Mobile Packages are Hampering our Youth?

Before starting this post, I would like you to have a bird’s eye view of the post we did earlier and then the comments section, which is filled with the filthiest possible messages from boys for girls and vice versa.

Pardon me for being blunt, but that’s how things are happening.

Today, boys are looking for girls’ mobile numbers and girls are in hunt for lavish guys. This is what we have become after half a decade of telecom deregulation and the boom of telecom industry.

Before digging further into details, have a look at following screenshots, which shows the pending comments (which aren’t approved) and approved comments of a single post on ProPakistani – This Website has Thousands of Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers!

Approved Comments:


732 Approved Comments making 37 pages

Pending Comments:


You would be astounded by the figures, 9,216 pending comments making 461 pages.

I would like to share few of the comments here, to make you know what kind of situation we are dealing with:

imran ali here from karachi and i am doing a job in oil & gas fields as a quality engineer so well educated and sincere girls can contact with me.

h3y Guyz’Z. wOtz Up’ where are yOu all’ i’m Aisha Rehman frOm islamabad’ i just want gOod fri3ndz fOr a decent n caring friendship’ fOllOwing are my numberz’ dO cOntact me’ Only nice Guyz’ nO cheap talking etc’ thank’Z

As I Mentioned My Name Above And In Previous Comment, It Clearly Shows That I Wana Friendship With A Boy Having Golden Heart. Y Don’t U Try My Number. I Don’t Wana Praise Myself, But It’s Necessary To Tell U That M Beautiful,Voice Is Awesome. Do Call Me. Is Anyone There?

Its ASAD here. I just need a life partner and lovly true friends. Hmara rishta es duniya mai sb se piyara hoga, movies se bhi barh kar,..believe me once. If you alone, could not find any ture friend yet, want to make your life happier, than accept my friendship.. I can change you life.. believe me once.. I am so caring,nice and multi dimensional. I can change your life by caring, giving you a lot of Smile, and changing your life. Plz give yor hand and join me. My cell no is:

ager koi larki fone pr apni jawani ki pyas mitwana cahti hai to plz contact me ********** ap ki pyas mita de jayege jo aik bar ayege woh bar bar ayegi.

mujy punjabi fmale frend ki zarorat hy kuch batin share krna chahta hun

And believe me still there are nasty ones that i can’t even share here. Pardon again for showing all this. Numbers have been omitted.

The purpose of showing the comment count and few of these comments is to figure out if this is what mobile packages are being used for?

If so, then we really need to rethink here, what path we actually are on and what are the demands and necessities of time.

Here we welcome our readers to comment and discuss the issue to identify the origin of this madness. You can write something as a message for those thousands of young – who really are in a desperate need of advice.