Pakistan Government to Expand Cyber Crime Wing

The government has decided to expand the National resource centre for cyber crime andit will be made a permanent part of the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency).

According to a news report in The Dawn on April 17, Government Central developmentworking has allocated 468.667 million rupees for the second phase of the project.

A good chunk of the above money, 10 million will be spent on creating awareness in the publicthrough seminars, workshops and other events.

In the first phase, three wings will be set up in the following cities:

  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Rawalpindi

Reported earlier,  Cyber crime is on the rise in Pakistan and only 10percent of this crime got reported and 90 percent goes unchecked. There is a strong need for efficient legislation to check cyber crime in Pakistan that must reach to the very accused who iscommitting crime and must be dealt with an iron hand.

Earlier, the ordinance for the prevention for cyber crime 2007 was lapsed in Nov, 2009 afterrepetitive lives and a draft law was presented before the National Assembly committee forreview. However, some law makers have expressed their fear that law-enforcement personnelmay misuse their powers under this proposed legislation. The government should also keep thisview in tact before finalizing any such law.

  • Wow,
    INNOVATIVE isn’t it!!!!!
    govt should give jobs to those criminals who do cyber crimes…… we are faaaaaaar better then india in computer and IT but due to lack of resources and non-availability of jobs, Pak suffers. You know, cyber criminals are only part time criminals, they spend their leisure time in this act. what if they are given a full time chance and paid for it!!!!!!!

    • Sir,

      If you are talking about indo-pak cyber war and talking about those hackers or as per you say criminals then for your knowledge.
      1. They are high school or college students except some who are university students.
      2. They just know sql injection, xss and use web dev exploits to deface random sites, expect 2 or 3 people who realy know about exploiting.
      3. None of them really know about shell coding or programing languages

      4. So i doubt they really deserve to be in cyber crime investigation wing.
      5. To be honest india is so far better then us in IT and computer sector.

      • Jis cheez ka ilm na ho uskay baray main baat nahin kerni chahiye, meray mutabiq tou aap ko hacking ki ABC bhi nahin aati, yahan web hacking ki nahin balkay pc data stealing ki baat ho rahi hai…
        or thora search kerain aap ko pta chal jaye ga “Who is better.”

  • kindly i may be guided where to get cyber crimes training in Pakistan. Furthermore i am interested to get certain books regarding Cyber Crimes available in Pakistan.
    would you please helping me in this respect?
    Syed Abdul Jabbar
    Dsp/Crime Branch Balochistan

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