Uth SMS Champion Offer: 600 SMS to Any Network @ Rs. 0.49

Ufone takes keen interest in launching packages which can be termed as world’s cheapest.

Earlier Uth package offered 100,000 SMS to one Ufone number in Rs. 10 which was then further reduced to Rs. 5 per month.

This time Ufone comes up with another SMS offer for it’s Uth customers, keep reading for details .

Package Details:

  • Now you can send 600 SMS daily to any network in Pakistan in just Rs. 0.49 + tax.
  • Same package was earlier being offered at a price tag of Rs. 1.99 + tax.

How to Subscribe:

  • To subscribe, send Sub to 612


  • Package has a validity period of 24 hours.

Speaking at the launch Mr.Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone, said:

The need to understand the expectations of the customers has always been the top most priority at Ufone. The new rates will help provide relief to those who wish to economize. It is our aim and promise to the valued customers that Ufone will continue to provide the most innovative and customer friendly services in the country.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Uth SMS bundle will be unavailable at certain dates during the year (1, 2, 3, 13, 14 and 31st of August and 1, 2 and 3rd of September).
  • This is a limited time offer.

  • hahaha. Ufone has outsmarted himself from other operators—at the same time disabling the package on some certain dates to force people to spend their money to greet ramazan and eid.
    I think first look at the coverage you’re providing. I am using Warid but I believe that mobilink is still carrying the day with enhanced coverage; Ufone and zong are still poorer.
    If the award comes up for best network, I’d recommend warid or Mobilink.

  • Why they block pkg on those selected dates why?
    Ufone always do this..
    I want to say ufone must finish uth’s daily fee.
    Instead of uth ,djuice is the best..
    I love telenor.

  • ufone we need siimple pricing tariff. u have multiple and various plans, but all are creating confusion.

  • UfOol lady’s package is mOst economicaL with a daily deduction of 50paisa u get ptcl and Ufool calls frm 10am-5pm @2rs/hour plus u2u n other op @ 1.25rs/min.

    Note; Ufool is simply A Thug network,,

  • no one is considering that this is a UTH offer and uth offer charges are 1.2 per day !!!! so whats special in this pkg by the way ??

  • These companies are destroying our youth with these unlimited sms and hourly packages. There should be some check upon it. If you look at other nations especially developed ones you won’t find such packages. This is shear mismanagement on behalf of our govt by issuing more licenses to telcos than our country can contain, Cause the only thing they care about is their income from these companies in the form of taxes. The increased competition leads to further decrease in the rates. Have you ever realized how many useful sms you send everyday? How many hours you waste talking on these hourly packages? Especially the victims of spam and obnoxious sms and calls would agree with me.
    It would be better if there is a cap on these sms and hourly packages. I would suggest something like 50 msgs for 2rs per day, 500msgs per week for 7rs and like 1000-1500 msgs for 12-15rs per month. That is sufficient. So that people would use them only when they require it. Similarly one hour a day is also enough , for those who genuinely need it and so that our boys and girls don’t waste their whole nights talking shit on cell phones.
    In this way people will not misuse these services and nobody would be harmed, not the people not the telcos and not the govt.

  • Agreed with SAEED… PTA may bring it under consideration!

    By the way, This offer is not so bad but WTF …
    “Uth SMS bundle wont be available on 1, 2, 3, 13, 14 and 31st of August where as 1, 2 and 3rd of September to its customer”

    When we need it, they made it unavailable to customers!

  • What an amazing offer!!!!! UFONE IS THE BESTTT!!!!!! All other operators are damn expensive !!!!! yaar Rs 0.5 only for 600 SMS, yeh to sms free he kar diye hain :D

  • hehehhe log samajh hi nhn rahay haink chaal kia hai :) uth offer k liey aap 1.20 per day to do gay hi – phir 60 paisay is sms bundle k liyey do gay 1.20+ 0.6 = 1.80 total for a day bundle of sms . ok this is good . BUT BUT BUT BUT on the other side the call charges of uth pkg are most expensive one ! yes 2.40 per minute ! :) and if u r calling any F&F then you HAVE TO pay the charges for an hour no matter u called him for just 10 seconds ! and the hourly charges are 3.60 :)

  • Common guys why are you crying like that, You can still avail the other per day message package, 500sms in about 5rs is still very cheap…especially as compared to an sms in 1 Re :P

  • hy ufone
    ap k network me her cheey k rates up ha.
    Sms delivery report 10 se 15 kr di gai.
    Koi special festival ho ap ufone sms ki service hi bnd kr dete ha.
    Jaz, zong etc sbi k hr pckg pe weekly sms bundle b dete ha

  • Ufone tum he to ho.

    waqaai tum he to ho. ufone bohot he ala network hy. pkges k lihaz sy. call rates or sms rates baqi networks k moqabli may bohot he acha hy.

  • 600 sms in49paisas is abig fraud.i ve twice experienced that when u type sub and send it on 612, u receive sms reply that u sub youth daily sms @1.99+T,enj 600 sms. i m already having uth pkg and want to enj 49 paisas pkg for sms but…..
    so it should be named as u-fool instead of u-phone.

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