Social Media Followers for Broadband Companies

As we have previously presented you graphical presentation of social media followers for celcos and media news channels, yet again we have come along with the presentation of social media followers for broadband service providers.

So lets take a look at all social media channels.


Qubee shines over Facebook with higher fans, while PTCL broadband and COMSATS appear scarcely with just a few fan following. It is apparent that WiMAX service providers are putting more resources for their social presence while DSL service providers aren’t doing much on this front.

Here are fans’ crowd at Twitter:


As per stats,wi-tribe possess sizable fan crowd among all at Twitter. Other broadband service providers having some presence include Wateen, Qubee and Mobilink Infinity.

Lets’ take a look at YouTube’s subscribers’ stats:


On YouTube, wi-tribe, Qubee and Wateen have active portals having specialized channels for their subscribers. Wateen seized a leading position.

It is observed that there are also local broadband service providers that are inactive on social media portals or they aren’t using online channels and tools for their promotions, interaction with customers. These include WorldCall, LINKdotNET, COMSATS, MicroNet and others.

  • Linkdotnet DSL?

  • O_o

    LINKdotNET DSL = Mobilink Infinity :)

  • There is a very small % of followers actually engaging.

  • i think mostly people in pakistan think Qubee for Quratulain Balouch the humsafar and coke studio singer. PS Keep up the good work

  • Muhammad Anas

    That`s make no impact that how much Social Media followers you have.

    The impact is that of the quality and reliablity of the service you are providing.

  • sajid

    Qubee has good going overall at all channels of promotions.

  • Samreen

    Social media lays greater impact on reputation of business.

  • farahan

    I think all companies has to work more to gain fan following at all social channels.