Mobilink Jazz Celebrating Sep 28th as a Big Day

It looks Mobilink is planning something for September 28th.

On this day, All Jazz customers who have not used their sims between Aug 1st and Sep 27th can activate their SIMs and get 200 free on-net minutes and a chance become one out of 100 winners for a cash prize of Rs. 100,000.


You can re-activate by simply make a call or send an SMS on 28th September 2010 using the Jazz sim.

Offer Details Any Outgoing Activity on September 28th will qualify the target customers for:

  • 200 on-net minutes free – all customers from the target group will win 200 minutes each who will perform activity on September 28th
  • Cash Prizes – all customers from the target group will qualify for the lucky draw who will perform outgoing activity on September 28th
  • No subscription is required to avail this offer

Target Customers

  • Effective Date: Subscribers having last activity on or before July 31st i.e. Subscribers not doing any activity between 1st August -27th September (both dates inclusive)

Mechanism Free Minutes

  • The confirm prize of 200 minutes will be given in 4 installments of 50 minutes each.
  • The four installments will start from October 4th and will be given with an interval of 15 days i.e. on the dates:
    • October 4th – 1st installment of 50 minutes
    • October 19th – 2nd installment of 50 minutes
    • November 3th – 3rd installment of 50 minutes
    • November 18th – 4th installment of 50 minutes

The validity of free minutes will be 7 days

  • a nice way to get the lost customers back , i was astonished to see the way they are giving the 200 minutes .

    by hook or crook , they are after customers.

  • This is not true, i have activated the my JAZZ SIM on 28th October 12:10 am and sent message to my friend the time shows wrong in message .so there is no any such benefit given by Mobilink.

  • It seems Mobiink management is very much desparate in retaining their market share. This offer clearly stats that they want to impress to their parent company at the end quarter results. AS USUALL!!

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