Mobilink’s Advertising Stone gets on the Roll

Mobilink, country’s largest cellular company, in its latest TVC has shifted its advertising approach from what they call sophisticated and decent looking ads to funny, rather mocking TV adverts.

Unlike Telenor, Ufone and others, Mobilink has failed to define its advertising approach over the years. It’s not bad at all that they keep on changing their minds, however, lack of innovation, brining in Indian models and now copying competition’s lines is meaningless and shaky too.

Earlier this year, with new tagline for its prepaid brand “Jazz Apna Hai”, Mobilink relied on Indian crew including the model for several months. That campaign couldn’t leave its impact; in fact it got back fired by the masses.

Now with their recent most offering of ‘Mobilink Bemisaal’, the marketing team thought of getting the attention by taunting Ufone. This way Mobilink has successfully joined Ufone, Zong and Telenor for the taunt race.

Interestingly, Mobilink not only copied Ufone’s advertising approach only but its product idea as well.

We are familiar with Mobilink’s capability of making incredible TV adverts, however, for now its team is struggling in setting its direction.

Let’s see how Ufone is going to respond to Mobilink’s this move, as we know Ufone’s habit of replying to competition in direct manner.

Following is one of Mobilink’s TVC for the said campaign, last part of this advert hasn’t aired on the TV so far.

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  • Such a bad commercial really.i laughed on mobilink marketing team’s ideas…can’t compete ufone in this regard.ufone’s TVCs rock

    • Guys its just a commercial for god sake! I can see BRAND WAR taking the whole thing to a new level ! doesnt it feel as if we are too much into getting things complicated then just accepting the fact that giants are here and i can smell sense of insecurity amongst the kiddo telecoms

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    But It is a good treand, I am waiting for the reply by Ufone, as i am a ufone user.
    Ufone will soon give some offer much better than mobilink and I am sure that this offer will include all PTCL no also.

  • shame on mobilink being the largest network of Pakistan but doing Childish activities of taunting UFONE offers in its new TVC of Ramadan Offer…
    Point to be noted that UFONE is not deducting ay daily charges on 1 Free minute Offer but Mobilink is doing…. Its all bcoz of UFONE’s Awesome OFFERS that the other networks comes in competition otherwise they were sleeping before it.
    This is not a better approach to create an image on their target market.
    Very Unprofessional Approach

    • Bhai apko itni tension kyun hui..Ufone no doubt bohat funny ads banata hai but Jazz nay acha ad banaya hai. it is funny and i think very good for competition.

      Jab ufone nay super funny ad banaya tha awaz ki quality per teri mehrbani wala tu sab ko itna acha laga and everyone forgot how Ufone voice quality sucks big time.

      So take a chill pill and enojoy the ad. lets see ab ufone kya reply ad banata hai…it will be like cola wars Pepsi vs Coke…now Ufone vs. Jazz

          • I totally second your comments — I dont know why people are getting jealous of Mobilink. first of all to be realistic this is a sooper dooper offer. I mean Just in 2.39 Rs you can talk for whole hour all day long with minimal daily charges of 2.39 Rs. and on FNF its Just 1 Rs/Hr. Moreover Ufone and Zong are doing negative advertising from a long time. Ufone was the 1st to start followed by zong. its been more than a year they were getting out of limit and people were thinking that other companies don’t have reply for this. but this awesome reply shut their mouth off. I don’t know any one of you noticed or not But after airing of this ad by Jazz Ufone has taken off its ad from electronic media. from that day I haven’t seen ufone ad over TV. They are in deep silence and stunned or may be they are thinking for a reply.

            But Once again hats off to Mobilink for such an awesome offer and ad.

            • i agree with you Maham. it is a wonderful ad from advertising point of view, clear message, good explanation of product, entertaining, keeps audiance engage and hitting competition. humour is not just Ufone’s property and Ufone is being doing since so long not just humour but also targeting competition so whats wrong if Mobilink did that. I love the ad, good work Mobilink and the ad agecy.

  • The ad just Mobilink gave… tells you there is something wrong with the marketing team. Firstm those dreadful Indian template ads, and now this. Not at all fun, it looks like Mobilink had a personal grudge on Ufone. All done in poor taste.

    I like the new Telenor 5 paisa ad, at least it has Pakistani faces.

    • Finally we see something in favor of Telenor too !I kinda like their ads too .. but the question is of Brand War where Telenor doesnt fit .. since selling on the bases of “Indian Gaana Bajana” just doesnt go with culture of Pakistan!
      Considering the oldest company ! Mobilink has come along way in contributing to the Branding as well as carrying forward the brand as a notion of citizens integrity and high and lows of life :) Goodluck Mobilink

  • wah wah good show. maza aya. game to up ho gayee lets see ufone sirf negative online campiagn par focus kar raha hai ya koi dhang ka jawab wala ad bhi banaya ga. hahahaha. lmao!

    • Sherry i totally agree with you. I read about three more similar posts on different blogs. looks like these guys are literally acting like little children. :p

      But kasam say dil khush ho gaya. Kisi ko tu samnay aa ker in ka damagh seedha kerna tha.

      Bravo Jazz!

  • Aoa,
    Mobilink offered its package in half of RAMADAN, Dekhte hain kitna dum hai mobilink main, pehle baar to package dia usspe bhi ufone ko copy ker ke… Shame on it MOBI….

    • Walaikum Salam :)

      Yehi to baat hay dost ! Half mein offer keya full fledge package … bachat ki zaroorat thee awam ko .. aur woh asra day deya mobilink ne apno se baat karneka :) Enjoy being privileged ! other networks dont provide such offers

  • Jazz nay fit ad banaya hai. Becharay ufone walay, they had no idea un kay sath aisi ho gi. Hehehe Wesay bara mazak uraya tha Ufone nay Djuice ka apnay ad mein juice vitamin D ka ker kay, bohat acha hua Jazz nay inkay sath bhi wesa he kiya hai.

    • I totally second your comments- I dont know why people are getting jealous of Mobilink. first of all to be realistic this is a sooper dooper offer. I mean Just in 2.39 Rs you can talk for whole hour all day long with minimal daily charges of 2.39 Rs. and on FNF its Just 1 Rs/Hr. Moreover Ufone and Zong are doing negative advertising from a long time. Ufone was the 1st to start followed by zong. its been more than a year they were getting out of limit and people were thinking that other companies don’t have reply for this. but this awesome reply shut their mouth off. I don’t know any one of you noticed or not But after airing of this ad by Jazz Ufone has taken off its ad from electronic media. from that day I haven’t seen ufone ad over TV. They are in deep silence and stunned or may be they are thinking for a reply.

      But Once again hats off to Mobilink for such an awesome offer and ad.

  • agree with shafaq. they had setled into a comfort zone. boring type. some one had to shake them and who better than mobilink. am sure they did not see it coming. hil gayay hongay becharay and poor ufone markting guys and agency. weekend barrbaad lol

  • Jazz Rocks , Rest of all walks :)–Sooperb Offer and Sooperb ad to tell Ufone that if they can do we are none the less and more over Every thing is fair in War and this is kinda war :) Ufone go and have Juice now :)

      • Yea thts true shafaq & sherry– It was long enough since Ufone and zong was taunting other companies in their ads in bad manner. so there is a limit of patience and someone has to give answer. Mobilink did it beautifully. Ufone will be seeing stars in day now :)– Every thing has a limit. they are porting Mobilink numbers to their network without customer consent. they are playing so bad and now when Mobilink has given them only a clue that what can we do with them. there tobgues are locked now :)

        Kyun K jazz Apna Hai

  • Ufone Ad. team rocks !, they always come up with brilliant concepts. They would have definitely watched the Ad. and will soon reply !

    • Ap ke statement kisi politician se kam nahi ! wada karo aur phir poora na karo :)
      Waise hidden charges ki keya policy kee huye hay is baar ? Ab kuch free mein mil raha hay kisi baree company se to is mein bura laganay wali keya baat hay … hota hay kabhi kabhi aisa

  • If Ufone comes up with a good reply, there will be nothing wrong or bad about it. it will be in the true spirit but right now as Sherry said above, it looks like ufone marketing team is busy throwing dirt on internet in a desperate attempt to make Jazz guys look bad. Instead of going for negative online campaign against a job well done by Jazz, they should be focusing on coming up with even more creative and funny ad.

    Lets all agree, when ufone made a remark at Djuice in their ad, no one came online and started writing negative stuff about them because it is such a stupid and immature thing to do. So apparently Ufone need to positively take the remark and make a nice ad in return instead of going all super crazy online.

    Take a chill pill guys…

    Peace! :)

    • Yea thts true shafaq & sherry– It was long enough since Ufone and zong was taunting other companies in their ads in bad manner. so there is a limit of patience and someone has to give answer. Mobilink did it beautifully. Ufone will be seeing stars in day now :)– Every thing has a limit. they are porting Mobilink numbers to their network without customer consent. they are playing so bad and now when Mobilink has given them only a clue that what can we do with them. there tobgues are locked now :)

      Kyun K jazz Apna Hai

      • no matter how much jazz will pay u, but u cant cover jazz’s blunder…bechara khud hi pachta rha hain ab….they even dnt have a clear marketing strategy…..get some fresh MBA’s mobilink and kick the old ones they dnt know a thing…
        how much blunder will u due to this weak marketing strategy???

        Indian agencies,
        indian models,
        copy ads,
        copy promotions,
        Jazz apna hay tu copy kiun karta hay??

  • Haha, good add, but buy the way Mobilink will loose coz this add is promoting Ufone package as well even more :p

    Mobilink ko lainy kay dainay par gaye!

  • Although i m not a user of mobilink but i like the Bemisal offer and especially the TV Ad. First time Ufone was directly hit by a company. Ufone always claim like a company offering Europen standards in Pakistan while others are not. Jazz showed their true face. Esi lye kahawat hai k SHEESHE K GHAR MAIN BETH K DOOSRON PE PATHER MAT PANKO. Ab Ufone ko kuch kuch samajh aai ga.

  • Such ad war only shows that companies has accepted that their product line isn’t creative nor their marketing / media team.

    One should focus on their core strengths rather than hitting each other.

    It’s sad to see that our companies and now big companies like mobilink are also getting down to this practice.

    • Muneeb, this is what is extremly annoying. We as a nation just get hyper over isignificant things and over react like maniacs. So, what if Jazz made a ad that has hit directly on Ufone. There have been plenty of examples Ariel and Surf Excel, Paint companies, Pepsi and Coke.

      The point is people get a good laugh at these ads and in actuality they remember both brands so what else do these companeis want but nahi inhon nay tu jaahilon ki terha fight kerna shuru ker dena hai.

      Ufone ki marketing team was definitely not expecting but then lets not forget if everything is as expected then there is somethnig very wrong with the market.

      The hieght of immaturity is that just One ad made them go haywire.

  • Good Commercial! At least in this thread I see people talking sense ! Irrespective of other threads focusing on minute details of Revenue being outsourced to other neighboring countries lol!

    Wear your Marketing hat before commenting such threads because I see a lot of family drama and emotions mixed well with least possible knowledge of marketing – and the outcome is a pathetic post, examples of which I can see all around blogs where people just post in for the sake of it :) Its the quality not the quantity!

    And for the offer by Jazz – too good to be true ! Been long since I enjoyed a free meal without paying for subscription :) – Rock on — Loving the Brand War – !

  • Why it’s not using any sense in copying ufone style? Is the Mobilink
    marketing team not capable?
    • Lack of marketing leadership qualities, they don’t have the direction and flow. Sometimes they come up with very cheap approach like “Sania bhi api hai or Jazz bhi apna hai” and sania loudly said that” I am not the bhaoo of Pakistan—-maan naa maan main taira mehmaan” and now copying ufone style of humorous ads in a very pathetic way.

    • Mobilink is supporting India by shooting its TV ADs in India, as it’s paying heavy revenue to the Indian companies. I think they are very impress with the star plus style of dramas.

    • Half Ramzan has been passed and now Mobilink has offered the ramzan offer. What a looser.

    Mobilink claims that it’s the oldest telecom operator in Pakistan. And it has proved this thing (only without any improvement in its services and marketing techniques), because in the old age, some people start doing childish things which does not makes any sense to anyone.

    • Do you work for Ufone? Becuase the same blog i read somewhere else and it was endorsed by Ufone.

      Ufone should not act like such a child! Doosron per gandgi uchalnay se apnay kartoot chup nai jatay. Ufone walon kay sath sahi hui hai!

  • before this ad and cheap move, i ws a big fan of mobilink bt now…..lolz mobilink is so cheap…should i port out to warid……?
    no idea i think….dnt want to be a customer to copy cats..

    • Lol do you ask people before you make decisions? Isnt that too Awami of being yourself? Hahahahah Dude get a life .. trust your instincts for a while! and they will say it themselves “Mobilink is the only cure to all your problems”

  • mobilink showed its jealousy to ufone marketing team…….still need to try like hell to beat ufone….stop copying and come up with some real creativity.

  • Mobilink behave like a largest company not like that a local “Thaba” company that is continuously changing their every thing and copy others work to earn money. If you can’t find any good strategy at least don’t copy any other competitor’s strategy, and i think this is foolish activity that mobilink have done in its history by making this kind of ad.

    • Calm down ! Seems like you are a marketing guru :) How about offering some courses in local universities to help people render some good marketing ideas instead of just acting like kids and filling up posts coz of no reason

  • so, they are trying to be funny. keep trying mobilink bacha. it’s beautifully said that naqal k lye b aqal ki zrurat hoti hai. 1st, they were playing with customers by making emotional tvc, n now they want to attract us by making fun of others. Lack of consistency is losing brand’s loyalty. you need to have brilliant marketing team with innovative ideas to compete ufone. Ufone is great with with its concepts. u r no more best, mobilink. Now, we r far ahead of ur supermacy’s story n monopoly in telecom industry.
    Soon, we ll keep remembering as ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A COMPANY CALLED MOBILINK.
    Figure among chipers, because when mobilink launched there was no competition. Survival is with new ideas now, u should be mature now in marketing terms.

    • Okay sing with me now Ayesha:D
      *ayesha ayesha let me tell you !!
      ayeshaa ayeshaaaa you are way too cute”

      You are right nakal ke leye bhi akal chaiye .. but how about if the teacher gets into action himself and catches the student doing some lame thing and acting it out again to make sure they dont do it again :) Serves the damn purpose yeah ! hahah I so cant stop laughing at your suggestions not because they are very direct and surely highlights a planned plot against the giants :) Survival is surely with new ideas :) but this one single “In your Face” advertisement by Mobilink has just made you guys go crazy about announcing Marketing Terms which either existed in the book ” How to Blame the Brand” try refering to “Adaptable to Change|Accepting the Brand War” from next time :)

  • shame on you mobilink what have you done by making this ad, i have have seen you ad its a childish ad that seems like copy cat. Mobilink contact me on my email id i can give you a better idea rather than copying others ad ([email protected]) it will be a better idea and one thing more it will be absolutely free of cost so don’t worry that you have to pay some money. at least no body will cal you a copy cat. think on this proposal.?

  • mobilink shame on u…..!yh kya hay???
    no creativity..neither in Ad nor in package….come up with something new, baby….

  • Feeling sorry for mobilink. it’s not the attitude of a company who calls itself a market leader. where is the uniqueness, grace,innovation, creativity and above all marketing team? Wonder how this ad was declared pass to launch on air. What mobilink want to be called as? Within no time, it swings from aur sunao to no samjhota, then to jazz on hai and now apna hai. What’s your brand recognition and what do you want to be called as? Or it’s just seasonal taglines. New sun – new brading, it might be a dubrby race.
    I am personally very much confused with it as you’re yourself, my mobilink. Leave this frustration. Prosperity to you!

    • Dear Ahmad .. Dont feel sorry! Been treated with the same medicine by a giant company always seems like a weird thing – but it seems as if all of us know that the Giant has entered with the same marketing thing and a better execution – chances are less for mediocre organizations to sustain their creativity notion in coming future.

      And when you term it as a War – then fight like a warrior too :) Travelling under two flags would just question your identity. Be clear about what you say – Its a normal ad with an excellent execution. If you think Ufone did a great job thats totally your opinion – but coming down to a level and feeling sorry for a giant who has been serving your communication needs since ages – sounds like completely betrayal to strong bond you had with mobilink.

        • Heehee your jealousy has overtaken your sense of humor my brother. Look beyond your jealousy and you will find the ad hilarious.

          Loved the Jazz ad. Admit it or not, it was FUNNY!

  • Within a year you swings from Aur sunao to No Samjhota to Jazz On Hai, and now Apna hai made us confused about what message has been conveyed till now. One day you have us in near tears with an emotional apna hai song about the climb to fame and accomplishment of a local sports hero, then you try to get us all warm and fuzzy inside with very family oriented ads showing a father daughter and now after a span of almost a year you decide, hey lets be funny again with those two cheap funny chaps, only because they seem so blunt and seem like they are trying a bit too hard to make us laugh

    • What a cooked up analysis! :p Apparetly i think u r more mad at the fact that another company made a better and funnier ad than ur company.

      Atleast they have different flavors. They dont act like jokers all the time. Unfortunately, while making others laugh all the time and making fun o others all the time, Ufone has become a laughing stock!

    • So you didnt really laught at it “mona” ? Didnt you feel like smiling for a while even? Thats the issue not only with the majority but also the masses out there .. Acceptance level has just died! Relax .. its an Ad ! and if a brand has the ability to deliver to various taglines and to various segments of masses whats the harm? Well if you seem left out am sure you can leave a message with Mobilink am sure they will cater you as well ;)

      For now I do like the package .. pretty easy on pocket and yummy on the deal too ! Well guess what somebody really need marketing before commenting here!

  • I wonder that what the heck is wrong with the Mobilink marketing team, as it has started to copy ufone ads and marketing strategies @ 100%. The AD format is the same, the offer is the copy, the ending has been made on the lame layout. Moblink has done a very poor job. Why Mobilink is doing these weird things? May be the marketing team have no idea what to do and it would be a good value if they can ask ufone marketing team to teach them how to design creative ad campaigns?

  • After reading all the comments and specially the blog of propakistani, i see some guyz are trying to defend mobilink. thts a good thing. but they are just saying “YES” n “Totally Agree With u …” “yes, you are Right”i think they are employee of mobilink trying to keep the name of their company..I only do have one question to them..!
    If as i always think, it is business class! then this ad and this package is trash. I have one advice for mobilink, hire some good MBA’s on the desperately need a clear minded marketing team. and please stop let indians say “Apna Ha” coz agr unka hay tu hamara nai hay….its upto u that u wanna be theirs or ours.
    and thank you propakistani for this great piece of information..u r doing a good job.

  • Its nice to read all the comments and i think that if Mobilink Marketing team if exist they will see the feedback and do something creative.
    I have seen so many Advises in these comments for mobilink.
    So Mobilink team Ups & downs are part of game u just work over your weakness and come up with your strenghts. No doubt in TV commercial Ufone Rocks as i seen people waiting for thier new add.

    • Glad to know that Asif actually saw people waiting for new Ad of Ufone ? So asif where was it ? Lol I dont get this simple thing ! When you comment on the ad try sticking to the basics, where does the company and its execution team comes in ? How about the package? why not to comment on that? How about the deal they are offering to masses? Sounds too good to be true that! Its Ramadan ! Eid is near and we instead of saving are falling victims of all the heavy packages from other networks!

      • my dear,, whts in package to talk abt anyway,

        first just to make the teasing ad, they delayed their package, RAMAZAN offer on the 15th of RAMAZAN, are u kidding, man?

        n yea i know EID is near, n we all remember the stupid policies of mobilink on last EID. We can’t even sub to SMS pckage of eid and follow days.
        whts in package to get excited? i guess every other telecom company is already offering this package in some way with the difference of sum paisas in package…mobilink got late, it may be an excited news for mobilink but for general public there is nothing new….

        Gud Day!

  • Ufone always come up with new idea and approach… they never ever use the other operators tag lines….this is exatly showing how mobilink is going thru… mindset…no ideas…nothing at all………they are using indian models….ufone haveing PAKISTANI team….models…art work…evert thing local… ur country and its the rite to use or utilize ur resourses rather than indian………….wake up MOBILINK and its user…..give others a chance to serve u in telecom services….be pakistani.

  • Ufone rocks in Ads. Most of the people like Ufone Ads. They are unique with others. Keep it up, you are the trend setter in TVC.

  • m a user of mobilink jazz octane..i have bin using this package from 2 dyas..guess what?????frankly and truly speaking i have not yet able to make a call of at least 10 minutes :( :-O
    My call gets disconnected after every 5 minutes….so as a layman i would suggest that please use your system’s capacity what it has..dont overwhelm it in the race of direct competitions…at least if you are saying that call will be free for an hour after one minute charges then come on do it..if this could had happened with me in Germany then i would had sued mobilink and mobilink might had been closed by the authorities..but as we all know its body would take any action :-) soo lagay raho munna bhai :-)

  • I think Mobilink’s new add is just to tease Ufone. They have ZERO creativity in this add except Copying Ufone’s add. I don’t know what was the purpose behind this immature and unprofessional approach. I never noticed that Jazz has an attractive package for Youth. They just trying to take customer for 15 days. In ramadan we have not much time to talk on fone and jazz tried to take advantage of that less time because everyone will subscribe to see an attractive offer but no one will make free calls as they have no time. So it is business by jazz not an offer.

  • Yeh Jitney bhi log Mobilink ki Burai ker rahey hain sub key Sub woh user hain jo Ufone use ker rahey hain or ab inxity ka Shikaar hogaye hain key Mobilink pey Keysey Swith Karain.
    Sub key Sub Kangley users hain…..


    • @Farhan, what are u talking about? i am a user of Telenor and u know much better that Telenor group is much bigger than Orascom Mobilink.
      Telenor is a trend setter company in Pakistan interms of creativity and innovation. Mobilink is not a value of money, service and coverage is not good if we compare with Telenor. Value of money: what a customer is paying and in this regard what he is getting from the service provider. Well, u know what i want to say and clear…….

    • The main advantage of Mobilink is that: launched when there is no GSM company in Pakistan, they got license without paying a single penny. Now time has been changed and people are much educated they can think and decide. See the chart my friend, Telenor is giving a tough time to Mobilink therefore Mobilink has adopted the others packages, TVC and VAS to stay alive in the market….

  • My my my my ! Seems like people have taken advertisements so seriously that they have left all their work and acted once again like honorable citizen of “P” and started the blame game!

    For god sake its just an advertisement with a happy crowd portraying a decent package which none of the telecoms have offered so far…. All I have been noticing is a Monkey Business in here ! People dragging others to their level and beating with their super duper experience.. its a fair world with a fair comment right ! Let them comment … before you start beating them around with your “paid” business of not realizing the facts and getting your “whatsoever” word across!

  • @farhan
    dear its an open forum..any body can discuss any thing here..i made a comment it..i am a user of mobilink and believe me call get disconnected after 5 or 6 minutes..this is what they are..and i have been using mobilink since purchased a cell phone at least from 8 or 9 years..and you know in the very beginning Mobilink used to charge me 28rupees per minute…aour when i used to call their helpline they said no we didnt deduct any amount..lolzz..well if any body says that mobilink is providing the package that no body even can touch then its totally wrong..jab call hi na milay aour 5 minute bad call cut jaye to faida kiya package ka?????? well mee too switching my number on Telenor or may b Ufone..good by Mobilink

  • hye Guys n Girls!!!!!

    the thing is notice is that some of the guyz over here are being paid by mobilink for commenting here…..can anybody tell me, how to contact them or mobilink?? i really wanna in and earn some money……i may do that job as a part timer…


    • Hey rough! Get in touch with me, man. I am a university student and i have worked for Ufone for last 1 year. They pay good and work is not that difficult too I can get you in, man.

      I see you are already good with commenting, you can easliy get commission too, man.

      mail me your id at [email protected]

  • i think mobilink is just trying to play with words in this Ad…coz stupidity on mobilink part is that they r taking to fool the customers. Comparing an hourly promotion with no hourly promotion is just like a comparing lion with a tiger..tiger is way faster….i would be more convinced if mobilink compare this package with ufone promotion package…or djuice new promotion or Glow 2.0….but i think mobilink does not got balls for that…they just want to be happy on this irrelevant comparison…mobilink fakers…lolz

  • This is too much. This forum is no more original. you go throguh comments and you can tell that at least 30 comments are posted by ufone people. I think they even paid for this article too.

    Itni aag kyn lag gai hai ufone walon ko. I have recently ported out from ufone and i am so happy. Sivaye funny ads bananay kay ufone kay paas or hai he kia…

    Shame on you Ufone. this is not how you deal with competition! Shame on you!

  • Alright v all no ufone iz much better than stupid old mobilink! Ufone CREATES!!! Not COPIES!!!! Much better offrz.the main point is that jazz started this fight!!! For no reason if it wanted to make fun it would have jast added somethin ne new but NO!!! These sisies like 2 copy Ufone jst the fact that they didn ad anythin new proves that STUPID JAZZ WANTS A FIGHT NOT A COMPETITION!!! N all those users who say that all those ppl who insult jazz r ufone userz!! Yes som of em r ufone userz may b all r but do u no y there r many ppl insulting jazz than liking it b coz ufone iz clearly the BETTER NETWORK!!!!

  • close