668 System Gets Regional Recognition

Mobile SIM Information and Verification System (668) developed, deployed and hosted by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was listed among the finalist during recently held mBillionth South Asian Awards 2011 at New Delhi organized by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), said a statement issued today.

mBillionth Award is a dedicated platform to explore the latent potential of mobile & telecom sector across 8 countries in South Asia. The award is designed as an annual South Asia’s highest mobile & telecom award platform leading to larger regional Mobile Congress in media and policy advocacy.

The 668 system provides an internet and SMS based interface to end-users in order to retrieve their registered mobile SIM(s) information.

PTA introduced “SIM Information System 668” for the verification and correction of mobile SIMs data. Through this service subscriber can send his CNIC to 668 through SMS and in return he would receive detail of total SIMs against his CNIC along with name of the mobile company.

In case of any discrepancy, the user can visit CSC along with original CNIC to get the data corrected. This campaign was the part of PTA efforts to block all illegal SIMs and clean the data of mobile users.

  • Drama in sort that your sim can be get transferred to other network without your concern and allowance…
    then can you explain why franchises ask for original CNIC ??? whats the use of it??
    I can guess only to give torture and add dificuoty to normal users like you and me…

  • Plus there is one thin which 668 lack or i must say PTA policy lack that when one person with original CNIC is claiming to show the number registered against his/her CNIC … but franchises refuse to do so and claiming its against PTA policy…
    whats the use of knowing how many sims u have registered against your CNIC…
    i Guess it should be giving detail of numbers (mobile number) registered against your CNIC..which will help recognizing who is actual culprit in registering against your CNIC..

  • i remember in 2000-2003 time, when we get sims very easily. we easily gets sims for all our family members on single NIC or even without NIC.
    at that time, we never though that we can be inquired about sims, used in crime, if they are on our NIC/Name.

    by using 668 system, now we can get idea of how many sims are on our name, so that we may get them blocked before they got used by any criminal.

    Dr. Fauw[email protected], i think if franchises are refusing to show you details of sims registered on your name/NIC, they surely there will be different way to get them blocked.

    The whole idea of this system is to raise alarm that someone else is using your identity, and at the end of day, its you who will be responsilble.

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