PTA Makes it Harder for You to Register Complaints Against PTCL

Pakistan Telecommunication Limited or also known as PTCL is notorious for its after sale support services.

Without any doubt, there would be customers not happy with PTCL services, be it the broadband or any other service offered by PTCL. Such customers would naturally want to register complaints against PTCL at PTA’s website where the authority offers the telecom consumers to register their complaints online.

But you would be surprised to know that PTCL isn’t even listed as an ISP in the said complaint form available at PTA’s website for online complain registration, leaving no chance for consumers to register complaints against PTCL.

We have taken a screen shot for you – but you can visit PTA’s website to check this your self:


Initially we thought this could be a human error and PTCL was probably left out by mistake but interestingly you won’t be able to find PTCL even for Wireless Local Loop (WLL) category, creating an impression that PTCL was intentionally taken of the list.

Check following screen shot or visit PTA’s website to verify this yourself.


Is this a deliberate attempt by someone to keep PTCL away from complaints?

Just to mention, PTA maintains and publishes the number of complaints (in its quarterly and annual reports) that it receives against all operators. Probably, this trick will make PTCL look lot better in PTA’s quarterly and annual reports.

Thanks Abdullah Shakoor for the tip


It appears that PTA has added PTCL in the list now.

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