pca tak pohancha do to apka ye ek pakistani pe zindagi bhar k liye ehsan hoga. bus itna samaj len k ek museebat zada shakhs madad ka muntazir ha.faqat dua go ….bilal raza.!

  • Agree with you guys. Use of hacking against your own country is not neccesary
    Why not join a company who need someone who knows how to hack so they can make there website/software un-hackable

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