Access to Twitter Restored in Pakistan

Twitter-Logo_thumbAfter a ban for a day, amid any possible access of blasphemous material to Pakistani audience on Draw Mohammad Day, access to micro blogging website has been restored in Pakistan.

Concerned officials have confirmed ProPakistani that access to Twitter has restored after they received orders from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

As per reports we are getting, Twitter is now accessible on majority of ISPs, while the completion of restoration process may take couple of hours on remaining ISPs.

As we reported earlier, this ban was of temporary nature and was supposed to get lifted after Draw Mohammad Day.

However, as per our sources, ban was lifted before time due to bad name the incident had earned for Pakistan, especially in foreign media.

Pakistan, earlier in the morning had blocked access to Internet for Pakistani internet users – fearing that blasphemous material could reach the users through internet – because organizers of Draw Mohammad Day for 2012 had plans to share cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) through Twitter, to protest the arrest of Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari for writing “insulting” tweets about the Prophet.

PTA, the regulatory authority for telecom and internet in Pakistan, had contacted Twitter administration to make necessary arrangements for blocking access of blasphemous content in Pakistan, to which Twitter didn’t agree resulting into a ban to website in Pakistan.

In a related news, Dr. Rehman Malik, Interior Minister, is claiming that the restoration of Twitter should be credited to him. He tweeted following just minutes ago:


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    • It think its not bowing down – Its more like doing what was necessary if someone fails to accompany with our country’s Laws!

      They took the necessary and justified step

      • And instead of solving any problems, they promoted the event and gave it news. Are you too blind to see that?

  • “However, as per our sources, ban was lifted before time due to bad name the incident had earned for Pakistan, especially in foreign media.”

    BAD NAME???????????????????
    BAN WAS LIFTED BEFORE TIME??????????????

    SenRehmanMalik: “I spoke to PM and informed how people are feeling about it.PM ordered to reopen the twitter”


    I feel nothing about this stuff but an ad for Draw Mohammad Day for 2012! why; our government shouldn’t have contacted at this time cause they don’t have the stature or caliber & neither courage to force their motive on such like Twitter because in retaliation they’ve banned twitter for a day thus asking for pressure from foreign rather western media and as a result they had to lift the ban even ‘before the time’ and literally that even one that’s not aware of this blasphemy at twitter would reach their at the time cause the ban is lifted before time.

    Rather they shouldn’t have touched this issue & should have let it go silently without creating this hype or preferably if they had decided to ban twitter, even temporarily, they should have stuck to it for a week or so at least to show that they really meant to take action against the evil——— Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    The act of our government cast serious reservations on it’s honesty.

    The problem is that these people don’t bother any time about such issues but on the day, there is no homework to try and tackle this issue once for all, if our government really thinks such issues are problem they should gather all Muslim countries & use forums like OIC to push these westerns to restrict such material and please don’t listen to how people feel or what BAD NAME is being earned because these segments from west have some other agenda they really support every thing they need to just as they did with India for allowing censorship that was on political grounds and to get the will of India but some neutral parties have condemned that

    • I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER EVER EVEN HAVE HEARD OF Draw Muhammad Day 2012 if twitter was not taken down.

      Taking twitter down made people look for a reason. FREE ADVERTISING THANKS TO OUR PTA.

  • I simply want to share my personal experience with all people here. I used to waste atleast an hour a day on FaceBook and Twitter. Now, I donot use Twitter or FaceBook anymore because of such issues. Now I am better utilizing the time which I used to waste on these socalled social networking websites. I give more time to my family, friends, etc. and my personal life has become more happy and productive.

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