PTCL Providing Medical Assistance in Flood Affected Areas

Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD (PTCL) in order to reduce the suffering of people in flood affected areas has established medical camps in northern areas.

According to PTCL spokesperson, medical camps have been established in Nowshera, Peshawer, Charsadda, Warsak Road exchange, G.T Road exchange and Charsadda exchange. Two doctors assisted by one dispenser are already performing duties at each camp. Medicines worth Rs. 0.5 million and other medical equipment along with an ambulance have been made available per camp.

PTCL has ensured that these camps and doctors are well equipped so that the maximum number of people get the benefit.

People in these areas are also being provided with food items worth Rs. 1.5 million. Besides this as a general relief, PTCL is also donating 2000 food packages worth Rs. 2.4 million through the Army relief operation to the flood affected people.

So far an initial donation worth Rs. 4.4 million by PTCL has been extended to affected region and people in the form of food items and medicines. PTCL management has pledged to stand by these people in these crucial times and continue to provide any kind of assistance, when and wherever required.

  • PTCL is unable to provide net properly and is willing to provide medical assistant there …

  • but it is not the responsibility of PTCL to do this – it s the government and aid agencies, i think PTCL is trying to cash in on a bit of good will for a bit of CSR – but to be honest it is taking advantage of the situation!! They can help by providing better infrastructure in the NA and also ensure that people from the area get access to broadband so they can educate themselves out of the poverty and plight they seem to continue to find themselves in!!

  • PTCL needs aid itself in the first place.
    You provide aid now,and the friggin government will keep the aid from USA and CANADA for themselves.

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