Telenor’s Flirt-Promoting Ads Should Be Banned, Pleads Faiza Alam

Telenor’s Internet.more TVC got mixed response from masses; however, almost all bloggers expressed their disapproval over highly noised advert.

Arsalan Mir opined that ad was not only a cheap attempt by agency but also an irresponsible attitude from Telenor, while Mudassar Mufti questioned Telenor’s TVC by comparing it with ‘Karo Mumkin Campaign’ and how both the faces of Telenor contradict each other.

Some termed it as disrespect to women, while others talked about further propagation of our worsening social values.

However, Faiza Alam, a ProPakistani reader is worst impacted, as her name was used in the said TV commercial. She agrees that it’s our society that has the flaws but at the same time she protests against Telenor for encouraging the bad deeds.

Faiza Alam said that she reserves the right to contact courts for using her name in such a bad advert.

She mentioned us instances of Abrar-ul-haq, when he was asked by Lahore High Court to pull back a song from his album that mentioned Punjabi women in bad manner.

She wants a immediate ban on Telenor’s this TVC!

Following is excerpt of letter we received from Faiza Alam:

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring into the notice of the concern people about a coincidence, a miserable coincidence that has made my life a living hell.

My name is Faiza; Faiza Alam to be exact and I have been victim of cheap jokes since one of the cellular phone companies have heavily advertised its services on media recently.

Though the comments I have been receiving in my university could not be mentioned here but my life has become hell by teasing and sarcastic remarks by campus fellows since my name was used in a particularly advertisement of Telenor Mobile, and that too with a cheap attribution.

Not only me but my junior in the campus with the same name have been targeted by her male classmates in funny and insulting ways for last couple of days.

I guess the same behavior might be facing by many Faizas in the different universities, schools, colleges and other social gatherings.

Telenor with the slogan “It’s fun to be Young” is actually making fun of people, by directing the ways of flirting and friendship in its advertisement campaigns to youngsters, which is in fact, unethical and destructive for our society.

I know, Telenor is not the sole to blame but it is also our society who also misbehave. However, the media is the influential agent to mould the society ethics and behavior, therefore, everything of media does have strong impact of the society and its targeted commercial audience of the cellular phone company.

I request the concerned people to highlight this issue and make sure that common people is not penalized because of the foreign styled advertisement.

Update: Telenor has Pulled Back above mentioned TVC from TV channels and their Youtube page. A Backup AD is being aired as of now.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • she was cute – i dont blame the boy for trying – i can imagine the Faiza Alam above lacks the same pedigree thats why she is getting so much greif at school

      • yeah totally agree – what a terrible sight to behold, boy falls for girl, boy tries to find girl and let his intentions be know. this never happen in pakistan. i think we should put on TV more realistic acts such as us slaughtering two innocent boys from Sialkot – we are much more proud of that behaviour.

        • it has always been hapening in Pakistan my dear, k univ ki larki samny sy mushkil hai to internet sy pakro,
          n about Faiza Alam, so i think wo bs aise hi ek issue bana rahi hai is sy, add to bs ek farzi sy story bana lety hain wo log, knsa un ka ishara isi faiza alam ki tarf tha

    • I don’t know which social and national background u r from.
      We should learn to respect the feelings of individuals.

  • @Casper
    How it is cheap quality post? Never mind, I wish your sister name would be Faiza Alam and she would be teased by her college fellows in this cheap way. Then I would say you ‘lol at your sister’. I apologize, but your comment made me mad.

    Regarding Telenor,
    It’s not first time, they delivered such a cheap quality advertisement before. They are #1 in promoting flirt. First with their Annie ad and now this one. It’s also shame for our so-called media that they broadcast such advertisements for the sake of money.
    We are so exaggerated when something wrong is done in USA against us, Hey, They are burning Quran, They are publishing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) but when something below our religion in our country is done we’re silent. Where is Jamat-e-Islami, Where are other religious parties protesting on every non-sense issue. I believe, If one strong protest is done now against this advertisement, Telenor or other telco will never make such mistake like promoting our youth for flirt in colleges or schools.

    -Ali Razzaq

    • Hundreds of thousands of people in the West protested before the second Gulf War. What did they accomplish? Lots of Pakistanis, including parties like Jamat-e-Islami, protested in 2001 and 2002 against the Afghan war. What did they accomplish?


        • I understand your viewpoint, Rez, but that doesn’t mean that I have to agree with you. I’ll stick with what I see that works.

          Oh, and my schooling, until the university level, was in Saudi Arabia. At least one of my fellow students preaches widely on Islamic channels in the West.

      • So what should we do? You are one of person, I believe, saying on every issue “Ye Pakistan hai, yahan sab chalta hai”. That’s why unfortunately we’re in this condition. We do corruption because our president also doing it, We don’t pay tax because MNAs and Landlords are also not paying. You must think about yourself and your social responsibility without comparing with others. You have your own appearance.

        • “You are one of person, I believe, saying on every issue “Ye Pakistan hai, yahan sab chalta hai”.”

          Not at all. Can you point to any place where I’ve said that, or even implied that? You can see all my comments on this site here:

          “You must think about yourself and your social responsibility without comparing with others. You have your own appearance.”

          I agree, and this is why: We’re not corrupt because our leaders are corrupt. If tomorrow we had a revolution and the new rulers were pure of heart, would that automatically lead to us cleaning up our act? No. What we see on TV, and what we see in our “leaders”, is just a reflection of society.

          But that’s beside the point. My issue is with what you want as a reaction — to “protest”. What good are protests? Why do you think protesting will accomplish anything? I offer evidence that they don’t. A few might, in some cases, but in general they don’t.

          I’ll add another example: after the cartoons were published five years ago, and there were violent protests against them, did people stop republishing the cartoons? No. What was accomplished?

    • I dont feel sad if ur sis named same & she was teased by college boys or woteva

      i don’t know y ppl always put religion when you’ve nothing more to argue or you’re an angel in human dress!
      & yes y don’t you protest in front of any Media office or log your complaint at Telenor or just wanna write here to show ppl that u care!

  • This is is noting more but a piece of crap. They might have communicated the message in a different and in an effective way, but they really proved that they have no other way to promote their package except to take a lame way….Shame on the ad. agency !

  • So this is the strength of our nation – to go crying every time someone makes fun of them. Such weak individuals should be ignored! if we all made a drama of being bullied, picked on or somoen makes a joke about us when we were young then the news paper would be ten times as many pages with such letters. Grow up and stop being a pussy !!

  • I have forwarded this to concerns and will keep a follow up, its not easy to protest down the expensive ads in a split second but I am pretty sure they are responsible enough to understand this..

    • but killing innocent people, stealing electricity, bad driving, not paying taxes, cheating in cricket is okay as it is part of culture and society. you want to claim rights to the moral fortitude of this country by banning an ad but you see no issues in the other stuff we do without complaint. i doubt your priorities are of a true heart – just another uneducated fool who lives in a cave

  • Looks like a competition move rather than a real Faiza Alam, what is the authenticity of this letter. Also there are many other adverts/songs that comes up with the same themes/concepts, why havent propakistani ever targeted them. Why not ufone for always prcticing sarcastic remarks or Jazz apna hai for showing a girl and a boy writing on foggy glasses,projecting an sms bundles. Take out the movies, dramas, theaters, even the talk shows every one is discussing and projecting the same becuase thats what teenagers do and there isnt anything un ethical shown in the advert just a mere image of what young people do remaining in ethical limits.

    And cmon people, tagging a uni fellow or having conversations with her is again ethical rather raping girls and abducting them , something what happens when tabilization is here.

  • Faiza is talking about telenor salogan It’s fun to be Young.
    But here i dont want to tease faiza by refering telenor salogan It’s fun to be Young. hahhahaha

  • There’s nothing to cry upon dear its just the way you perceive things, Im sure you would have given a dam if they took name of any other ABC girl…..

  • much more sorry state of affairs is to see people here again passing derogatory remarks and laughing at Faizas. one enlightened mind also think it might be a competition move. thats our national psyche to discard things by declaring sazish by india, sazish by jews, sazish by competition, sazish by maulvi etc. looks like whole world is plotting against us very pious creatures.
    Another creature thinks that the real Faiza perhaps lacks the same pedigree. This is the level of lowness we can go to, judging pedigrees of girls and hence deciding on bullying them or harrasing them.

  • I am agree with Mr. Ali Razzaq and Miss Faiza,

    I am from Mobilink and i discussed and referred this compliant to our senior managemnet to avoid like this, because it,s hurting.

    May ALLAH bless you Faiza

  • Dear All ,
    I 100 % support to Ms.Faiza Alam , We are Muslim and we should behave like Muslim. I strongly condemn such vulgar commercials those say it is fun May I know will they like such fun with their sister and mother , We should respect other women so our women be respected. I strongly demand that legal action should be taken and producer should be Jailed. Pemra should take notice of such all Vulgar and other full of terrorism type Commercials like to put a women on rail track , Zalim Jahgidar . How dirty are their minds, Why Can not they produce nice and soft commercial neat and clean.
    All problems in our in country is due to Vulgarity as a Law of Al Mighty Allah. I pray to Al Mighty Allah to save us from such Badmashes , evil minded people.
    Sanaullah Bhutta
    [email protected]

  • Talking about flirt and social values…..can anyone comment on the Ali Zafar/Meesha Shafi Jazz ad…doesn’t that promote flirtism?I guess Telenor’s not the only one to be blamed….

      • Not at all, I’m totally against this and all such kinds of ads….I’m just saying that don’t treat the rest of the operators as saints, as Telenor is not the only one promoting this filth…..and PTA or some other body should look out for such ads…..

    • Yes, exactly. That is also one of the poorest ads by Mobilink. It’s a shame watching current Ali Zafar/Meesha ads when you are watching TV with your family. But here we’re more talking about promoting flirt within college & school students and using third class language in ad.

  • Companies are here to do business and they will exploit whatever they could.

    I have 2 very simple questions. Anyone who can answer them?

    1. who approved this add? PTA/PEMRA?
    2. Should they be the ones protecting the culture or Telenor?
    3. why the hell everyone is bragging about Telenor and not PEMRA??

    Strange, we can go and watch Dostana in Cinema and then raise the movie but cannot bear an add.

    Get a life i Say..

    • @ Shah

      You are right when you say, companies are here to do business and they will exploit whatever they could. That says it all …

      Way to go Telenor!

    • Dear Shah G,
      Both PTA and PEMRA are not performing their duty. There should be a censorship board and every commercial should be duly censored and approved.
      Please save culture Be Muslim Be Pakistani. Telenor will not die without Vulgar Commercial He will be earned more with police and nice commercial like 35 piesa commercial.
      PEMRA is highly condemned for not taking action in spite of hundreds appeals. On day of Justices they will be highly punished by Al Mighty Allah this should be our faith
      Sanaullah Bhutta

      • My Questions are still there

        why are we bragging about Telenor. Where is the post against PEMRA? against PTA?

        if they have not done their duty? who is at wrong?

        • @ Shah

          We are “bragging” about Telenor because it is supposed to be a socailly responsible corporate organization. PTA and PEMRA are Govt organizations

          Please feel free to start a post against PEMRA and also against PTA, but don’t try to defend a cheap add because Telenor is trying to relate to people and their lives. PTA/PEMRA have no such obligation towards people of Pakistan

          Two wrongs never make one right

          • @ Wordlife

            Thank you for being so kind to reply on my post. I will start a thread against PEMRA and PTA when i will feel the need for it. If you want to judge Telenor being a socially responsible organization, just look at the contribution it has made for the flood victims. Not only Telenor Pakistan but the other OPCOs as well. I pity you guys to judge an organization for being socially irresponsible just because of a TV add. What i have read is that the contribution Talenor has made is more than any other company in Pakistan and actually comes right after the contribution that China has made.

            And now coming to your point of “Two wrongs never make one right” which has become a helping phrase in our arguments these days, Tell me if you have read PEMRA laws. If there is an add created and it is ok as per the Law that is in place, who would you blame? our Law? Judiciary? Parliment?

            I would have agreed with everything if this was against PEMRA laws. Would suggest you to visit

            Now coming to the last point, If a name is mentioned in an Add and people are taking advantage of it is not a fault of the agency that made it but actually immorality of the people who are connecting the same with a particular individual. Now we as a society doing a great job and Telenor is at fault right? There are names of girls in Movies and Dramas which are abused and raped? Does this mean people should name characters like Aliens??

            can go about it for hours.. but as i said earlier..

            • @ Shah

              My concern is with Telenor only and this advertisement and I will judge it based on the social values of our culture (otherwise there wouldn’t be more than 30 comments here). If you want to be a brand ambassador for Telenor, be my guest, you want to be in their fan club, that’s your right. If Telenor has contributed to flood victims, it is because they are socially responsible organization and this is my point. Being socially responsible is subject to wide interpretation and we all perceive it as per our social values.

              The high being attained by Karo Mumkin is being wasted by an (how to flirt effectively) advertisement.

              • Again.. you have missed the part of who can judge if this is accroding to the norms and culture of our country or not. The only name comes to my mind is PEMRA. Your version of culture is as lame as Taliban version of Islam. Without anything to back it. A consitution is in place and all government organizations including PEMRA have made their laws according to that constitution. As suggested earlier, please visit the website given above. I am not addresseing any other point just because of the fact that you miss to answer this one everytime..

                Moreover, according to your version, what exactly is Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar Singing songs like love birds?

                And I don’t think Karo Mumkin Campaign in going to be effected by this minor issue which has been made bigger by some bunch of hypocrites.

                Thirdly, what about the point of characters named after people in movies and dramas, even Porn?
                No culture there?

                • You say PEMRA makes the decision here. My question is, which PEMRA guideline or ruling does the ad fall under? What legal clause gives PEMRA the right to reject the ad?

                  • Here it is..

                    Programms and advertisement content.- (1) The contents of the programmes and advertisements which are broadcast or distributed by the broadcast media or distribution service operator, shall conform to the provisions of section 20 of the Ordinance, these rules, the code set out in the Schedule-A and terms and conditions of the licence.
                    (2) The programmes shall also conform to the provisions of the Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979 (XLIII of 1979), the rules and code of conduct made thereunder, whereas the advertisements shall also conform to the TV Code of Advertising Standards and Practices in Pakistan and Advertisement Code issued by the Authority.
                    (3) During a regular programme a continuous break for advertising shall not exceed three minutes and duration between two such successive breaks shall not be less than fifteen minutes.
                    (4) The licensee shall maintain a record and register of the programmes being broadcast or distributed by him and shall, for a period of not less than forty-five days, preserve such programmes.

                    Here is clause 20.

                    20. Repeal and savings.- (1) The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Rules, 2002, hereinafter referred to as the said rules, are hereby repealed.
                    (2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1)-
                    (a) any licence, permission or lease granted or renewed under the said rules which are not inconsistent with provisions of the Ordinance, these rules and regulations made thereunder shall be deemed to have been so granted or renewed under these rules;
                    (b) any fee, security deposit, fine and surcharge etc. chargeable under these rules shall apply to such licence, permission or lease granted or renewed under the said rules;
                    (c) any application made for the grant of a licence and pending consideration under the said rules, shall be deemed to have been so made and pending consideration under these rules; and
                    (d) the repeal shall not-
                    (i) revive anything not in force or existing at the time at which the repeal takes effect; or
                    (ii) affect the previous operation of the said rules or anything duly done or suffered thereunder except as aforesaid; or
                    (iii) affect any right, privilege, obligation or liability acquired, accrued or incurred under the said rules; or
                    (iv) affect any penalty, forfeiture or punishment incurred in respect of any offence committed against the said rules; or
                    (v) affect any investigation, legal proceeding or remedy in respect of any such right, privilege, obligation, liability, penalty, forfeiture or punishment as aforesaid.

                    Posting everything will not be possible. You can use google f’course :p

                    • Here is more..

                      (1) Advertisements aired or distributed by a broadcast or cable TV station shall be designed in such a manner that it conforms to the laws of the country and is not offensive to morality, decency and religious sects of the people of Pakistan.
                      (2) No advertisement shall be permitted which-
                      (a) promotes or supports sedition, anarchy or violence in country;
                      (b) is against any provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan or any other law for the time being in force;
                      (c) tends to incite people to crime, cause disorder or violence or breach of law or glorifies violence or obscenity in any way;
                      (d) glorifies adultery, lustful passions or alcoholic drinks or the non-Islamic values;
                      (e) distorts historical facts, traditions of Pakistan or the person or personality of a national leader or a state dignitary;
                      (f) fans racial, sectarian, parochial, regional or class hatred;
                      (g) promotes social inequality, militates against concepts of human dignity and dignity of labour.
                      (h) is directed against sanctity or home, family and marriage;
                      (i) is wholly or mainly of a religious or political nature;
                      (j) contains references that are likely to lead the public to infer that the product advertised or any of its ingredients has some special property or quality which is incapable of being established;
                      (k) contains indecent, vulgar, or offensive themes or treatment; or
                      (l) contains material which is repugnant to ideology of Pakistan or Islamic values.
                      (3) The goods or services advertised shall not suffer from any defects which are harmful to human health. Misleading claims about the goods shall not be made.
                      (4) No advertisement which is likely to be seen by children in large numbers should urge children directly to purchase goods of a particular brand or ask their parents to do so.
                      (5) All advertisements must be clearly distinguishable as such and be separate from the programmes and should not in any manner take the form of news or documentary.

                      Now as per PEMRA, this add has done all of this. Whoever is yelling at this add here have got guts to go against it and challenge PEMRA?

                      Please go ahead (y)

                    • Thank you for posting the below comment (I can’t reply directly to it).

                      “Now as per PEMRA, this add has done all of this.”

                      I disagree. To me, it looks like you might object to it on the basis of section 1 and section 2(k), maybe also 2(l). Nothing else applies.

                      I’ve looked at the ad two or three times. Can I ask you to tell me which scene you object to?

                      1. boy in library
                      2. boy sees girl
                      3. boy finds girl on facebook
                      4. boy adds girl
                      5. boy finds out that she is the principal’s daughter
                      6. girl waves at boy.

                      Is it the theme do you object to? If so, describe the theme.

  • Absolute Shame!

    What a disgusting way to advertise and at what cost? At the cost of educating (or re-educating) the entire young nation how to exactly search, persue and eventually flirt

    I wonder if Telenor Marketing team knows any other use of Facebook

  • Shame on all those who are making fun of Faiza Alam, let me tell u….telenor might have used your sister’s name in this ad or may be any other ad…
    i only got one question to all those who are favoring telenor??

    if in this ad or in next ad, ur sisters’ names have been used, then will u say this a competitors move as well?
    if yes! then i bet telenor would have been paying u heavily..

  • It’s funny how everyone’s bagging on Telenor for the ad, but no one has said anything about the people allegedly harassing Faiza. Is there a PTA or PEMRA we can complain to for that behavior?

  • Gentelman /Ladies ,

    Please dont waste your time in watching advertisements , there is a lot more to be watched and care of …….

  • wow … u guys dont have ANYTHING positive to publish. It seems like u have not been watching the pakistani entertainment channels which are full of western/indian culture and this has been happening since a decade now.

  • Syed Y has described it fully well…
    “This is the level of lowness we can go to, judging pedigrees of girls and hence deciding on bullying them or harrasing them”

    Regarding telcos strategy etc… I know few telcos very well and an ironic thing i got to know was that nearly all telcos get there revenues up specially during ramazan… by offering all night special ramazan packages etc… in a way making the young generation staying away from sacred time to worship, saying tarawee and using the preciuos 30 days and nights.

    Even McDonalds have the courtesy and respect for ramazan as evident on their billborads where they state ‘please dont see while you are fasting”

    Anyways… its we who make all these promos successful by following them… our own moral values have gone in drain… who else to blaim… we tend to follow the footsteps of those nations who hate us like we hate pigs… its a fact which we will get to know with the passage of time… some have and most of us dont realise at the moment… Our heors and ideals are exactly those from whom we should be staying away and infact we should be teling them to revert back to the golden life brought to us 1400 years ago… with the message which only we, the muslims have…

    But the fact is, that we the muslims have forgot the teachings… and say Its fun to be young… well yes it is actually… but life is not all about fun… and these are not the funny things which we are doing.. It is a test of time… and we are on the brink of failure…

    and even in ramazan, we are facing clamities of unprecedented scales… once faced earthquake… and now floods…

    we are still blessed to have time to realise all this… hope we all do… inshAllah…

  • This is sooo absurd. May be u wanna have taliban control our country @Aamir Atta. u dont have propritety/copyright/Monopoly over @Faiza Alma. It is a common name among many girlzz andu wont be able to challenge it ANY court. change ur name if u r soo concerned. AND how is it “disrespect to women”. its not disrespectful when these girlz give out their phone nos freely to everyone :)

  • People unable to get even basic need like petrol and Propakistani indulging people into Useless debates …. out come will be zero
    just to increase blogger income through adsense :)

  • Now is the time for Aisha Alam to earn some money. That’s what she wants. If she’s so pious n inocent, wear a hijab n stay away from mob or change her number. She shudnt publicise herself here. Poor _____

    [Comment Edited]

  • my comment was not as bad that u edited it. this is core problem of our society that when accept things for others but not for us. munafiq society . well i have post the same comment on other website

    • I understand this blog admin very well, maybe you are just another person who call themselves modern people and bad things are not bad or shame for them now. While doing wrong they say “We are not doing wrong, it is style of the days, grow up, it is modern age.”

  • yar koi muj say b to behas karay telenor kay baray main. main kia aamb choopnay aya hon.

    Sacha Kaka aik hay aur naik hay, jo sacha kaka kehta hai wo kitabon main likha jata hay sunehri haroof main.

  • What about THE print and electronic media which are running this ad. Where is god forsaken PEMRA? I think its just here to protect PPP, not public.

  • Well I am not more having option to reply your post. This is actually answer ot the below mentioned post. Well I am actually not objecting any of the scenes Faired :-).. seems like you are arguing with a wrong person :-)

    Faried Nawaz says:
    September 21, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    Thank you for posting the below comment (I can’t reply directly to it).

    “Now as per PEMRA, this add has done all of this.”

    I disagree. To me, it looks like you might object to it on the basis of section 1 and section 2(k), maybe also 2(l). Nothing else applies.

    I’ve looked at the ad two or three times. Can I ask you to tell me which scene you object to?

    1. boy in library
    2. boy sees girl
    3. boy finds girl on facebook
    4. boy adds girl
    5. boy finds out that she is the principal’s daughter
    6. girl waves at boy.

  • Now is the time for Aisha Alam to earn some money. That’s what she wants. If she’s so pious n inocent, wear a hijab n stay away from mob or change her number. She shudnt publicise herself here. Poor __________-

    [Comment Edited]

  • hye who is this ammir atta guy seems like he has something personal against telenor…. looking at the second ad i think all debates should automatically come to an end

  • Plus we are all blogging about this on a website that has the advertisement of an indian matrimony site on its home page Madhur Bandhan or something and is named PRO Pakistani lol gives me stomach cramps…. talk about being a hypocrite or did no one notice that …. kio maulanas what do you have to say.

  • ______________ for god saske is anyone going to get a mind here … ok faiza alam .. there are a 100 more .. please this website is just making fun of itself .. why not close down the comment system because girls and guys can comment on each other
    [comment edited]

  • if telenor made an advert which is focusing on a guy who is searching for a girl on the net then i guess its not that bad pakistani grew a long time ago
    i clearly remember ufones commercial in which they were promoting there services and introducing the latest no charges on recieving calls they had faisal qureshi in it who calls a girl and tells her about the features of ufone and the services its offering and in the end of the commercial it turns out to be his girl friend
    and then telenor started with the new add campaing bout youth talking freely thru there unlimited sms offer and very cheap calling rates
    THEY used terms like khuwaron and seheliyon in it which was also a way to promote there product

    then theres wateen which is promoting it product thru a advert in which a guy is talking to his girl friend and fixing a date and his father is listening to the conversation on the extention

    such marketting strategies have been in the market for years the only reason telenor is being penalised is because of its theme and design but this is exactly how the youth is now a days

    if you disagree with me then what would you say bout the advert that was used to publicize condoms in pakistan of a brand called TOUCH and what do u think bout the marketing campaigns by builders which show a young couple discussing bout getting a new house at cheap low rates ???

    • Dude its just a name nothing else

      if such is a case then y shaboo????
      Y Other names in the adds ban them too
      stop producing drama’s, movies with a particular name in it

      I remember watching a drama on hum tv in which a girl was a prostitute so should i presume that every girl with that name is one????

  • Idiotic and hypocritical comments by the owners of this website since they dont get advertising, they are known for their blackmailing tactics in the whole industry.
    Unfortunately there is no end to bullshit prevailing in Pakistan and sites like pro-pakistani serve that end of the spectrum.
    Shame on you for discussing this to try and extract a benefit here and stop trying to act like guardians of society just like that crowd in #Sialkot did.
    Disgusted and Ashamed to be a Pakistani reading this ridiculous website.

  • ProPakistani is a nice blog
    Infact this is the only blog on internet that i checkout regularly.

    Some people cannot face the truth.
    Shame on Mr Zeeshan!

  • Pakistani advertisements and advertising agencies are set of idiots. They have run out of ideas.

    Every ad has music so we have to down the volume of tv every time and every ad is based on the lives of the high classes and their needs. 95 percent of the pakistanis are not part of that class.

    India might be our enemy but I prefer indian channel rather than pakistani because of the bullshit.

    In a 50 over match i will have to watch 50 times pakistani bullshit so i switch on indian sports channel.

    Lets accept that we are ass holes.

  • I have seen that ad with my whole family and my parents start asking me what i do on Facebook. That ad has disrespect our values and custom. I have switched my SIM to another service provider!

    Other relatives suggest all their children not to upload any picture. Single ad has changed the views of our Facebook!

    • Dear Mustafa,

      I m totally agreed with you.Actually this is fault of the brand managers of the products who are there to promote these kinds of the ads for a little amount.
      we People suffer only because of the people who are promoting the effects our norms,values, customs which is not right.
      Plz: take some action for those people who are involved to promote this ad.

    • I wonder how your family members and parents respond when they watch movies and dramas which are full of flirtatious scenes, especially when guys approaching girls in college and universities etc. Has this all changed the view of univ, college and co-education ?

      • not really changed their thinking about colleges but YEAH it will change when you see these type of commercials on your LOCAL channels. in movies, we dont relate them with our social activities and social values. This is the problem with you people that you never understand the point behind the issue raised by people who really feels bad after watching that commercial. And you cannot relate commercials with movies. In respectable houses, movies are being watched with the whole family! i think you also better know that as i believe you are also from respected family

  • WoW! just saw a Fan Page on Facebook… Condemn Telenor – faiza alam … do visit that page!

    We should teach them lesson by stop using their service!

  • Appreciated if the Telenor Changed the TVC
    Mobilink is doing same and in Dramas and programmes of Dr Shaista, Nadia Etc all going bad in comparison with our Culture.
    If any girl(Obviously the sister of someone) uses face book, MSN, You tube, Web Cameras and porn sites then obviously a day will come when she will lost her respect
    Keep an eye and use technology positively
    On this form people from Mobilink to whom I Know as Syed Muhammad Ali Currently posted in Sahiwal and so many others say bad words for Telenor just becasue of their professional Competition not for any soft feels for Faiza, If Faiza will try to get good feelings from the Public then one day may come that she become the Public Property

    Should share this with her family members and if still try to made fun of her then such bastards must be punished
    Pistal of 30 bore just have cost of 10,000
    May Allah Blessed us all and made us honest and real muslim

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