Ministry Asked to Speed Up 3G Auction Process, IM to Get Revised

3GAccording to recommendations of the sub-committee, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology (IT) has directed the IT Ministry to speed up the process to auction 3G licenses by hiring international consultant.

For which, ProPakistani has learned, a meeting of the Auction Supervisory Committee (ASC) is scheduled today to finalize modalities for hiring international consultant to award 3G licenses.

Standing committee unanimously approved the recommendations of the sub-committee primarily aimed at ensuring transparency in the process of 3G license bidding. The committee directed the ministry to expedite the auction process in the light of recommendations submitted by the sub-committee and approved by the main committee.

The international consultant, once appointed, would determine and review the auction process from scratch.

PTA was further directed to follow the best international practices in awarding 3-G contracts and with the objective of maximizing revenue, efficiency and competitiveness in the best national interest.

The PTA must observe the performance and financial viability of existing mobile phone companies before considering them to qualify for the bidding process. The Ministry of IT was recommended to ensure that infrastructure sharing is mandatory for the license holders to avoid environment pollution and encourage economies of scale.

The PTA was suggested to avoid awarding more than one block to one operator as this would be anti-competitive. Alternatively, PTA must impose the condition to launch 4-G technology on two blocks brought by any one operator.

The PTA should make criteria for appointment of international consultant transparent as well as complete the hiring process at the earliest so that the auction process of 3G could be completed without further delay.

  • Salman Abbas

    Good. Inshallah India mein 5G anee se pehley Pakistan me hamarey paas 3G HOGAAA!!

    • FARHAN

      Inshallah g…Bilkul Sahi kaha Salman Bhai…

    • Hu Mobile

      Insha Alllah :)

    • Adnan

      lol.. india mein 3G kaab kaa aachuka hai.

  • raisnawaz

    2 saal se yehi sun raha hun k 3G anay wala hai, bus aya, bus aa he gaya.. :-(

    • Hu Mobile

      Same Bahii Hum bre App ki Tarha Yehii Sun Rae Haii Bakii Alllah Kharr Karree :))

  • Majid

    December 2012 ko Pakistan say mobile network ka he khatma ho jaye ga. Raja Rental.

  • I hope, this process will be finalized till December 2012 and then we’ll be on 3G…!

  • Waqar

    Mujai ass liyai PM sai nikala gaya Q kai mai nai 3g kai liyai awaz utaa.Gillani

  • Radium Computers

    Aisa sirf isi country main, balky ye kehna durust hoga k mojoda Jamhori hakoomat main, public ko basi khana achy wraper main lapait kr taza (fresh) khany ki kimat wasool krny ki wonderful koshish ki ja rhi hai. Any way, “Jahan se Ankh khooli, Wahi se Sawera”

  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    Lets hope that the operators ca get their 3G license as soon as possible.

  • sarmad salim

    30 December 2012 se pakistan me 3G start ho jaye ga: raja 3G

  • Faizan

    hahaha, paksitan will never get 3G :)

  • Faizan

    hahaha, pakistan will never get 3G :)

  • Asif Ali Zardari

    My Son Says not providing 3G is the best revenge.

  • Shahzad sumail

    Pata nai kb ayay gi 3g.kuch arsay bad election ka rona shuru ho jay ga aur 3g phir darmian main latki rahay gi

    • Hu Mobile

      Sahii Kaha App nee Bahii

  • Ali Imran Khan

    Dont hope about 3G in Pakistan, It never gonna come here, from long than one year , i’m listening 3G will come 3G will Come, World Will Get 100G But pakistan will never Get This bullshit 3G…

  • Hassan00107

    it will be my best day when I will find 3G sign on my mobile notification area …let’s hope

  • kamran khan mohmand

    Raja 3g, 3g is the best revenge hahaha

  • Jawwad Malik

    What a joke!

    Didn’t I say (and even bet on it) already in my numerous previous postings that this 3G thing will not happen in 2012 as it was promised earlier? An illusion!

    I bet again: 3G licenses will NOT be auctioned/released in 2012.

  • Let’s see what happened

  • Hu Mobile

    Raja 3G Lolllz :P

  • irfan

    tum log kashmir mein aoo tu pata chale pehle foji lutte rehe hain aur ab ptcl wale lut rehae hain speed 3 mb aur web site ghanta laga ke kholti hai aur name dekho evo 3g

    • Hu Mobile

      Hahahahah Bahii App PTCL Ko Chorroo Koi Orr Company Usee Karroo na :)

  • even afganistan has 3g..

  • umar satti

    even Afghanistan has 3g :(
    when will 3g come to pk

  • ali

    haha.kashmir may sco dsl or ptcl evo and skytel k elawa koi option wateen.or any other service provider.3G is only drama.


  • A source of jokes

    Bs daikhtay jao aur suntay jao, 3G nai ana ka jb tak zardari honay ka

  • Adil

    3g will be comming soon as some of the operators have already started to migrate there network to IP based equipment.

    • A source of jokes

      How do you know that, source

      • Adil

        I am part of that team :)

  • pyari

    Heaven above, this 3G thing. We are living without it and would be always. Nobody has died for it nor anyone will be. The only good thing about the arrivaling news for 3G is that the companies who were not willing to give packages less than a hundred are now offering merrily the daily bundles just for 5 to 10 Rupees :’)

  • Baaghi

    Ye Govt Consultant Hire Kr Rhi Hy K Nuclear Power Plant Laga Rahi Hy?????????????