PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions, But Fails

Just like we predicted on the first day of strike, PTCL management has, at last, opted to negotiate with union leaders after taking a hard stance earlier by going into courts and wasting good two weeks of its customers.

Fearing the sit-in call by employees on August 31st, PTCL management just decided to meet union leadership on Sunday evening.

Mr. Walid Irshad, President PTCL, Mr. Mazhar Hussain, SEVP HR, other top management met at least a dozen union leaders.

Reportedly, PTCL is of the view that none of the private sector organizations increased salaries by 50 percent; however, keeping in view the current inflation, management increased 30 percent salaries to benefit company employees. Last reports said that talks are yet to be concluded.

Update: Latest reports suggest that negotiations, which lasted for 5 hours yesterday, failed as PTCL management is still standing at 30 percent increase in salary.

This drama is now repeated every year in July-August, when PTCL management (now looks it deliberately) confronts its workforce.

Just in case if you don’t know, this year PTCL management decided to increase salaries by 50 percent of salaries that employees used to get in 2008, instead of their current salaries, while the government of Pakistan had decided to increase salaries by 50 percent of their current salaries for all government employees, including following organization:

  • PTCL
  • PCB
  • EGD
  • PSEB
  • NTC
  • SCO
  • TIP
  • TF
  • PTET
  • Virtual University
  • USF
  • ICT R&D Fund

This was a daring move by PTCL management, especially well knowing the consequences; it decided to act like conventional Arab enterprise.

Technically speaking, PTCL management is not under government of Pakistan, due to the historical decision of Privatization Commission of Pakistan when it gifted the managerial control of the company to Etisalat against purchase of mere 26 percent shares.

Now, the PTCL workforce considers themselves Government employees and are expecting similar treatment as of any other government institute. But they are un-aware of the reality that PTCL is not in hands of Government anymore, it is being controlled, run and administered by Etisalat.

On other hands, PTCL management must consider its suffering customers who are left with no communication option during the strikes.

Strikes that entered into its 14th day today have halted the communication system of the country. As per media reports, hundred of thousands of telephone lines are dead, no support and after sale services are being offered by any service center or PTCL exchange.

PTCL employees have locked down the exchanges throughout the country and are protesting on roads for the fulfillment of their demands.

Largest rally, till date, was organized in Rawalpindi yesterday. Union leaders from across the country along with thousands of PTCL employees from Rawalpindi and Islamabad demonstrated in the rally.

Following are some pictures;

Pictures via PTCL Workers

Update: Latest reports suggest that negotiations, which lasted for 5 hours yesterday, failed as PTCL management is still standing at 30 percent increase in salary.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Tony

    Complete top layer should be fired immediately for deliberately choosing the path of confrontation. The top brass is making PTCL bleed to slow death. How can anyone expect good progress when the top management layer is active in pursuing the path of cheating and ill treating its own employees? What kind of employee and management relationship they are creating? It’s not good for the country either.

  • Irfan

    PTCL employees must realize that they are not government employees anymore and can’t be treated like them. PTCL is a private company now and its looking to make profit and I think there is nothing wrong with that.

    All its employees want to do is sit around and do nothing like they used to when PTCL was managed by the government but this kind of psyche can’t work in a private setup and they need to realize this.

    For all I know, things got a lot better for the customer after PTCL was privatized.

    • admin

      But then Government must realize that PTCL isn’t in its hands, Government must consult with PTCL before issuing any official memo,

      If that’s the case Finance Department, GoP, shouldn’t have named PTCL in its letter, directing companies to hike salaries by 50 percent.

      PTCL management should also keep the employee-employer relation in mind. I doubt if PTCL can compete in this era with these protesting employees.

  • SalmanAbbas007

    Laanat hai yaar inpay in kay kapray daykh kay to mujhay inki wage achi khasi lag rahi hai. :(

  • Only consumer is suffering and these guys are clapping dancing and singing songs and look they have a “Ghara” to sing tapay and mahyeh. Shame on All, Top to Bottom.

  • Jamshed

    Mazhar, Nehmatullah, Nasrullah, and many other DO NUMBER people sitting accidently in PTCL top management must immediately be fired. They are drawing millions of rupees per month as their slary but confornting with staff for a peanut increase in their salaries. The level of Mazhar, Nasrullah and their allies is of low grade. If PTCL would have not privatised, they would be at DE/SAO level in PTCL. But these corrupt guys found foolish and incompetent Walid Irshaid and ARAB BADOOSS of ETISALAT and got top positions in PTCL for which they were not elegible. They have cut throats of hundredrs of competent senior officers by terminating them. Allah will take revenge by cutting the throat of Mazhar,Nasrullah, Nehmattullah and many other Fraudis in PTCL.

    ETISALAT must remove them immediately if they want PTCL to succede here.

    • yasir

      I agree with Jhamshaid shb,

      The incompetent , ill minded Mazhar and his _________ have wrought hovac to ptcl.

      This is not a big matter.

      50 % increase in the basic running pay.

      while these _______ have turned a small matter into a great contentious one just to make their mark and highlight themselves before the Arab ________ of Etisalat that they have saved the amount from being spent upon the employees pay.

      The top brass in ptcl is the real criminal and they donot want the ptcl to prosper and grow.

      they must be eliminated.


      Walid Irshaid, the incompitent and ineligible person is unable to understand the happenings going on right under his nose.

      Mazhar is basically a non-technical person and from a very lower cadre . He was an accountant .
      So what one can expect from the person with old bureaucratic mentally having a primitive brain.

      The confrontation and what else.

      [Comment Edited]

  • yasir

    i think that propakistani better delete my comments as whole

    in stead of eating and killing the reall word just like what ptcl management is doing .
    the same is the attitude of propakisni

    so its better to delete the whole page also rather than kiling the sentiments and feelings

    • admin

      Yasir, we respect your opinion, but abusive words are not allowed, here is our comment policy in detail.

      Thanks for understanding!

  • Somaan

    These people “protesting” look like they are on summer holidays. Historically efficiency level of PTCL employee (if anyone ever had an experience with them) isn’t more than 20% , now PTCL management will get line-rent/DSL charges in their pockets, but who is suffering ?

    Ofcourse customers as these people unplugged service just to give pain in butt to customers, DSL isn’t working, PSTN isn’t working…and PTCL management hasn’t even made an effort to open server rooms of exchanges.

    Noone uses PSTN service of PTCL nowadays, DSL users will pay even if service is dead the whole month…so ultimately you and me are suffering because of these morons who should be replaced by young jobless blood of Pakistan.

  • yasir

    AOA Dear Somaan,

    with due respect and regard ,

    about the customers care , pl listen the management is least concernd.

    The people in the top management are least concernd about the employees well being and the customers wooes and cries. B ecuase each memebr in the top brass management is getting the amount of 15 to 22 lac per month.

    They have least care abnout where the company is heading towards and what is the condition of the employees.

    Also the Etisalat maangement is least bothered about what is happeing in ptcl.

    They have been here to enjoy the stuff which i cannotquote due to the stern policy of pro-pakistani.

    As far as young jobless blood is concernd, Pl keep it in your mind that the way treatment they are metting out to the seasoned and well experienced people, more worst treatment will be ready for the people who think that they are fit young blood.
    The HR in all the techinical organisation especially in pakistan has worst treatment of the techinical people.
    They use the people like a tissue paper and then dispose off after the use like a tissue papaer.

    So my dear young engineers, Pl donot expect anything good from these Human eaters.

    You will soon realise how worst these HR people are in thetechinical organisation and how the actuall people of the technical organisation are looked down upon by these Human eaters.

    If they are not able to do well with the present ones, what good they will be doing with the fresh ones.

    So donot expect any opportunity of getting a good prosperous future under the managemnt of these human eaters.

    • Irfan

      With all due respect, I think all your beliefs go against general common sense. If the etislat management was here to enjoy the type of stuff I think you are implying, then they didn’t need to buy PTCL shares for that.

      Etislat is a serious business owned by serious businessmen and even the stupidest businessman knows that the key to earning profits is to keep your employees and customers satisfied to the maximum possible extent without incurring any losses.

      Now, if the top management of PTCL is as incompetent as you say they are then why are they still there? PTCL is a commercial company and if the top management isn’t able to generate good profits then why aren’t they already fired??

  • Jamshed

    ARAB wearing rope on the head feel that they are mightest men on earth. You go and check their countries in Gulf. They are enjoying gifted money from oil and servants from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Srilanka are available to serve them on cheap rates. Now ETISALAT- the ARAB company feel PTCL as same to generate money with giving penny to servants in PTCL. They have hired criminal minded people like Mazhar, Nasrullah, Nehmatullah and many other their DO(2) NUMBER allies whose job is to suppress PTCL staff and in exchange getting millions of rupees as their salary. But revolution is very near.They have cut PTCL dedicated and devoted officers by terminating their long outstanding services. Now they should be prepared. I predict that this strike will throw out MAZHAR, NEHMATULLAH, NASRULLAH type peole from PTCL including WALID IRSHAID.

    GoP should take immediate action and take back PTCL fronm ARB who have cheated in bidding and have taken PTCL managment without giving all money of purchase to PTCL

  • Usman

    First of all,

    Pl make it clear in your minds that the Arabs have not paid a single penny of the ptcl.
    It has just been gifted to them without any exchange of money at all.
    And this is the biggest finanacial gamble in the history of pakistan.
    The Class A shared have been named to the Arabs Baduins of UAE without receiving any payment.
    So if some thing that has been handed over to some one free of cost , he will definitely not value that.
    Suppose i had over a shop to some one without any payment, he will be least bothered about the items of shop , also least concernd about he maintenance. Had he p0urchased the shop on payment then that person will pay attention to the wrongs and do amend them correct. He will then take care of the items of the shop.
    So same is the condition of ptcl.
    It has been handed over to them at peanuts rates.
    I agree that the Etisalat are very commited in doing the telecom buisiness and they are successful there. becuase they reached there by investing from themselves.
    While in pakistan, it has just been handed over to them so they are least woried what is right and wrong doing on.
    And most disgusting is that the illicent charactors of the past have taken over the very important slots , like Mazhar who was just a accountant and he has become SEVP. He does not deserve to be because in his mind still bears the concept of bonded labour just like the times of pharooh and olden slavery days.
    Many highly techinical people have left the company as they were being haunt by the management every now and then.
    Billah the present evp, new chap, he is most notorious person and has the worst reputation in dealing the human beings.
    May Allah keep his blessings upon the ones who are earning the hinest living and making the both ends meet in a very hard manner in this erra of price rocketiing.
    May Allah destroy the Dajaals of today who haunt the people and threat people thriough thier livlihood .
    May Allah do the ease and get rid us from the Human eaters and Dajaals in the Shape of Arabd and Associated Pakistani HR.

  • After reading the whole story above,me being the customer of ptcl is with the Employee and their human rights which are dealt so inhumanly. I wont complaint like anyother customer as i fully understand that a company should give first preference to its internal customer who are its employees and then proceed to the extrernal customers. I will wait till the strike is over and i hope that the employees get succeeded in attaining their human right.


    It is learnt that MAZHAR,NASRULLAH, NEHMATULLAH and many other Fraudis in PTCL who got top slots in very short time (they used to be accountant, Nasrulah used to be grade4 technicain in Etislat-UAE)shall be removed from PTCL very soon. Their in-competency has been finally realized by ARAB Baduins. A team from Dubai is arrived who will negotiate with Union directly bypassing Mazhar, Walid Irshaid and company.

    Nasrullah gave the foolish suggestion to hire 250 line men from market, but this CHILDISH move fired abck as new helpers do’nt know the copper network and not a single phone fault is rectified.
    Now Nasrullah shall face the music. Let Mazhar ccome out and rectify phone faults who thinks that PTCL is only the premesis of HQs where he sits. At the end of this strike- you all will see that Mazhar, Nasrullah type DO NUMBER GUYS will be terminated by ETISALAT ARAB BAduin management.

    Well done union, go on and remove all cables and phones which are still in contact. This is only way to teach lesson to these corrupt people.

  • Aamir

    When are they giving up their strikes? And when all phole lines would be as normal working condition? Does anyone know?

  • Fahad

    Let me inform all of you that top management in PTCL are all non-professional people.I have been working with the top mangement for last 4 years, MR mazhar Hussain basically was AAo and due to his corrupt practices and TC he became SEVP HR.The most intresting fact is he has no experience of HR wat so ever.He has worked in finance dept throughout his life,he only holds one valid MBA degree from a 3rd class university and holds 3 fake degrees from Al-khair university, which has already been declared as fake by supreme court of Pakistan.He is getting more then 2 milion rs per month and on other hand his blood gets dried if he has to give 5rs to any employee.In the largest intrest of PTCL and its customers he should be removed as he is completely non eligible and non professional person for this high profile post.
    Strike has just become an annual event in PTCL due to this non professional person involved in corrupt practices.He did not care for any human or employee or customer but still he is sevp HR thats the biggest tragedy of PTCL


    I fully endorse above comments from Fahad and add furthur that Mazhar, Nasrullah, Nehmatullah and all this lot seems to be generation of SIKHS families – converted to Muslim later on. The reason is that they all think as 12 o’clock like SIKHS. They are from Accounts and does not know that with this strike going on; PTCL is deprived of Millions of Rupees as compare to 50% rise in salary from staff which is peanuts when comapred with Mazhar type salaries. If they wear Turbon, they look like SIKHS and their behavious proves the same. These DHAGGAS from Punjab does not know how to run a company but have reached on PTCL top slots by hook and crook by presenting their family beauties/wives to ARAB Baduins and corrupts like Walid Irshaid type DO Number Log from ETISALAT and in exchange got top positions in PTCL. Now they all are sleeping untill someone will kick them out from PTCL. Soon they all will be hanged as revolution is very near if such corrupt practices presist.

  • Rehan Butt

    Just Fix my Damn DSL !!!!
    its not working for last 3 weeks & phone line is dead for last 2 weeks !!!!

    i hate PTCL now, i will never buy & use Ufone & any other PTCL partner product!!!

    even all Net Cafes are down which used PTCL DSL !!!!

    PTCL help line operators always said it will only last 1 day more & i have been hearing this for last 2 weeks from them…
    I went to Exchange 2 days ago & guard said it Strike will last 2-3 weeks more!!!
    What The Hell!!!

    I cant even transfer for LinkDontNet DSL bcoz of exchanges closed down in all Pak!!!

    Such strike will hit ufone soon & whole network will go down for 2 months i can guarantee this, so this is why stay away from Ptcl & ufone if u care about your family, in a situation for any emergency assurance & you might need to use phone or mobile to call in help via ufone or PTCL!!!

    Just don’t & never rely on these 2 networks now from now on!!

  • Awais

    I agree with Mr. Irfan. They are living in fools paradise. Privatisation means more profits with extra efforts. All govt. dept. are sucking blood out of this country and doing nothing and just sitting over the chairs except few good peoples. We have very good example IESCO earlier Wapda what they are doing no electricity but very good timings if we talk about load shedding. Noting can come up unless we all are loyal to this country and kick out all these stupids from here. Hope in next century.

  • Jonathan Rodrigues

    is the strike over??

  • Jonathan Rodrigues

    i had upgraded my bandwith frm 1MB to 4MB on 24TH OF JULY(because they hav not doubled 1MB package)….it shows on their database tht im using 4MB…but the actual speed tht im recieving is 1MB…i hav complained like more thn 25 times..and still complaining on 1218 on daily bases…they say it has not been resolved due to the strike issue all over the country…my bandwith problem has not been resolved yet…sirf topi pe topi everyday :@