Internet Explorer 9 Offers Family Safety

ie9The Internet can be a wonderful source of knowledge and information for children. They can use it to research educational reports, communicate with teachers and their classmates and play interactive games.

A child who is old enough to press a few letters on the keyboard can literally access the world but at the same time he is vulnerable to the online predators.

In continuation of its “Online Children’s safety” programme, Microsoft held the second awareness workshop on internet safety in collaboration with Inbox, their cause partners.

The main purpose of this effort is to create awareness among the parents and teachers to ensure safer use of internet by children. Microsoft has made the usage of internet safer by simplifying and improving the tools they offer, such as Internet Explorer 9, which includes smart screen filters and other built-in security features. These protect users against deceptive and malicious websites which can compromise user data, privacy and identity.

It is important for parents to be aware of what their kids are accessing on the Internet. Just like any safety issue, parents should share their concerns regarding the risks of online surfing with their children and keep a close eye on their activities. Parents can ensure online safety of their children through supervision with the help of technology and skills.

“With the increasing trend of social media and wider use of internet by children, there is a strong need for protecting them when they go online. On the one hand, it is very beneficial for a child to use technology as a resource for education and knowledge but on the other, the threat level rises since criminal elements use both technical and social engineering to mask their intent. Compounding the problem, parents and other caregivers are often unfamiliar with the child safety software tools available to them. Microsoft is committed to doing its part to contribute to the safety toolbox,” said Kamal Ahmed, Country General Manager, Microsoft Pakistan.

Admiring the initiative by Microsoft, Chaudry Faisal Mushtaq, Director, Roots School System, said “Internet is a significant tool for children to help them in their studies and to know about the world. Children cannot and should not be stopped from accessing the internet or from using the computer but the need is to develop and share certain rules, do’s and don’ts with the kids. I would take this opportunity to thank Microsoft for the capacity building of Roots School System and appreciate this initiative which is really need of the time. “

The event was attended by parents, teachers, media representatives, researchers and leading technology experts who were educated about the safety options provided in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

  • I think this security wont work because there are tons of families using FF and Chrome dominantly i guess introduction of IE9 can produce some magic to earn some public interest to use it and facilitate from its features

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