We May Join Facebook Again!

If you remember, we at ProPakistani boycotted Facebook and all it’s services on May 20th 2010 for not removing DMD Page and we have not used Facebook or any of it’s service since then. We removed the Facebook commenting system, share buttons, like buttons, our fan page that had 24,000 fans then.

Here were our arguments for not using the service:

We are Boycotting the Facebook on May 20th, 2010 and we will abandon all our activities on Facebook ever after. We have this stance because:

  • Staying on Facebook for reporting the bad URLs is pointless, as Facebook has made its mind to not to listen you
  • ProPakistani can’t preach at a platform where people are abusing and using indecent language

The point was simple, unlike anti-Jewish or anti-Israel pages that were put down by Facebook with-in 20 minutes after they were reported for spreading hatred, Draw Mohammad Day Page was not banned despite hundred of thousands of users reported it for same reasons.

It was clear that Facebook administration was siding the anti-Muslim community.

Few weeks ago (Thanks to Shahid Saleem, a commenter on ProPakistani) I had this discussion with multiple Islamic Scholars from Pakistan and abroad on boycotting Facebook and most of them believed that boycotting Facebook isn’t a good idea, here is the summary of what they concluded:

  • Staying away from Facebook will not stop the abusers, it’s like closing your eyes and allowing the evil to happen
  • Remaining on Facebook will give you a chance to dialogue with the haters and to change their beliefs

When I argued that they (Facebook and those haters on Facebook) won’t listen just because they have made their mind and they have an agenda, so it’s useless to argue with them, Scholars opined that it’s not our duty to bring someone on right path (It’s purely in Allah’s hands), but we will be asked on our account if we communicated with the haters to bring them on the right path or not, when we had a chance.

Based on this discussion, we are planning to re-join Facebook here at ProPakistani’s Fanpage on Facebook.

We aren’t sure when exactly we will start sharing our content on our Facebook page, or when we will re-embed Facebook services on ProPakistani.PK, (probably I am still confused) but we will keep coming back in phases over a certain period.

We look forward to our readers to feed us with your sincere feedback on this in below comments. We take your words seriously.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK