Younis Sheikh Becomes Head of Special Projects, Ufone [Updated]

Younis Iqbal Sheikh, currently the head of Sales and Distribution at Ufone is going to become head of special projects, told us sources in Ufone.

However, Ufone spokesperson has denied Mr. Younis Sheikh’s change of portfolio so far.

We are yet to ascertain about next head of sales in case Younis Sheikh is moved to special projects, but we are told that Ufone management is already looking to fill the position.

It is interesting to note here that Mr. Younis Sheikh will get headship of special projects with-in 2 month of Salman Wassay’s appointment as CCO at Ufone.

Mr. Younis Sheikh has managed Ufone’s sales channels for last three years. Previously Mr. Sheikh has worked with Siemens, InstaPhone, Worldcall, Mobilink and Wi-tribe (Qtel).


We have received the confirmation that Mr. Younis Sheikh has been made head of special project. Head of sales position at Ufone is now vacant and will be filled soon. Of course we will let you know when there’s an update.

Check below graph for Ufone’s sales performance during last 18 months:


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  • Telenor and Ufone has very poor services specially voice quality, call termination etc.

    Why Ufone, not increasing subscribers due to very funny advertisements. I don’t think every Ads should be funny.

    In their Ads everyone Jumping, playing same like showing as a Movie -:)

    I think in their Marketing dept has someone from our Lollywood.

    • UFone ads are way better than other ads that we see on TV like crazy annoying TUC biscuit ad and crazy “voice” or what ever the name of those cell phones

  • Now Sheik Younis Sb have been sidelined and soon will be compelled to leave the office. Having the designation of VP Sales was much more influential than new role.

  • This is not only problem of Head of Sales , but also their Business Intelligence & Strategic Marketing Team.

    They have launched couple of good efforts to retain customers and make them loyal….but IN-VAIN…

    just check the addition it is only in 100’s or max 1000’s. Which is actually Nothing…Putting 00000 and getting 0000 with limited ARPU is something in-vain.

    Anyways, liked the “OSD tag”… yes as per the tactics, it looks like his contract will not be renewed. Allah Forbid.

    By the way, why have you people forgot the case of .. the same one… from VP Customer Operations to Chief of Regulatory & Legal Affairs i think if i am not wrong.

    and i think he’s still there and contract renewed may be..

    Anyways, May Allah help everyone in their difficulties ..Aamin

    But 100 Million Dollar question is, from where Telenor got that many customers? who is donating them , i meant which OPerator? Warid , Ufone or Zong or Mobilink may be..just check the stats…

    or they acquiring the new customer base..don’t tell me..coz its not possible at all..

    or is it just a number game?

    .. but this is not only instrument (no. game) to measure the success of the Sales or Marketing Plan.

    some time, lot of nos. but dormant customers…

    So, if we get the ARPU of every Celco, then it’s easily possible who is playing and vice versa.

    actually, one more comment about ads..Undoubtedly, unnecessary hana montana of Ufone.. which must be stopped…and actual customers prototypes must be shown in the ads..

  • hmmm one more addition, the recent hiring of Salman Wassay…could also have affected the decision…could be…

    for obvious reasons like creating own team and bla bla..

  • actually Younas Iqbal Sheikh is going to Join Worldcall as C.E.O, as OnamTel has started firing from [Bottom to Top] and the downsizing isn’t yet complete.

  • Mr. Younaus is also not sencier with the buissnes partners like franihsees they were also in very trouble to survival but Mr. Salman join the ufone as CCEO but the positions of the Franchisees are still there and they are very much in trouble to survival.

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