Easypaisa Transferred Rs. 17 billion Against 10 million Transactions in 15 Months

easy-paisa-1Telenor Easypaisa promises empowerment and convenience to the masses in carrying out financial transactions whether they live in the urban area or rural communities of Pakistan and whether they are banked or unbanked, said Anjum Rahman, Director Corporate Communications and Responsibility at Telenor Pakistan.

Telenor started its mobile-banking services with 2,500 outlets in October 2009. After an year or so there are now a total of 12,000 mobile-banking points, outnumbering the total number of bank branches and post offices in the country, she said in the exclusive interview with ProPakistani.

As per an estimate, Pakistan has more than 8,000 banks branches and it has 7,000 post offices in large and small cities.

Easypaisa now stands as the largest financial services network in the country with a much stronger rural presence in the country, she asserted.

Telenor’s mobile-banking service has been gaining tremendous popularity as credible and fastest source of money transfer across the country as showed by a significant number of people transacted Rs. 17 billion of amount against 10 million transactions carried in merely one year and three months, revealed Anjum Rahman.

Tracing the success of the service she briefed that Easypaisa’s transacted amount has witnessed 70 percent quantum jump with Rs. 7 billion since October 2010.

On the other hand, the total number of transactions carried recorded 33.3 percent or 4 million increase in just three months, showing a tremendous growth in service utility by the customers, she added.

It is pertinent to mention here, Telenor Pakistan had recorded Rs. 10 billion transacted amount against 6 million transactions carried by the end of 15, October 2010, the day service completed its first year.

The transaction amount includes domestic money transfer, international remittances and utility bill payments.

Anjum said the Telenor’s management has continued to promote the services in the country, particularly for those living in far flung or rural areas in order to ease mobile-banking services in Pakistan.

The company has added 1,000 outlets of Easypaisa in 550 urban and rural areas in last three months only, told Anjum.

Telenor Easypaisa has engaged with various multinational and charity organization to ensure secure and rapid money transaction between the people-to-people and people-to-organizations.

In past Ramadan, it has played the role of a bridge between many charity organization and donors. Easypaisa has also collaborated with charity organizations for donation transfer via easypaisa to Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust Hospital, and SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan.

In September 2010, company initiated services of international money transfer service or remittances transaction from scores of countries.

Easypaisa service has led the Telenor Pakistan towards global accolades as the operator has secured Mobile Money Transfer Award in November 2010.

Telenor Pakistan has also been shortlisted for the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards in two categories and competing the prestigious contest of the telecom world with renowned telecom operators.

  • It seems that Telenor Easypaisa services has become successful to establish its credibility among the customers.

    However, the service rates are quite higher compare with other source of transactions.

    As the Telenor decreases its service rates, the number of transactions will be increase manifold.

  • Dear Editor
    Sorry to say but easy paisa is totally time loss. Telenor did not manage this well. Its my personal experience…..


    • give examples – it seems you are from a competitor trying to create bad press. If it was so bad how come so many people used it and sucessfully completed so many transactions. your comment is built on envy not facts.

  • Paypal should come now after huge success of paypal easy paisa, paypal shake hands with easypaisa or become a rival, but come… BEST OF LUCK EASYPAISA

  • Around 6% in fee is quite higher. Why don’t we have paypal like systems in Pakistan where transfer between users is free and can be withdrawn from any ATM?

    • obviously you are not a business person – where is the value in giving it away free, if you get it free would you appreciate it more, no – you will complain about something else. Get real, if you dont value the product no one is forcing you to use it.

      Free – will you work for free, no you want lots of money and big increment every year. be grateful that there are people out there trying to improve pakistan – unlike the many in KESC who steal electricity and destroy the company buy taking what is not theirs.

      it is people like you who take and dont give back to this country that annoy me the most.

      Free …… ha

      • Your argument is valid but your elocution is very bitter. The force of your counter-argument is not in direct proportion to the argument of your opponent who in actuality is not your opponent at all. You appear to be projecting – morphing your embitterment towards a system on to an individual. I should not judge but it appears that you have unresolved childhood issues that you need to resolve. The baggage can keep you from realizing your true potential in life. Cheers!

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