Chairman PTA Gets his Own Blog!

drYes, you hear that right. Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammad Yasin is blogging now, primarily to gather input from different segments of the industry on various topics.

Whatever his aim is, or the outcome turns out to be, we strongly back Dr. Yasin’s this initiative, which will help us hear his words directly – and to get our feedback relayed to him, almost in person.

A fellow blogger, while commenting on Dr. Yasin’s blog, said that this marks as an achievement for the blogging community itself.

“Though blog needs a lot of improvements in order to make it easier for users to read and comment on it, still it’s a sign of attainment”, he added.

Okay, we are not holding you any further, here’s the URL:

Dr. Yasin, in his first post, is asking for input from industry if we should go for 3G or 4G?

Via Rafeel A Chaudary C/O TGP

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK