Telenor to Get Ali Raza Mehdi as VP HR

Ali Raza Mehdi, former Vice President HR and Admin of Mobilink, is reportedly in talks with Telenor to head its Human Capital Division, we have confirmed with our sources.

Human Capital Division at Telenor or otherwise termed as HR and Admin was previously headed by Nayab Baig, who had resigned a week ago, reportedly due to differences with top management over an issue involving Salman Tariq, Director Security.

Ali Raza Mehdi has served Mobilink as VP HR and Admin. Mehdi had resigned from his position at Mobilink in November 2009 to join Metro.

We are told that Mr. Mehdi has resigned from Metro two days ago.

Telenor’s spokesperson has confirmed us that they are searching for a top notch professional for heading Human Capital Division. He didn’t deny our query but said that no final decision has been taken in this regard, as of now.

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  • usama khalid

    Time will prove the credibility of the above story… :) Hope it turns in favor of Amir Bhai.

  • observor

    70% of the facts are true, rest I am not so sure about at the moment.

  • Observer

    Good for Telenor

  • sawaira

    yes telenor changed its vp after one year

    • oay larki ka naam istemal ker kay visitors ghertay ho, aur b tum jesay local c sites walay dekhay hain facebook orkut per larkion ke profiles bana ker apni sites kay liyay visitors ghertay hain, good work :D

  • Ali raza mehdi has been a fair person when it comes to Human resource of the company,Telenor is going to be heading in the right direction under his supervision just like Mustafa Paracha..!!

  • Lagta Ali Raza Mehdi g say banani pardni :P

  • Omer

    Open up some HR posts for fresh ones…….I will be waiting…..

  • iska hm kya keren…

  • ali raza mehdi is a great personality.we hope that he works very best for telenor and give us good better and cheap packages……

  • msh

    Mr. Adnan Hashmi, for your kind information Mustafa Paracha is not in Telenor..he is heading WiTribe .

  • Casper

    I hope Telenor will not have the same Semi Govt culture like Mobilink has at Ali’s time. He is not a good line manager! :)

  • Usman

    i dont believe that telenor will take anymore mobilink people, the dominance of mobilink in Telenor Pakistan is obvious, unless they intend to merge companies and Aamire Ibrahim is going to become the new CEO

  • waffi

    question for telenor is not who joins, question and challenge is whether telenor can maintian or go beyond the standards of excellence when VP HR has resigned.

    My best wishes for Telenor Pakistan and its HR Team. Real test of Integrity is now being faced by the team.

    • Faisal Khan

      well i can say anyhting is better than the previous corrupt VP HR – he was giving jobs to his pals and special treatment to undeserving staff, i am sure this is going to be a better time than before.

    • observor

      Chief, Leave ET & come to Telenor :)

  • observor

    Well Folks, Ali Mehdi has resigned from Metro few days ago, so I guess all the pieces are falling in to place :P

  • waqas

    he may join Abu Dahbi group as he one of the best friend of Zohair A Kaliq

  • Syed Jawaid H Naqvi

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