Ufone Offers 100,000 SMS to 1 Number Per Month for Rs. 10

uth-sasta-innerWhich means, Ufone Uth customers can send 100,000 SMS to one Ufone number for Rs. 10 plus tax for one month.

Above equation seems pretty appealing, however, variables are increasing with every new offer coming from cellular companies.

With its current offer, Ufone is claiming that this is cheapest SMS rate in the world. Rightly so, however, this cheapest possible SMS could get the love juice from the whole world if it had come with a liberty of sending SMS from any Ufone number to anyone, on any network.

If you want to avail this offer, and are switching your number to Uth, then be informed, that there are daily charges of Rs. 1 per day with Ufone Uth Package. Here are complete details on Ufone Uth Package.

Here is what Ufone has to say about its claim:

These SMS rates are the lowest in the world. This is based on the SMS rates comparison given on the website of the cellular companies on 24th January, 2011.

For companies based outside Pakistan, the comparison is based on rates after conversion from Dollars to Rupees(as of 24th January, 2011). This comparison does not include packages based on location, time specific or packages with friends and family daily or monthly charges.

The charges do not include 19.5% FED and 10% Income Tax charges which will be charged as per the prevailing Pakistani law.

And just for a clue, anyone can beat Ufone’s this offer. Here are tips:

  • Get a new package with daily line rent of Rs. 10
  • Offer 1,000,000 (one million) SMS a month to one customer for this package and – Bang!

Never mind, Pakistani cellular users are now used to of such caps that come with Mobile packages.

Here are interesting Facts, you may want to consider:

  • Seconds in one month (60 x 60 x 24 x 30) : 2,592,000
  • Time required to send one SMS: 7 seconds (on average – actual time may vary from 4 seconds to 12 seconds)
  • Total possible outgoing SMS in one month: 370,285

Just for records, if you send back to back SMS for one whole month, you won’t be able to send more than 370,285 text messages in one month. Just to mention, this doesn’t include composing time or anything else, these stats are for back to back SMS.

How to Activate:

To activate this offer simply send your desired number to 604


  • To Add the number as FnF, SMS the FnF Number to 604
  • To Edit existing FnF number, SMS the FnF Number to 9104
  • To Query the FnF number, SMS ‘INFO’ to 9192
  • To Remove/Deactivate FnF package, SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 8104
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies

Terms & Conditions:

  • This package is only available to Uth Package customers
  • FnF Number can only be an On-Net number
  • Only one On-Net number can be added as an FnF Number at any time
  • Customers can update/edit their FnF number as many times as they want by sending the FnF number to 9104
  • FnF update/Edit charges are Rs. 10+tax
  • SMS to all other numbers will be charged as per the customer’s tariff plan
  • Customer can also subscribe to the SMS Buckets along with FnF package
  • FnF Package will have the highest priority in case of subscription to SMS buckets, that is no deductions from Bucket SMS would be made in case of SMS to the FnF number
  • The FnF package is valid for 30 days from the time of the package activation
  • Upon the expiry of the FnF package after 30 days, the package will be renewed automatically
  • Unsubscription charges are Re. 1+tax
  • Query Charges are Rs. 0.5+ tax
  • All charges are exclusive of tax

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  • A great offer! now i can send unlimited sms to one number along with the daily sms package, will not be exhausting my sms limit anymore !

  • pakistan mein jitne bhi network hain un mein se aisa koi nahi hoga jis ne itni bakwaas offer nikali ho jaisi ufone ne nikali hai

  • In real terms, no slogan/punchline is possible. Coke can’t open happiness, Rado doesn’t allow us to ride on time machine, Red Bull never give enough energy to push a plane. What we love to get from our favorite brands? It’s just the creativity/ideas.
    It’s not always about Us(ufone), neither Mobilink is reshaping lives, nor Telenor is the smart call. Local telecommunication company(ufone) is doing loads of creative work, we must appreciate it. Who knows tomorrow is ours.

  • Nice Offer.
    Mr.Admin, it is understood that no one can reach the mentioned number of sms in one month to a number but it is not meant to send these mush sms. I think Ufone is offering liberty to send as much as sms you want to send on any desired number without worrying about limits or credit.
    We should appreciate these creative ideas. Other mobile operate must also do the same. I personally don’t like Ufone, don’t even want to use but appreciate their ideas of user engagement.

  • I really dont care about the package. I just like the fact that ufone keeps coming up with new ideas. just when you feel like they have exhausted all the ideas, they come up with a new one. which is for me a good thing. i like new ideas and things and the only reason i like ufone is because they keep me intrigued by introducing new things one after another and i dont have to wait long for it.

  • no doubt they are closing to become the cheapest network as well!

    If someone from ufone is reading this then your service is not much different from US Drone attacks!

    Yes – exactly drone attacks!

    WE keep complaining and you keep providing the same pathetic service (sometimes even more worse). And after some time, we get used to of the same response from your call center

    “Hamara network abhi update ho raha hai iss waja sey aisa hai”

    Its been years – I think update khatam ho jana chahiay ab tow

  • It is just the game of numbers no more than that who on the earth will be that free/farigh to use 100000 msgz and to only 1 number :|
    Just to make people excited this offer is introduced.Better improve the other parts of its network rather than introducing useless sms deals :)

  • Sub bevakoOF apni apni boley ja rahay hyn, 10000 smsz pkg k hyn eska matlab ye nahe k ap ne poray khatam karney hyn huh duniya ka sub se susta tareen sms pkg hay ye es liye SMSz itne diye hyn, kisi k aqal me kuch aya ?

  • ufone is the worst network ever, from last three days sms service is not functioning properly for every hour after hour, i m nt able to send sms to any one, kal se ab tk 50 dafa 2 ghantay k liye aisaa hua hai..! baki nums me b prob a raha hai

  • ridiculous offer………who in his right mind would send 100,000 SMS in one month to just “ONE” number??????

    khair, i liked the calculation u did to see how many out going SMS are possible!! :P

  • Ufone ki wakalat krne ki bjaye apni aql pe zor do. Sirf ek number pe chahe 10 sms do ya 10 hzar ya lakh. Offer bkwas hi rhe gi. Kisi ek number pe sms k liye koi jahil hi alag se pkg krwaye ga. Is se behtr tha k 10 rupe per week ka sms pkg nikalte for all networks, on uwon n tension free pkg, coz these pkgs still lack weekly sms offer.

  • Ufone has really caught the imagination of our youth. It is all about money folks. I know people who send hundreds if not thousands of messages daily. It looks really stupid.

  • Ye ufone aur jazz waly pagal hogye hain.jo sms packages k pechay parhay hain..internet packages pe ghaur nahe kar rahy..koi naye change nahe le aaty ye taanga phone company.ham 200 msgz tamam networks pe nahe karty poora mahena.to ye 1 lac 1 no pe…

  • I am so porting out tomorrow. As far as I know, SMS are fillers in your voice packages and very recently, I have been getting mixed-up messages. One innocent message gets mixed with a dirty joke and you get all confused.

  • yar we shud appreciate tht ufone comes up with new packages time after time … lets see how quickly others copy this package too

  • well i like the calculations but beinng practical u have to say that one can not send so many sms to one number ! so practically speaking this is truely unlimited

    • I can avail this offer but then there are 3 problems.

      1- I will always be worried to fully utilize my Rs.10.
      2- Find someone really “farigh” to read my sms.

      3- I will have to be really farigh to type that a big number of sms.

      Ufone is really our Pakistani brand ..offence intended. :p

  • Amazing offer for the young generation. people who think it is not good are probably not from our generation n are old people who just send a few sms daily ! this is truely for us !!

  • What a ridiculous package!! No one will subscribe it as they get 8000 sms in just Rs. 95.6/Month and for all On-Net/Off-Net Numbers? It is just a wastage of Rs. 11.95/Month. Moreove the edit/change of FNF number is Rs. 11.95

    Ufone is really going to crazy with Ufone Jokers

  • By the way, are there any SMS packages where receiver pays …. I would like to see an offer e.g. receive 100,000 SMS/Month for Rs. 10 from any on-net number but sender should not be charged :-)
    Hai koi aysa … Aysa ho to samnay aay :-)

  • To all friends Slam
    Mery khayal main ufone is the best in market. In term of calling in term of hourly call or even it give the cheapest sms packages with same package. But the problem is that in my house the signal are too week. It about 6 month service is not good. But for me ufone is best in package vise. The matter is there too weak signal in over house. I complain several time to ufone service but there said that it under work plz wait. Then finally after 6 month i change my no from ufone to telenor. I request the ufone authorities plz do something becz i am the user of ufone and 4 me it is best.

  • i am tired of finding out the solution of how to send the unlimited sms from ufone to UAE (Etisalat connection) or UAE to ufone if any body have solution please email me i will be grateful to him/her.


  • I think ye pakge bht cool h q k hm ksi ek khas number p jitny cahy sms kr skty hain.i m using ths pakge and i lv ths and ufne is the best ever.

  • dear is package k free ager msg check krny hun tu kyse krtny hen?
    other msg to sub 606 py send krny sy detail a jati he mager is ko kyse krna he check?

  • yaqeen kro dosto u fone bekaar network ha ,,,, ye log to rat ko sony k pesy b kat tay han

  • close