Telenor’s Flirt-Promoting Ads Should Be Banned, Pleads Faiza Alam

Telenor’s Internet.more TVC got mixed response from masses; however, almost all bloggers expressed their disapproval over highly noised advert.

Arsalan Mir opined that ad was not only a cheap attempt by agency but also an irresponsible attitude from Telenor, while Mudassar Mufti questioned Telenor’s TVC by comparing it with ‘Karo Mumkin Campaign’ and how both the faces of Telenor contradict each other.

Some termed it as disrespect to women, while others talked about further propagation of our worsening social values.

However, Faiza Alam, a ProPakistani reader is worst impacted, as her name was used in the said TV commercial. She agrees that it’s our society that has the flaws but at the same time she protests against Telenor for encouraging the bad deeds.

Faiza Alam said that she reserves the right to contact courts for using her name in such a bad advert.

She mentioned us instances of Abrar-ul-haq, when he was asked by Lahore High Court to pull back a song from his album that mentioned Punjabi women in bad manner.

She wants a immediate ban on Telenor’s this TVC!

Following is excerpt of letter we received from Faiza Alam:

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring into the notice of the concern people about a coincidence, a miserable coincidence that has made my life a living hell.

My name is Faiza; Faiza Alam to be exact and I have been victim of cheap jokes since one of the cellular phone companies have heavily advertised its services on media recently.

Though the comments I have been receiving in my university could not be mentioned here but my life has become hell by teasing and sarcastic remarks by campus fellows since my name was used in a particularly advertisement of Telenor Mobile, and that too with a cheap attribution.

Not only me but my junior in the campus with the same name have been targeted by her male classmates in funny and insulting ways for last couple of days.

I guess the same behavior might be facing by many Faizas in the different universities, schools, colleges and other social gatherings.

Telenor with the slogan “It’s fun to be Young” is actually making fun of people, by directing the ways of flirting and friendship in its advertisement campaigns to youngsters, which is in fact, unethical and destructive for our society.

I know, Telenor is not the sole to blame but it is also our society who also misbehave. However, the media is the influential agent to mould the society ethics and behavior, therefore, everything of media does have strong impact of the society and its targeted commercial audience of the cellular phone company.

I request the concerned people to highlight this issue and make sure that common people is not penalized because of the foreign styled advertisement.

Update: Telenor has Pulled Back above mentioned TVC from TV channels and their Youtube page. A Backup AD is being aired as of now.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK