PTCL Offers Free Cordless Handsets During Ramadan


PTCL is incentivizing it’s potential customers to get on-board during Ramadan to enjoy free cordless handsets.

Basically there are two types of phones that PTCL is aiming to giveaway for free.

One is cordless and other is wired. Keep reading to know more about details

Single-play (Regular Phone):

Single play, or only landline package: New customers will get free Telephone sets (CLI & Non-CLI) with the installation of each new telephone connection

Double-play (Cordless Phones):

Customer will be given free Cordless phone on new subscriptions for Double Up Unlimited after payment of first bill after subscription.

The customers will be contacted through PTCL Contact center and subscriptions will be acquired through up-selling. The cordless sets will then sent through courier.

BTW, double-play means you get broadband and landline services from PTCL. If you plan to buy double-play unlimited packages then here are the details

  • nice offer, any one know if i get new landline connection with student package of DSL 1MB then which type of phone i get free

  • New customers or old customers.
    Nobody gets the new telephone sets. Last time when they were offering telephone sets I installed two telephone lines and did not get any telephone set.

    Infact the line was installed after 3 months :P after contacting higher ups

    • its true ..
      by chance I moved house back then too and had 2 lines setup ..
      my connection was setup within 3 days .. but till this day .. its been more than an year now .. i have not received the telephone sets ..

  • well i got one last year.

    I am more interested in the cordless offer and would definitely go for the double up unlimited package as it is quite an attractive proposition with or without the cordless offer

  • well, its true, they r really, offering sets…we changed PTCL package some months back to double up, started paying new package rates and for our surprise, last week we got a parcel from PTcl AND WHEN WE OPENED IT, IT WAS a new Panasonic cordless with PTCL UFONE imprinted on it. We even don’t know about the offer…today, i was specially searching for the mystery and now got the answer..

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