Access to Twitter Restored in Pakistan

Twitter-Logo_thumbAfter a ban for a day, amid any possible access of blasphemous material to Pakistani audience on Draw Mohammad Day, access to micro blogging website has been restored in Pakistan.

Concerned officials have confirmed ProPakistani that access to Twitter has restored after they received orders from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

As per reports we are getting, Twitter is now accessible on majority of ISPs, while the completion of restoration process may take couple of hours on remaining ISPs.

As we reported earlier, this ban was of temporary nature and was supposed to get lifted after Draw Mohammad Day.

However, as per our sources, ban was lifted before time due to bad name the incident had earned for Pakistan, especially in foreign media.

Pakistan, earlier in the morning had blocked access to Internet for Pakistani internet users – fearing that blasphemous material could reach the users through internet – because organizers of Draw Mohammad Day for 2012 had plans to share cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) through Twitter, to protest the arrest of Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari for writing “insulting” tweets about the Prophet.

PTA, the regulatory authority for telecom and internet in Pakistan, had contacted Twitter administration to make necessary arrangements for blocking access of blasphemous content in Pakistan, to which Twitter didn’t agree resulting into a ban to website in Pakistan.

In a related news, Dr. Rehman Malik, Interior Minister, is claiming that the restoration of Twitter should be credited to him. He tweeted following just minutes ago:


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