Telenor Takes Back Admin Fee, Increases Service Charges

Telenor today published following public notice in newspapers announcing that it is taking back recently imposed admin charges of 1.5 percent from August 15th, 2011 – but at the same time service charges will be increased from 5 percent to 6.5 percent.

We are yet to ascertain the purpose behind Telenor’s this move as there is nothing to be proud of (as they are claiming below) by just renaming the charges.


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  • Danish

    Hahahahaha… very funny. baat to wohi hai awam ko bewaqoof bnatay hain.

    • Then we all must stop using our telecoms and move to alternatives like internet communications. As we already have internet on mobiles and computers, hoping for 3G arrival soon.

      Now people must learn alternative ways of voice and text communications such as calling and messaging applications like Nimbuzz, Max99, Mig33, Viber, Skype, Google Talk, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gawab mail.

      We Pakistanis are unhappy after those high taxes, service charges etc fees by government and telecoms. ProPakistani must post a guide on how we can get benefit from those above free internet applications for our communications.

      Above applications can also be used with phones using mobile internet, and they will become more fun once 3G is launched with fast internet in Pakistan.

      (I already started moving SMS, phone calls to internet voice and emails since telenor tried to impose service charges)

  • what is the difference for us? (customers)

  • Saad Durrani

    You might get a paisa or two saved. lol

  • Zulqarnain Malik

    Hey telenor instead of increasing service try to increase quality of ur service.

    Most of the msgs are delivered after 5 to 20 mins

    But mins delay is very common,
    if i send about 100 sms a day 75 gets delivered after 5 mins delay.

  • Mr. 10% i think every one has know. Usnay bhek fee main increase kar dia.
    Geo bheekari asif zardari

  • Mani

    Clever Telenor, making already fooled nation even more fool. They know no matter how much they will increase in charges people are still forced to accept it, because their is no choice. They already made a Cartel and our corrupt PTA is sleeping like a rabbit.

  • Khurshid Ahmed

    Ha ha ha very funny, whats a diffrience here that company removes 1.5% on one side and same increases on otherside.i think so, that telenor should not publish like this sentence which that do………………..
    moral:Making fool

  • Insider

    Dear Friends

    I failed to understand one thing…..anything operators does, we end up blaming PTA and/or call them corrupt. Please allow me to add on to your knowledge; Government legislation allow operators to change their tariffs etc provided adequate notice is given to the consumer. For the same reason, we see advance advertisements in media for any revision in tariffs.

    I myself don’t mind calling someone corrupt or bad, but I guess it will be unfair if we don’t know the background and just start blaming someone. Read/research before raising fingers please.


    • Mani

      So you think the current PTA setup is not corrupt? and it has no dealing with current service charges aka Telco-Cartel, and I believe you also don’t think that, PTA has nothing to do with quality of service as well?
      Well, I know their background and their current corrupt setup better then you my friend.

      No offense but you seems to me more a PPP or a Telco insider then a real consumer, and I know that, no matter how much corrupt the current Government is, no PPP re-presenter will take responsibility forever.

  • Word Life

    What a Joke !

  • کان ہی پکڑنا ہے نہ سیدھا پکڑ لو یا ھاتھ گھما کے۔

  • Sumair

    ahahahaha, morons. Pehle SMS delivery to sahi karlo. Ghantay ghantay baad msg deliver hota hai. Aur GPRS/EDGE ka to jawab hi nai. Sucks badly. :@

  • Ikram Musawir Yousafzai

    -1.5and +1.5…..hahahahahahah…………..

  • *Increase in Surcharge Deducted From Recharge!

    Dear Customer,
    Kindly note that the Surcharge being Deducted from Recharge will be Increased to 7% with effect from 15-Feb-2012.

    *Ref. >>