PTA Makes it Harder for You to Register Complaints Against PTCL

Pakistan Telecommunication Limited or also known as PTCL is notorious for its after sale support services.

Without any doubt, there would be customers not happy with PTCL services, be it the broadband or any other service offered by PTCL. Such customers would naturally want to register complaints against PTCL at PTA’s website where the authority offers the telecom consumers to register their complaints online.

But you would be surprised to know that PTCL isn’t even listed as an ISP in the said complaint form available at PTA’s website for online complain registration, leaving no chance for consumers to register complaints against PTCL.

We have taken a screen shot for you – but you can visit PTA’s website to check this your self:


Initially we thought this could be a human error and PTCL was probably left out by mistake but interestingly you won’t be able to find PTCL even for Wireless Local Loop (WLL) category, creating an impression that PTCL was intentionally taken of the list.

Check following screen shot or visit PTA’s website to verify this yourself.


Is this a deliberate attempt by someone to keep PTCL away from complaints?

Just to mention, PTA maintains and publishes the number of complaints (in its quarterly and annual reports) that it receives against all operators. Probably, this trick will make PTCL look lot better in PTA’s quarterly and annual reports.

Thanks Abdullah Shakoor for the tip


It appears that PTA has added PTCL in the list now.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • We MUST NOT be surprised… But we must be taken a back if there is any improvement in service delivery

  • PTCL is really notourious.
    Kick off all all old staff and hire young blood.Change corporate structure from Govt run to private (like Ufone). Outsource employees and ban Unions. All this restructuring can save PTCL and other govt institutions and audience will be saved from their mal practices.

  • PTCL k internet main issue ha. koe b website open karna sa phala is ko atleast 5, 6 dafa refresh karna parta ha. main na bhot dafa complain karwe per koe feda nai ho. ya issue main b propakistani k bhot sa user face kar rai ho gain. is k elawa 2 offices k internet main b problem ha. customer care sa try kya per wo khatain hain server per load ha.. to kya wo laod hum khatm karin gain. i am feed up and try to shift ptcl to LDN.

    • Sir App Ko Jo Masla Hai Woh App ko Apnay App se Hai Agar app aesi websites na kholen jinhen kholney kay liye 4 se 5 dafa refresh karna parta hai samajh to gai hon gey gandi wali websites

  • Plase note that Wateen is also not mentioned in ISP or WLL category but only mentioned in LDI Category. PTCL is mentioned in Basic Telephony Category. I think people who made this site didn’t put efforts to make the lists complete and mention all the service types these Companies are offering.

  • I hate to say that I am paying for EVO and it services suck !
    There is no one else providing even that kind of services.
    Tried DSL, Wireless, WiMax, Worldcall

  • This is actually a year old. I had a similar problem then. What i did was go through telephony and I found them.

  • That’s what you expect from a non serious company…..
    consumers are kind of stuck who bought there services, and people in rural areas cannot afford most of other Cable/wireless services (available in the market these days) because they don’t get reliable signal strength and good speed in such cases.
    If you’re making a complaint Against there (customer service) bad behaviour/service/miss billing You’ll get nothing but false hopes and a deadline of another 7 days.
    I’m tired of this bull shit.

  • Amir bhai that’s wonderfull. i am not believing that you have read my email and Posted it. i really appreciate it. Thumbs for you :)

  • I am facing frequently disconnections problem from 2 months and no one solve this problem i complaint approximatly 100 time but no positive response,
    PTCL _|_

  • For all those complaining about the DSL service, what have you tried to troubleshoot, narrow down the problem ? I had a student package for 4 years with PTCL, initial months were terrible with high pings, seriously low signal to noise ratio and packet loss here and there.

    So got a new telephone line( didn’t change the copper wire but a complete new number and everything) and all my issues were gone. You have to remember, DSL is always dependent on the last mile connection(coming from your telephone pole) and your internal wiring. I will advise to get a new wire from your pole to your modem directly no concealed wiring in your house at all.

  • I experienced frequent disruptions in my DSL. The issue was resolved when I got a new number converted to fibre optics. But wait, the problem was not solved! During excessive load shedding, the tel line and wifi both used to go off as the PTCL did not have a reliable back-up service. Its difficult to register a complaint on PTCL website as you can only forward suggestions and not complaints. The right connections in PTCL, however, pay dividends.

  • i think pro Pakistani admin should also guide the people how to lodge complaint by selecting correct attributes instead of criticizing and finding such baseless issues….the main purpose is to lodge complaint against PTCL not is that PTCL is not shown in list……PTCL already shown under basic telephony tab….

    • “baseless issues”?????
      What do u mean? Do you know how many people would be affected when there is no mechanism available to register a complaint against their service provider???
      I really appreciate ProPakistani for showing the true picture of “So-Called” Regulatory Authority.

      • my dear brother, there is a mechanism available to lodge complaint against PTCL before this post PTCL already placed in basic telephony but pro Pakistani not mentioned that and directly hits whats not showing …i think that’s not fair…..if u are here for write a comments to the post than u must also have knowledge to explore some thing else means…if you are really affected…and want to lodge complaint against PTCL….than u should be able to see PTCL in basic telephony instead if its not looking somewhere else……..but u people only born to discuss the mistakes of other……this post may also be posted to guide the people how to lodge complaint against PTCL using this form…..but its pro pakistani….! and its baseless beacuse there is many other way and modes to lodge complaint if u have time you can explore instead of only reads and write comments like these posts…..:)

  • Dear All,

    If any-1 of you having any kind of problems related to Broadband and your complaint is not being entertained by 1218, I personally suggest you to shoot a single email on below e-mail addresses. It will surely helpful to you all.
    This is my personal efforts. I got these email addresses after 18 months efforts.

    [email protected]

    2. Rapid Support Deptt.
    [email protected]

  • Respicted Sir,
    Ramdan Karam Mubarak
    Sir, I get new tel connection two 12 days before
    at chitti sheikhan sialkot pakistan my number is work only 4 days. no body take any action pls do some thing and send the lineman.My number is 4297926.
    than ks in advance
    adnan jamil faruqi
    form uae

  • dr sir mara dsl conection 2 mbps hai but mara conection ki speed boht kam hai three month sy complaint kar wa raha hon but pori speed nahi a rahi hai mutalka tarlai acchange hai jo kuch nai kar rahi hai jin ka number ya hai 051 2244000 hai or mara ptcl num ya hai 051 2616039 hai jis py dsl 2 mbps on hai na is ki download speed pori hai na uploading speed plz my help thx connect num 03455504751 thx…………………………………….

    • ap in umeed uotar du ye asiy he caly ga ap ku bill dabal dena pardy ga asi gandi sarvis kise ki nai ap wateen lagwa lu sakoon ho jay ga

  • My telephone No. 04237507500 out of order since last two months. many complaints has been made in this regard but no any action still taken by samanabad exchange. Kindly issue an order to resolve my complaint. Thanks.

  • Dear Concern,

    I am using this service since last several months but when I requested for IPT service, i am just paying the bills but the service is still not being received properly facing DSL connectivity problem each next day now just tell me how to discontinue this service to sit easily at home without any more last my money.

    Because each time the operator confirm me that with in 24 hours concern person will come to you and resolve the problem but when i call after 24 hours just the voice change either he or she confirm again with high priority but since last one month the 24 hours are not being complete by PTCL complain center except a warm welcome by change of voice or person and change of complain number
    start from 16 now reached at 97 how funny is that HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is very funny that i am not taking the services of local cable operators by very low cost

    Because they are just playing with the money of Pakistani people.

  • Ph.0483795665.

    Mehboob Alam Khan.

    my name is Aftab Alam Khan Mobile No.03447491407.

    During the three month.

    Cross talking.


    DSL disconnecting again and again.

    Slow downloading speed.

    due to

    Hydarabad Town, Sargodha exchange underground cable is damage.

  • Dear reader it has been months am complainig for the DSL speed for 0.08mbs against my package of 2mb for which am paying my monthly dues

    They have no monitoring system and every time gave a new complaint number. Also the staff at Peshawar are least bother to hear our complaints.

    Ar. A.W.Khan

  • Assalam-o-Alykum sir my telephone is dead since 15 days. i enter a complaint and then two time i send sms on and two time i send online complaint but no one came to correct my land line number.i request you to resolve my complaint.i shall be very thank ful to you.

    my telephone 071-5651566

  • The world largest thakkal and ghadha speed of ptcl wingle 0 MB.
    Idiots of all worker ptcl wingle
    lanat hai.

  • evo wingle is condamnable service providers there must be ashame on staff providing only 30kbps

  • assalaam waliekum

    mera ptcl number baar baar dead hojaata hai

    or dsl bhi kabhi sahi nahi chalta…..

    kahin martaba complain kar chuka hun per kisi tarhaan ka favour ab tak mujhe nhi mila

    her baar mujhe yeh kehker taaldiya jaata hai k ham aapki request ko frwd kar rahe hain jald say jald aapka masla hal hojaayega

    per mera masla hal nhi hota….

    sir hum nay kai bar apny mutalika lina man say bhi rabity keyi mutalika SDO k pas bhi gaya jabky kai bhar exchange bhi gaya magar line man nahi ata wo kihta hay k ye tek nahi hota esy hatam kardo jabky masla tora sa hy or jis jaga problem hy wo bhi may nay usy nishan dahi karaya magar wo bilkul teek karny ka nam hi nahi laita .. barah i karam ap hi es per kuch karly warna swabi kay gaon jalsai may mery telephone k elawa paros may esy kai tele phones DSL samait harab hay phir hum esy majboran hatam karlengy…. NAme : syed ameer ali shah s/0 syed lal badshah .. phone number 0938300601 .. mutalika exchange chota lahor swabi.. mutalika line man .. jan afsar…

    mera contact number.. 03454895088

  • Salaam

    I Actvie 4 MB Package Of DSL…But 6 day Ago Not Active… Here Is No Responce To Me

    Why…i Told Nadeem Bugti.Opretor Of Sui DSL..Alo Abdul Razzaq Bugti And Allah Bux Bugti

    Here Is No Recponce To Me Please Sir Help Me

    I Great Thankful to you Kindaly Sir Please Help Me


    Thanghi Khan

    Adal Khan Sui..Colony



  • yai ak kuty ka bachy hain jo ,,,boat boat tang kar rha hain,,,,es ka number block karny ka tariq batai,,,,,,03025040030,,,,es begarat ko khub lanati bejai

  • I agree with this report as I am a victim of this PTCL has reverted to its old techniques of misleading wrong billing and not answering complaints 0425420400 try calling this number from 9 to 5 pm you will get only one answer line is busy????

  • dear ptcl plz help me mene ptcl evo wingle new lia hai magar hamre yaha singnal problim hai pehle b me vwirelss net use krta ho aur ab be use kr rha ho magr net speed boht slow hai yaha to net speed fast krdo 2mb r 3mb agr nhi ho sakte to plz aisa koi vwirless batao jike net fast 2mb r 3mb ho plz help plz thanks

  • my dsl not working properly the yellow signal always on the top of my ptcl conection my number is 0939540353 BB

  • dir sir my home phone may 2014 do not work whats problem i doknow i request u plz chick my home phone 0523206427

  • NO regular monthly bill delivery PTCL land line Number 0554807010, even last date 06-8-2014 of payment passed. WHY?????????? Pl check your bill delivery system Thanks . Naseer Ahmad, Gujranwala

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