Internet: Paradise for Intellectual Property Thieves

We have written over and over on copyright infringements and how they impact legitimate bloggers/content producers. Here are few of those posts:

You can look out for more of such posts, if you use search bar.

I am not going into details this time, but want to highlight few things (after reading a well researched piece from Omair Zeeshan of Express Tribune)

Content Copying is Like Stealing

When you copy content that is owned by someone, it’s just like stealing money from someone’s wallet, or mobile phone or jewelry.

You can steal the content, reproduce it on your website, and make money. But be informed; it’s stealing, like any other form of stealing in the real world. In other words content copying is just like earning from the efforts made by others.

A Country without Law: Pakistan

We repeat, Pakistan is a lawless land when it comes to cyber crimes. The government has been so awful and irresponsible that it isn’t able to constitute a law for cyber crime.

Not only the law, but apparently country doesn’t even have the ability to deal with incredibly serious cyber crimes like money, identity theft or such as copyright infringement.

In short, there’s in this country to catch the content stealers.

In fact, it’s not about the law only, our government and law enforcement agencies don’t have the required infrastructure to monitor people who steal other people’s (intellectual) property.

Making Money from Internet is Not for Everyone:

It’s a dilemma that everyone is given a wrong perception that Internet is a money making machine, which is alarming. This perception is largely spread by those fraudsters who misguide people that they can make money from internet by copying/pasting – which is of course illegal. For more details on such kind of people their methodologies visit this page.

You can make legitimate money from Internet only if you can produce your own content. This content can be of any form; say it can be articles, jokes, videos, pictures, music, games or anything that can attract readers to visit your web page.


Making money from internet by copying/pasting is illegal, but lucrative as there’s no legal obligation as there’s no law in the country.

Need of the time is to regulate this area by taking necessary measures to protect copyrights over the internet, or this multi-billion dollar industry will get buried in next few years – hurting our national economy, hundreds of thousands of jobs and what not.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • The copy pasting thing is rampant at the moment there are so many people on Facebook (from Pakistan) who have got Facebook page’s above (50-100k)and all they do is copy paste stuff from other websites put in on their own sites and share the link and obviously they get huge traffic ( while those with the original piece hardly get any), I even know a guy who has like 100 (20/30) different pages on Facebook (most of them he hacked from others) and now he is using them for this purpose ( Copy/Paste content share it on your page and get traffic), and there is this 450,000 members page on Facebook “Pakistan Zindabad” this guy like many other is working for Kalam TV and they do the same copy paste content from other Pakistani website’s ( Newspapers, The Jang others and on most occasions from Express Tribune and share it on the 450,000k page).

    I have even contacted many of them to stop this practice but obviously there response is always negative. And when a powerful paper/site such as Express Tribune can’t protect it’s content you can only imagine what other smaller sites must be going through. You put in hard work 1-2 hours to make a post and some one copies paste’s it in 10 seconds and ………

  • Mr. Amir Atta

    Baat to sahee kee ha… par Kam az Kam aap yeh baat karty achy nahee lagty… Aap kon sa contenet khud produce karty hain…. ?

    App ki Blog ki 75% say zaida posts sirf or sirf Cellular operators ki offers hain… (kya vo content aap copy / paste nahee karty…? )

    Thoray bohat lafz aagy peechy karnay say aap us content k malik nahee ban jatay…

    aap khud kya karty hain… ? sirf lafz aagy peechay karny k or Press Releases post karny k.. ?

    us k illawah Traffic lanay k leay joo fraud aap karty hain Kehtain hain to vo bhee yaha he bta dun ga…. (bohat baat ho sakti ha is pe ager yeh comment publish huwa)

    I challenge you…

          • 7:09 PM

            aik or example aaj subha Jazz Bananas ki reporting sab say pehly kis nay ki thee ? (aap nay nahee) Zara google kar k Time daikhain us k bad yeh dakhain…


            is tarahan k hazaroon proof hain mary pass pr aaj Bolna lazmi samjha….

            Fraud wali apni baat pe ma Quaim hn.. Bus thoraa kaam reh gya ha aik do din ma bataoon ga… or Apni identy bhee “reveal” karu ga…

    • Unho nay to jawab de dia hai ab apki baari hai,
      waisay jahan tak mera khayal hai, offers ko copy kerna stealing k zumray main nahin aata, kion k ye offers Ads hoti hain or companies khud chahti hain k unkay product k baray main ziyada se ziyada info spread ho, wo khud iski advertising pe lakho rupees kharch kertay hain or es kaam main ProPakistani tou unki free main help ker raha hai… (or maybe getting paid as paid writer)
      Jab unhain koi problem nahin tou phir chori kaisi?
      jab wo es cheez ko allow kertay hain tou phir chori kaisi?

      • To add to Ahssan’s comment, companies send us these offers, PRs requesting us to publish this. Let me know if you want me to further explain copyrights and stuff.

        • Exactly… ma bhee yehee keha rha hn k khud aap kon sa contenet produce karty ho ? Jo steal ho jata ha….

          Offers ya PRs k illawa jo news hoti ha Vo Daily Express News k Islamabad edition ma aik din pehly parh laita hn… (for example aaj aap nay “Ptcl, ICT, Punjab Education Board” ki posting ki ha vo Express News Isb edition ma aik din pehlay aa chuki thee)

          Mera sawal sirf yeh ha k is blog pe sirf 15% to 25% content aap ne khud produce kia ho ga… Jin ma beshak aap nay bohat achi reporting kee ha….

          Ab ager Aap khud bhee cellular companies ka diya gya content produce karty hain to phir Koi or us Ko copy kar lay to aap ko acha Q nahee lagta…?

          Beshak Copy / Paste karna sahee nahee…. Par apna content to aap ka bhee nahee copy to aap bhee karty ho na… Phir Choor Kaisa…

          • Shayad aap ek cheez bhool rahay hain k ProPakistani pe sirf news nahin hoti, Review naam ki bhi ek cheez hoti hai jiska yahan se pata chalta hai…
            or main ProPakistani sirf es liye visit kerta hun kion k yahan aksar news/offers k advantages/disadvantages ka bhi pata chal jata hai…
            ho sakta hai or blogs bhi same news/offer publish kertay hon, laikin agar ProPakistani usay change ker k post kerta hai tou aap idea chori kernay ka ilzaam nahin laga saktay…

  • There are two famous laws governing cyber crime in Pakistan: one is Electronic Transactions Ordinance 2002 and the other is Electronic/Cyber Crime Bill 2007. However we being unlucky cannot see much implementation of these laws. Plus Google bans those sites who repeatedly copy/paste content from other sites or who infringe copyrights. But yes, internet is full of crap and copy/paste and specially in Pakistan people are doing very shameful things related to this issue. Cheers

  • Piracy rules!! Its the only way to free sh*t… i know its illegal but do we really think we can afford to pay for premimum content? I mean in 1500 rupees which you pay for your internet connection, you can get content that may otherwise cost thousands of dollars.

    Dont get me wrong, I know its wrong but I am just trying to find out if there is a work around. I for one will NEVER pay 250$ for a copy of windows… or 80$ to buy Transformers 3……

    I do pay my complete electricity bill though :D

    • Agreed, in a country like Pakistan no one can live a tech life without piracy…
      we should surely consider it an important issue but currently there are so many other problems which we are facing, 1st we ‘ll have to be stable and economically powerful country before applying such laws!

  • There are some publications that are frequently involved in copying and pasting of the material of telecom blogs. These are Weekly TECHNOLOGY TIMES and Monthly FLARE magazines.

    These publications lift materials from ProPakistani, Telecomrecorder and Apna Times and don’t give credit to these bloggers.

    They are earning money from lifted articles because they are unfortunately incapable to produce original content.

    Somebody stop these names who openly stealing materials and call themselves journalists.

  • baba jab law ej nahi tu phir stealing kaisi ..ap keh saktay hu k illegal in a moral sense but that’s only for civilized people!!

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