We May Join Facebook Again!

If you remember, we at ProPakistani boycotted Facebook and all it’s services on May 20th 2010 for not removing DMD Page and we have not used Facebook or any of it’s service since then. We removed the Facebook commenting system, share buttons, like buttons, our fan page that had 24,000 fans then.

Here were our arguments for not using the service:

We are Boycotting the Facebook on May 20th, 2010 and we will abandon all our activities on Facebook ever after. We have this stance because:

  • Staying on Facebook for reporting the bad URLs is pointless, as Facebook has made its mind to not to listen you
  • ProPakistani can’t preach at a platform where people are abusing and using indecent language

The point was simple, unlike anti-Jewish or anti-Israel pages that were put down by Facebook with-in 20 minutes after they were reported for spreading hatred, Draw Mohammad Day Page was not banned despite hundred of thousands of users reported it for same reasons.

It was clear that Facebook administration was siding the anti-Muslim community.

Few weeks ago (Thanks to Shahid Saleem, a commenter on ProPakistani) I had this discussion with multiple Islamic Scholars from Pakistan and abroad on boycotting Facebook and most of them believed that boycotting Facebook isn’t a good idea, here is the summary of what they concluded:

  • Staying away from Facebook will not stop the abusers, it’s like closing your eyes and allowing the evil to happen
  • Remaining on Facebook will give you a chance to dialogue with the haters and to change their beliefs

When I argued that they (Facebook and those haters on Facebook) won’t listen just because they have made their mind and they have an agenda, so it’s useless to argue with them, Scholars opined that it’s not our duty to bring someone on right path (It’s purely in Allah’s hands), but we will be asked on our account if we communicated with the haters to bring them on the right path or not, when we had a chance.

Based on this discussion, we are planning to re-join Facebook here at ProPakistani’s Fanpage on Facebook.

We aren’t sure when exactly we will start sharing our content on our Facebook page, or when we will re-embed Facebook services on ProPakistani.PK, (probably I am still confused) but we will keep coming back in phases over a certain period.

We look forward to our readers to feed us with your sincere feedback on this in below comments. We take your words seriously.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • good decision. Its people like you who should represent Muslims on facebook. I am happy scholars sided with what i have been saying on these comments since ever. :)

  • HI, Like you I had left FB too and have not used it since. The reason for leaving was that i did not agree with the policy of FB. I do not hold FB accountable for all uploads or shares; but when sufficient info or reports of a content are generated i expect them to remove that. which they do for most pages. DMD page however was not removed and that was as per their terms and conditions.

    So if you rejoin FB you would be accepting those exact terms so i still believe that rejoining FB is wrong because then you agree to accept their biased Terms and Conditions.

    The decision is entirely yours and am sure that the Scholars understand more than me but i simply cannot accept this on principles.

  • Brother,
    OK, you now joining it back.
    What if you, on FB, forget your purpose of guiding haters to Islam? Are you joining back for your duty to call people to Islam? or your desires to promote your own self, your own worldly wishes, entertainment and time-pass?

    It’s good idea to spread the light of Islam on FB and let people know the reality of Islam. I wish same for myself, but I’ve never joined FB back as I am not sure if I’ll stay firm on my path or get diverted into useless stuff there.

    It’s not at all a good idea to Join a platform owned by an anti-Islamic extremist for just our personal desires.

      • agree.main bhi nahi karo ga join facebook.main ney aik Mustaned alim Moulana Taqi Usmani se suna hai k facebook join karna sahi nahi,unhoney is per poora bayan kiya tha.aur mera zaati khayal bhi hai k facebook ka boycott hona chaye.

          • Thats when a saying comes that “2 Mulaoon mai murghi haram”…

            If you’ve consulted one Aalim, why go to another?

            You go to an Aalim only if you believe that he’ll tell the right thing… its just lack of believe that we go to another Aalim.. and so on.. and you know what.. every other Aalim might tell you differently.. but they’ll be telling you the same thing..

          • The Alim said that he should stay there to guide…. and the comment was about to “stay firm on guiding haters to Islam or get diverted into useless stuff there”, and i don’t think he would guide anybody, at each visit.

          • shahid saleem aap ko koi zabardsti rook rah hai fb use karney se ??? agar aap ko karna hai tu karlo bhai ,yahan pe akar sab per apni marzi q thoop rahay ho?jab sab apni opinion ka izhaar kar rahay hain tu aap bhi karo, likin aap pata nahi doosro ko reply karna kar k bilawaja peechay par jatey ho.

          • bhai shahid saleem aap ko jis alim ko follow karna ka dil cha rahah hai karo agar fb use kar rahay ho tu karo , koi aap ko rook raha hai kia????main fb use nahi kar raha meri marzi, main Moulana Taqi Usmani ko follow karta hoon ,un hi ko karo ga is main aap ko kia problem hai ,aap doosray kisi alim ko follow kar raahy ho tu karo koi aap se kuch keh raha hai???bilawaja doosro k peechay nahi para karo

            • — bilawaja doosro k peechay nahi para karo

              You are very funny. Why cannot you follow your own advice?

              If admin consulted an alim and got one opinion and you got the other, then why did you post yours in response to his? And then tell me to follow whoever I want to? If I don’t need to post about what I do, why do you?

              • O bhai main ney tumain tu nahi kiya na reply??jitnay bhi yahan anti facebook hain sab ko tum hi reply kar rahay ho, neechay bhi comments dekh saktey ho ko k tum jo loog facebook use nahi kar rahay un k peechay par gai ho.tum ney facebook use karna hai tu karo, likin doosro ko facebook choortey dekh kar tumain q itni takleef hoti hai ye samjh nahi ata mujey???

                • I also left facebook on 10 this issue. And I have no intention of coming back on facebook.
                  I really appreciate your sacrifice, that you abandoned your 24000 fans page. I hope your decision is right this time.
                  By the way. Maulana Taqi Usmani is the probably the most learned Muslim Scholar of Pakistan right now. If he has an opinion, that should be preferred over other Scholars’ opinion.

        • آپ کسی بات کو دلیل سے منواناچاہتے ہیں تو دوسروں کا یہ حق بھی تسلیم کیجیے کہ وہ اُسے دلیل ہی کی بنیاد پر ماننے سے انکار کر دیں ۔ علم و استدلال نہ کسی گروہ کی میراث ہے ، نہ کسی دور کا خاصہ ۔ اگلوں کو اگر ایک اصول بنانے کا حق تھا تو ہمیں دلائل کے ساتھ اُس کے ابطال کا بھی حق ہے۔ ۔ جو لوگ ہم سے پہلے آئے، وہ بھی انسان تھے اور ہم بھی انسان ہیں اور انسانوں میں سے صرف پیغمبر ہی یہ حق رکھتے ہیں کہ اُن کی بات بے چون و چرا تسلیم کی جائے”

          • Mujhay bari khushi hoti hai jab log itni pyari urdu mein baat kartay hain, jis mahol mein mein reh raha hon us mein mein urdu bhoolta ja raha hon aur har dosra lafz angreezi mein muntaqil ho raha hai. mujhay is baat ka bohat afsoos hai, laken achi urdu boltay hoyon ko daik kar mujhay bari khushi hoti hai k chalo koi tho hai aur dosra yeh k meri apni urdu b ‘refresh’ ho jati hai.
            Ab mujhay ‘refresh’ ki urdu nahi aati, bari sharm ki baat hai waise :p
            p.s. ‘taaza’ kehna ‘refresh’ k leye wo wazan nahi paida karti. Aur haan, shukreya Ahmad.

    • I agree,
      2nd thing, FB is generating revenue with the number of users it has.
      By joining it back, you’ll be making them more stronger.
      I think better if the scholars join FB to make some difference. the people like you and me are note that capable to change one’s mindset

    • its more than worst………
      during Nabi Pak (SAWW) time, a sahabi plotted a wood in the path with desire that people passing by can hang their animals and can say prayer, he is rewarded.
      then an other Sahabi torn off that piece with the thinking that this piece of wood might hurt the people passing by without notice, he was also rewarded…..
      both were 100% against one another but their “Niyyah” was pure. so if u can control urself, u are welcome to join that but not otherwise
      we know that we can’t stop ourself from using FB in other way….. so better to go against it

    • OOO Please don’t promote anything,
      we all know that all such sites are mainly influenced by either Jewish lobby……. so try to avoid promoting such things, we may join it and stick with it but we should not promote it……
      its only my perception, i may be wrong. in that case, please guide me.

  • Dair aayee, durust aayeee…
    Decision is appreciated and purpose should be to develop good community. we should be concerned with out activities and group we follows and shd be less concerned with wht anti-islamic sources are doing.

  • About coming back, seriously, fb does not care! We are in such a majority, and we are dragged by these extremist anti Muslim lot so badly. If its not facebook, its banning their products, if its not that its hating them otherwise. Why we have to do that, why we cant be self sufficient?

    I think the actual thing we need is to rebuild our own selves. Stop all this joining/not joining, banning, not banning. We are only fighting with ourselves. They are having no impact of this. They dont care, and why they have to ? They have made standard things, which everyone (irrespective of muslim or non muslim) find easy and fun to use.

    Its time to take a step, move forward, stop fighting yourself. Fight with them, fight their regime, fight their products, with ur own better ones. Stop “discussing”. I think Muhammad (PBUH) will be more happy on the day of judgment with the person who did something practical to glorify his name, than the people who discussed n discussed n discussed …..

  • Honestly why you needed to consult Islamic scholars for something that was based on pure logic and common sense?

    Just wondering :/

  • Is this religions forum or tech forum? what’s wrong with this country. Religion is involved in every thing.

    • @kashif
      islam poori zindagi ka zabta e ikhlaq hai,ye koi optional cheez nahi hai k jab dil chaha islam pe amal kiya jab dil chaha amal nahi kiya,is ka Qabar aur Qayamat main hum se sawal ho ga k hum ney quran aur hadees pe kitna amal kiya.is lye zindagi k har kaam main dekhna chaiye k us k barey main Islam main kia hukum hai ALLAH ka.

      • ^You seems to be a dull minded person.
        don’t you know that, you’re responsible only for your deeds. and others will answer for their own.

        You wrote…
        “Qayamat main hum se sawal ho ga k hum ney quran aur hadees pe kitna amal kiya”

        Kia itni baat samaj mein nahi aati K tum se sawal sirf tuhmare aamal ka hoga, Kashif K ya dosroon K aamal ka nahi.
        Kia tum ne yeh guarantee le raki he K tum hee sahi ho aur woh ya baqi sab ghalat hein?

        kia pata K woh tum se ziyada acha Musalman ho, aur tum apne khud sakhta deen ki waja se akhirat mein fail hojao, aur woh paas.

        Islam zabta e hayat zaror he, magar kisi ko yeh ijazat nahi K woh is ki aarh mein apne apne nazaryoon ki parchar karte pirein. aur jis ki waja se already be shumar firqe wajood me aachuke hein.

        • I do not think that kashif is a dull minded or extremist Muslim and neither he is saying that he is a good Muslim.

          What actually he is saying that we should follow Islamic rules/principles for every aspect of the life and conveying a good things is a part of Islam so he is doing his duty and now its up to others whether they follow or not he is not responsible.

          By the way, Qayamat me ye zroor poocha jaye ga k aap ko aik achi bat pata thi to aap ne use dosron tk pohnchya ya nai.

          and lastly, I am NOT saying that I am a better Muslim than you.

          Hope this clarifies all.

        • @mani ghoor se dekho kashif ney ye kaha tha” what’s wrong with this country. Religion is involved in every thing”

          is pe main ney kaha tha k hum se qayamt main sawal ho ga hamari zindagi k barey main, matlab k qayamat main sawal ho ga is hi lye to zindagi k har mamley main quran aur hadees ko “involved” karna chiye.is main kia ghalat baat ki main nay bhai???? aur main ney ye kahan kaha k main bhot acha aur kashif bhot bura hai ??main ne kahan kaha k mujey meray nahi doosro k bhi jawab denay hain ??zahir se baat hai mujey sirf apney hi amaal ka jawab dena hai .main ney sirf “y religon invovled in every thing” pe jawab diya tha kisi pe ungli nahi uthai thi.aur jis tarah facebook k mamlay main b amir bhai ney alim se poocha hai hai baki logon ko bhi alim se poochna chaiye.wasey main facebook k boycott k haq main hoon aur main ney bhi moualana taqi usmain sahab ka bayan suna tha jis main unhoney mana kiya tha facebook use karny ko. PEACE

  • Suggest we keep religion out of business. If religion can contribute to your individual self, it will eventually reflect in what you do.

    Personally, I do not see a point in joining or leaving FB on basis of religion. Facebook is a collection of people you interact with. FB administration is a different entity altogether.

    • Dear Mustafa

      Even though i agree with you that we should keep things separate but then again we only end up leading business and religion is lost.

      My only question to you is that, as you can’t go fight them “one on one” so what’s the least you can do ???

      Our faith is sooooo week, that we even don’t have the courage to close one stupid account (knowing that each user is revenue for them). Most respectfully, please think honestly, what have you contributed towards religion by being on FB.

      I am one of the worst Muslims, but i decided to say F… Off to FB which is my contribution.

      Please by any chance I don’t mean to offend anyone.

  • Good decision! to all those saying that not to rejoin – let me tell you, all those big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia etc are owned and operated by JEWS! so if you are going to boycott. Boycott them all. We should make decisions more wisely now.

    You can’t compete Facebook with some copy/paste nulled script websites like Millatfacebook etc. Either come with something original or else join the big boys with a purpose to learn and spread your own mission. Don’t follow their propaganda or indulge into sharing funny pics and songs only – do something creative and beneficial for your fellow Country men and Muslims.

    • Yes ur right sir. If you wanna boycott then boycott them all.

      But it is not easy because we are habitual of these products like google for searching, fb for social networking, wikipedia for knowledge.

      Simple bottom line is :

      “Come with a big plan or keep on using jews products”

    • For me,using a jews product is not a crime…if its not hurt your religion.

      Another stupid idea is this, if you can not stop doing one wrong thing.. than doing any wrong thing become OK!!!!

      And about copy paste… I think you should not take these companies (apple, nokia) names togather … there should be one company who invented mobile phone,other companies copy that idea:)

  • lol thats because google plus sucks and you realized that now.

    Why do we need to put religion in everything we do?. Why such obsession? its a tech blog if I am not wrong.

    • yeah Google plus is a piece of shit…. A BIG flopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!.

      Google buzz -> Nobody use it.
      Google’s orkut -> Lost in the ashes of time. Or in other words fb kicked off same old fashioned orkut.
      Google Plus -> recently SUBTRACTED +1 -1 = 0

      Google please stop social networking ur not good in it…. everyone is happy with ur daddy fb. :p

  • AoA aamir bhai,

    It’s the first time I am writing to you. In fact it’s the first time I am writing something on any forum. I did the same thing that I left FB after 20-May-10. And I still think that it was the right decision to left FB. In above lines someone has summed up matter quite honestly, that if you are joining FB to present your point of view on those hateful pages then it might be good decision (although nothing will change mind of these people on those pages).

    But if this rejoining is for the promotion of ProPakistani or for your personal satisfaction then what can I say :(. As an individual user I can tell you that during the time I was on FB (before 20-may-2010) I didn’t do anything useful for Islam or even for myself. And most of our Youth does the same, even those people who are arguing that we should stay on FB and should argue to those people who are spreading hatred, even they don’t go to those pages to defend Islam, Instead most of time is wasted in playing games, watching videos, gossips, useless comments, unwanted likes, visiting profiles of unknown and known girls, saving pictures from these profiles and many such useless and immoral activities.

    I think I have diverted from the topic. So in my opinion you should NO join.
    Thanks for bearing me :)

    • AoA Abrar!
      I wanted to say all that but then thought let it go. Thanks for writing that for me.
      About joining or not I cannot give an opinion on that.

      • @Ahmadnowaz:

        Sorry bro its asking for FB login and I dont have one :). I said what I felt, and I know countless people who visit FB just for time pass (or wastage for time more accuratley). In short the thing which matters is “Niyyat”. I dont blame those who are on FB but I am satisfied in not joining this site, and if somebody asks me for suggestion I would suggest a NO. Few things should be above advantage/disadvantage in someones life.

          • it is a page where we used to discuss teachings of Islam, being a student of Islam I am learing manythings and getting my confusions removed. I use Facebook positively (for all purposes) why cant others?? Anyways I respect your decision too

  • aur yehi justification jub hum FB users daitay thay tou hum log kaafir thay.

    Aaj khud iss hee justification k saath FB join kar rahay hao, shameless act.

  • Realy said to hear this:(

    I bycotter the fb since fb reject the
    report abuse against DMD event.
    After that I also got same these two points from anti-ban persons.

    My reply was:
    We have to stood for right, even the whole world supporting the evil.

    Leaving FB certainly will be effective if we collectively do this. Number of users matters for any kind of social site….Lets show our love and show hatred to bias plate form.. even they are most popular.

    More struggle against NIFS, give you more benefits.

  • NO!!
    Bhai these are just lame excuses to comfort your own heart and zameer because YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAD DONE GOOD BOYCOTTING SHITBOOK AND NOW YOU NEED A REASON TO REJOIN IN

    Or Qibla, ye batayye k PP konsa koi FB pe tableegh ka kaam karti thi jo phir se start karay gi ??
    ye kehna k burai ka sammna kar k hum usko khatm kar daen gay nd stuff … BULLSHIT!!

    Hujjat`en paida karna kahan ki Musalmani hay bhai??

    PS. you can always use the alternatives like G+ at least, they are not racists…

      • What next, are you going to avoid polio vaccine because the inventor was Jewish (Jonas Salk)? Are you going to give up on synthetic ammonia (used in everything from home products to fertilizer) because the inventor was Jewish (Fritz Haber)? I know you post about movies you have watched on the forum, why have you not boycott Hollywood (lots of Jews) yet???

        Your hatred of Jews is irrational. What did Jews ever do bad to you personally? It looks more like you have benefitted from them more than they have hurt you. FYI, lots of Jews don’t even like Israel.

  • Asalam o Alikum
    I would strongly suggest not to re-join it. For those saying that they would like to change their beliefs:
    1st This is not a medium where you can preach what’s right and what’s wrong in fact if you try to do so there are higher chances that they do the same again and again.
    2nd We all know why everyone is there on FB and how positive everyone is using it.

    Anyone who visits FB actually earn them money, so is it a good idea to give a person/company benefit who is actually working against you. FB didn’t block those pages at that time and I am sure if God forbid anything similar happens again their reaction will remain same. There are features in FB that indulge you again and again like o man! you are losing this and that but just think what is the reason of not joining it & pray that Allah subhana watalla accept it.

    For those asking is it religious blog or similar statements, brother: Islam is the complete way of life, one should follow the rules as described by Quran and Sunnah of Rasool Allah (Sallal la ho alaihay wa aalayhi wasalam) in every aspect of life.

  • This is downright hypocrisy

    “Remaining on Facebook will give you a chance to dialogue with the haters and to change their beliefs”

    after having said this

    “Staying on Facebook for reporting the bad URLs is pointless, as Facebook has made its mind to not to listen you
    ProPakistani can’t preach at a platform where people are abusing and using indecent language”

    So if the administration is turning a blind eye to it, then they are equally responsible and you can’t “come back” by saying “Remaining on Facebook will give you a chance to dialogue with the haters and to change their beliefs”

    I acknowledge the fact that i stated above, but I never stopped using FB. Heck it was my choice, wrong or right doesn’t matter. But first creating such melodrama and leaving it and then coming back just because the majority of Pakistani’s DID NOT STOP USING FB!

  • FB per wapis ane k liye aap ne ache points likhen hain, agar ye post na karte aur FB rejoin kar lete tb bhi kisi ne kuch nahi kehna tha.

  • Adsense k leay Kya Kya Karty phirty hain loog…

    Or phir boltay hain SEO or Adsense k leay social networks say traffic bohat zaroori ha….

    Google aisay he to Adsense block nahee kar daita na….

    waisay [http://techlighter.com/] kahaa gayeee… ?

  • If your decision was based on religion: Your point is invalid now because you are not joining.

    If it was based on principle that a company that doesn’t respect its own stated policy, then its sad that you are reverting it.

    • correction:
      If your decision was based on religion: Your point is invalid now because you are not joining to promote religion.

      • — Your point is invalid now because you are not joining to promote religion.

        Not necessary. Or, at least, not the way you think.

        For example, one day a computer assembler confessed to me that many of his customers who have lived in West are better customers because when they say they will pay on a certain date, THEY PAY. When they say they will visit his office at a certain time, THEY ARE ON TIME. To him, that was a better indicator of how good they are than the fact that they prayed or did not pray. He cannot ask them if they pray. He cannot ask them if they are Sunni or Shia or if they identify themselves as Maliki or Hanfi. But he can see how they interact with others.

        I have lots of friends who are not Muslim. Do you think they think of me as a good person because I pray? Or because I have good manners? Simply doing the right thing and acting the right way can make you stand out. Isn’t that how Muslims got noticed in the past whenever they moved to or traded with non-Muslim communities? Why do you think it is any different online?

        • Shahid, I myself live in west so no need to elaborate western values, my comments were not to criticize non-muslims. My point was If the Propakistani wants to join, its fine but don’t sugarcoat it with religious backing!!
          The argument was the Facebook doesn’t respect its values, I have read this right here about their dual policy. They promote hatred, based on non-sense. We should welcome any critical query against Islam, and resolve it with dialogue, but their decision was not to remove a totally crap on which you can’t have any constructive arguments.

        • I dont think you noticed my comment that pop up earlier. I am inclined to believe that same mufti taqi usmani, who advises Meezan bank, condemned facebook. Correct me if i am wrong. Otherwise, follow what Taqi Usmani said.

  • hamry han mustakil mizaji ki buhat kami hai…ap ko dubara fb ko join nahi karna chahy tha…jb aik acha step lia tha tu theek tha..jis cheez k faida buhat kam or nqsan buhat zyada hoon us ko use nai karna chahiye.islam fb say tu nai phela.. ap khud sochain fb par ap islam ko kaisay represent kar sakty hain kia islam tasveer sazi ki ijazat deta hai???kia islam namehram say frndshp ki permission deta hai??ap status fb par load karain ya pics us par jo farig or ulty seedhy comments hotay hain us say pakistanion k talent ka andza lagna muskhil nahi…agr ap nay fb ko chor kar acha step lia tha tu dubara wapsi zra b achi nahi lagi istarhan fb par waps tu phr kai log aay hain ap nay b join kar lia fb ko tu kia farq parta hai…lykin aik cheez jo achi hai feel hoi wo ye k app agressive nai ho app sochty ho or jazba imani b ap k andar nazar atta hai lykin shetan tu insan ko behkata hai na i hope k app ko jald apny ghalat faisaly ka andaza ho jaye ga……!Allah apko or hm ko kush rakhy aur seedhy rasty par chalay….AAmeen

    -Ki Mohammad say wafa Tu ne to Hum tere hein
    Yeh Jahan cheez hai kya Loh-o-Qalam tere hien

  • @ Aamir Atta

    its totally ur own decision, i have abandoned after 20th May 2010 incident and will continue till i die, its like that u have grown beard on ur face and now no body is giving u any job bcoz of ur beard, so cut it off and u will get the job u like.

    once again “its totally ur own decision”

    take care

    • What a crazy example. No one is asking anyone to COMPROMISE on their beliefs. When you sign up on Facebook, do the terms of service say “You must stop acting like a Muslim to use Facebook”???

      Please use reasonable examples.

      • @ Aamir Atta

        “whts the logical reason, why cant we live without facebook?”

        why did u sign-off in the first place if u were so confused from the Day-1, i wasn’t confused, u know i was just started to enjoy Facebook when this incident occurred, all of my friends join back, but i didn’t bcoz if i dont use facebook i cant DIE or my Business cant BOOM with it.

        ProPakistani cant preach Islam on Facebook if this kind of incident occurred again, bcoz u r an IT/Tech News Blog, will u preach Islam in your blog if somebody attacks again ??? , for preaching Islam u have to/must start a separate blog, u cant Defend Islam on a NEWS blog, that will be against ur TERMS & Conditions, wont it?

      • Hey. Will you keep talking to someone who ridiculed your father? “just” answer my question. Dont try to spill your wisdom all over the place. Just answer my question :)
        Feel free to return to facebook. But make sure that you spend time and money (SEO etc) to promote Islam and especially the examples from life of our prophet peace be upon him. Can you do that?

        • — Will you keep talking to someone who ridiculed your father?

          I think that is similar to the Sunnah of our Prophet. Who did our Prophet turn away from?

          • Thanks for the concise answer.
            Is facebook going to become Muslim? No. So i cant see sunnah applicable here. In my opinion, hypocrisy is quite visible in fb’s case. You must have seen leaked chats of Mark. He does not give a thing about anything even something as important as privacy. Moreover, anti-jew pages are removed regularly and the caricatures day was held twice regardless of reports of abusive content. Even the lady who originally floated the idea condemned ultimately.
            If we hit back at facebook, that will be against sunnah. But if we just avoid it, there is nothing wrong.
            Religion is all about interpretation. If we think in one way, Ghazi ilm din becomes shaheed. If we think in another way, he becomes disputable.

            • — Is facebook going to become Muslim? No. So i cant see sunnah applicable here.

              Users of Facebook? Just like the society it is based in, some are definitely turning to Islam (and others away from Islam).

              Who cares about Facebook the company? They’re not stopping anyone from being a Muslim online.

  • mene bhi tab se chora tha facebook….aur Inshallah nahi karonga join, i am more ‘anti-mullah’ and ‘anti-taliban’ than you guys, but what facebook did is no rocket science to understand its their fourm, their rules, their people….facebook management clearly supported their people by not removing those pages,,,,n even if join it again we will be miserable as we have no control over the management, hum kya putt lenge unka udher? sirf unko aur mouqa millega! agar facebook per sab jews hi reh gaye to kisko bana ker dekhayingay pages?

    • imran shah aap ney achi baat ki likin aap “mullah”ko define karein gay?kia jo insaan darhi rakhta hai ,shalwar kameez phenta hai,shalwar k painchay takhnu se opper rakhta hai, paanch wakt ki namaz parhta hai, tu aap isey shaks ko mullah keh kar apna khud nuksaan kar rahay ho.kia isa shaks ALLAH k hukum per amal nahi kar raha?kia isa shaks quran aur hadees per amal nahi kar raha?kia isey shaks(mullah) ko aap un logo se bura mantey ho jo har wakt mobile pe larkion se doostian kartey rehtay hain aur doosri kharabion main parey hotey hain?

    • yehi Mullah apki Namaz-e-Janaza perhata hai, Nikah perhata hai, bachhon(kids) ki Aameen karata hai, jab aap HAJJ karne jaatey hen to yahan apki training bhi yehi Mullah karta hai, esi Mullah ki likhi hue kitaab perhe baghair aap HAJJ thek tarha se nahin karsaktey, Khana-e-Ka’aba men bhi yehi Mullah namaz parhata hai,

      So becareful wht u r saying.

  • This is just the hypocracy of proPakistani or probably of Mr Aamir Atta. I unliked your page the same day you did this wrong decision of leaving Facebook and if you start posting there again I’ll probably stop visiting your website.

  • Vote: Yes ProPakistan should Join.

    Reasons: All what that have been said (in yes vote) so far in above comments

    Just to mention another thing………..
    A whole day passed and only 60s comments……..out of thousands user of ProPakistan………..If the same thing had happened on FB………..I guess these comments could be around thousand plus……….

    Being a psychologist I say that peoples are attracted to what is charismatic……so more comments from FB user of ProPakistan can get u to a more vivid decision (statistically)……

    However a lot can be said in For and Against of ur decision……..I m on FB for reasons……..U should decide after collecting ur reason


  • Joining again because your traffic was dropped and Facebook is a source of excellent traffic and branding.huhhh.

      • So you are joining Facebook again to Preach Islam there and not going to share any tech info ?

        I am on fb but giving this reason for joining back is not making sense for most of Propakistani fans.

        I think you should honestly accept that you are joining fb to spread propakistani platform across the globe not for Tableegh. and your earlier decision for quitting was wrong.

      • Every interesting thing has explosive growth up to a certain point / peak. Afterwards, decline. if you have reached that tipping point, weigh your options carefully. Your decisions might be influenced by hidden factors in that case. Let me try to draw a graph for you.
        / \
        / \
        / \

        However, in no way do i mean to claim that propakistani is fading. Every month, it seems to become more popular than ever.

  • I respected the your decision to deactivate fb account and i and a couple of my other colleagues followed it by deactivating our account too. we stood by our decision to not join fb for satisfying our “social networking need” because we had someone to look upto i.e. propakistani that gave up a good part of their potential earnings for the same reason so we never joined back..

    now after you are going back to fb,, i would probably stop visiting your site too :)

    united we stand, divided v fall :)

  • @ Aamir Atta

    “whts the logical reason, why cant we live without facebook?”

    why did u sign-off in the first place if u were so confused from the Day-1, i wasn’t confused, u know i was just started to enjoy Facebook when this incident occurred, all of my friends join back, but i didn’t bcoz if i dont use facebook i cant DIE or my Business cant BOOM with it.

    ProPakistani cant preach Islam on Facebook if this kind of incident occurred again, bcoz u r an IT/Tech News Blog, will u preach Islam in your blog if somebody attacks again ??? , for preaching Islam u have to/must start a separate blog, u cant Defend Islam on a NEWS blog, that will be against ur TERMS & Conditions, wont it?

  • I always supported shahid saleem’s opinion. And amir i am very happy that atleast you now think that hes right.
    But the fact is if you join fb now many extremist type pakistani youth will bycot you.
    Just wana ask you one thing why you want to joing fb now?.

    In last shahid bhai you rocks buddy.

    • @imkhalid

      “can u define extremism ???”

      Jinab… I’ve very simple and clear definition for you.

      If you impose your thoughts on others, and force them to follow you, and believe you, that’s extremism, and if your thoughts are related to a religion, then it’s religious extremism. or fundamentalism.

      • Fundamentalism:
        “Strict maintenance of ancient or fundamental doctrines of any religion or ideology, notably Islam”.
        Dude every Muslim has to be a fundamentalist. We aren’t allowed to put new ideas into our religion from thin air. Being a fundamentalist should be a source of pride for you, “Yes, I am following the 1400 year old religion my prophet taught me about and not some propaganda of ‘modern Islam'”.
        The word is very wrongly used in Media don’t go after them.

  • The reason not to use facebook is simple as i don’t want to give them a penny from my pocket so they can use them in future against us. If we all muslim left facebook then they come to know we have unity and they have to bow in front of us. For example you can check this Hashim Amala photo No liquor tag on his shirt



    As he don’t want to give them profit from this advertisement. As you have a replacement as a Google plus use and when you have made a decision don’t change it

  • Zaid hamid, who champions antisemitism, anti-zionism etc. exists on facebook to date. So, instead of hitting hard at propakistani, we should go question him first. He is on electronic media quite frequently.

  • Facebook now has become a very integral part of our lives, and every blog, site, has a sharing link to these social networking sites because people who have access to reading material worth sharing with others, they want to do so via facebook because 90% of my friends and im sure yours too, have an active facebook account.

    That being said, I deactivated my FB account during the DMB days, and oh how painful life was after that, couldnt figure out how i spent my time in pre-FB days. But I resumed my account after there was an apology from FB to our government which is why the govt. lifted the ban aswell. And news floated that they had banned the DMD page also, to which im a personal witness because during the days when FB was banned in Pakistan, I could still access it over my Office’s network and checked a few times and found the original page gone, but many others made in response to that one removal of the page. Even now if you go and search for blasphemous pages, Im sure you will find hundreds. Long story short, I chose to believe the apology news and got back to FB to breathe!
    I might just add, that where there were DMD pages, there were pages ridiculingHolocaust made by OUR muslim brothers…which means there are bad guys on both sides! But thats another debate.

    We should pick up the positive aspects of ANY media and use them for our benifits! FB being one of the most effective ones for common man these days!

      • @ Amna
        “there was an apology from FB to our government which is why the govt. lifted the ban aswell. And news floated that they had banned the DMD page”

        they didn’t ban the DMD page when thousands of Muslim users especially Pakistanis reported against it or email to Facebook Team and also in first place the PAGE was against the Terms & Conditions of Facebook, but it wasn’t banned/deleted until Judiciary of Pakistan took a decisive action against it, if Facebook had ban the page in first place so I or many users shouldn’t have to delete our ID’s forever but they didn’t do it until we hit them thr, whr it hurts them the most, that is MONEY.

        “there were pages ridiculingHolocaust made by OUR muslim brothers…which means there are bad guys on both sides! But thats another debate.”

        The pages regarding Holocaust, first of all the so called Holocaust is false and totally fake, these pages were created to test Facebook Term & Conditions against Muslims and this person (saad warraich) was successfull bringing the REAL UGLY face of FACEBOOK, and i congratulate him.

        read it carefully

      • Hey, No No..Actual pages of holocaust from around the world were created. Not one, but many which was getting the same reaction from jews..as DMD was getting from us Muslims!

        • Okay, I am not speaking FOR FB here, they may have blocked Saad Warraich’s account because FB is a JEW creation, they can and should delete any and everything from their platform if its against them..right?

          And Yes they deleted the DMD page, after they got a strong reaction from Muslims all around the world..besides, who has time to check thousands of facebook pages created everyday?

          And who pays heed to demands of deleting pages..Im sure they get millions everyday. The point is, they deleted the page, when a Muslim Govt. requested them to…so yes, they did take an action!

          I’m not challenging anyones beliefs here(referring to your ideology about holocaust being fake), but look at the bigger picture..they took the page down when we requested them, and made an apology too!

          As for the facebook terms and conditions, there are none related to this matter..so trust me,the Holocaust pages to test anything.. I can today still create a page of Holocaust, but that wont be taken down cuz of policies, it will be taken down cuz Im making fun of Jews beliefs on a Jews platform..like facebook was taken down by the Govt!

          Islam is a peace loving religion, and thats how matters should be discussed..we can’t boycott things and still remain in the game..how else will we change emaans of non-believers if we shut ourselves out of the system:)?

          • they deleted DMD page? as I recall they did not delete it. I rather remembering reading that the page did not violate their Terms so no point of deleting it and thats why I left FB not because they hosted the page.

            I agree they cannot be held accountable for the content – but when significant reports are submitted they are accountable for responding.

          • they didn’t delete the page on requests from Muslim users, they deleted the page when facebook was getting hammered with banning(losing money) in some Muslim countries, for not taking down the page on user’s requests. You dont make fun of any human being but if u read the History of Jews(former bani-Israel nation), from day one when their nation was created, they dont want to live in peace, they reject Allah’s blessings time to time, their nation was blessed with the most of the Messengers of Allah.

  • Bhai, why producing arguments? Seedha seedha bolo na u r loosing business :)
    It’s always good to be honest with yourself.

  • This is such a lie from propak administration that they cared a lot about Drawing Mohammmad (P.B.U.H), and now they have decided to join back. The obvious reason behind joining facebook again is the fact they just simply cannot keep themselves away from biggest social networking site, which is also a good business tool.

  • Assalam-o-Alikum Brother Aamir,
    As you have mentioned that,
    “Scholars opined that it’s not our duty to bring someone on right path (It’s purely in Allah’s hands), but we will be asked on our account if we communicated with the haters to bring them on the right path or not, when we had a chance.”

    I’ll wait for the Islamic posts (as per your intentions soon) on Propakistani.

    Just remeber everyone,
    One will stand with whom, he loves the most.
    And don’t forget here that Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w is the only key of Jannah.

    I wish to stand with him, join his group to entered into Jannah (safely) with Allah’s happiness.
    Take Care,

  • >