Huawei Meets Bloggers – Finally!

Yesterday evening Huawei finally met the bloggers community of Lahore, which I believe, they should have done long before the official launch of Huawei smartphones in Pakistan.

I haven’t attended the Launch event held last month, but I have heard of negative reviews about it. But yesterday’s event was indeed very good one. Bramerz was responsible for sending invitations but apparently they didn’t send out enough emails, as there were only 15 bloggers present at the event. I my self got the word from a friend.

The event was supposed to start at 6:00pm sharp but, as always, it started a little late. Salman Muazzam from Huawei Marketing, kicked off the event by getting the introduction from all the participants.

He showed a little presentation about Huawei’s success story in the Android smartphone manufacturing. After the Iftaar/Namaz break, we finally met with the Smart 5, Huawei’s 5 smartphones recently launched in Pakistan, Y200, Vision, G300, Honor & Ascend P1.

The presentation revealed the specifications about the these smartphones as well as their prices and how they compete with other smartphones with the similar price tags.

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Bruce Fanhong, from Huawei answered questions raised about the User Interface (which is very close to stock UI with no major customization) and the battery performance of these smartphones. He revealed that starting next month company is going to introudce the “Emotional UI” and all the phones will get the OTA update. Bruce also revealed that in September Huawei will come up with new models.

Muzzaffar Hayat, Managing Director Airlink Communication (Distributor Company) asked the Bloggers to give their feedback about the devices, he asked to create Brand awareness among our valued readers.

Most of Bloggers appreciated the phones, I my self admit that built quality and specs of these phones are good, and they don’t stand anywhere near to Q Mobile or the “China Phones” Category rather they can aggressively compete Samsung or HTC. But they need to work on the UI and introduce some latest Quad Core phones in Market as well as affordable low end phones like Y200 to grab more share in the market.

We will be reviewing these smartphones in the coming days for you guys so keep visiting.


  • munaeem

    how many of these bloggers product reviews?

  • Fazal Ashfaq

    Great initiative by Huawei!

  • Bilal

    Why are you covering an event with only 15 bloggers? Does not seem newsworthy to me…

    • As I told earlier Bramerz is responsible for not inviting all of ’em. But if Bloggers from ProPakistani, TelecomPK & More Magazine were there, that’s newsworthy. :)

    • Salman Abbas

      How many popular Pakistani targeted blogs are there anyway?

      • There are only 7-8 Pakistani Blogs related to Telecom and IT, that produce original stuff, others just copy/paste.

        • munaeem

          These sites only publish press releases. They do not compare products or services.

  • Junaid

    Agreed with Bilal . Huawei organized an event to create brand awareness and improve marketing via social media with only 15 bloggers doesnt look like a successful event to me

    • sfsadf

      Don’t be such pakistanis. 15 bloggers isn’t huge, but its a start. stop complaining about everything, you muslims. Huawei is new to this, and Pakistan doesn’t really get any attention from anyone, so this is a positive thing. Hopefully in the future, they will invest more here.

      • Tipu

        You dumbo what does that have to do with muslims ??
        For a company of Huawei’s magnitude 15 bloggers is pathetic.

        • sfsadf

          You are ungrateful muslims. 5 years ago, most people were using Changa Panga cards on 56k dialup. You contribute nothing but you want perfection. What do you do yourselves?

          • “sfsadf” Same question as Tipu, what does it have to do anything with religion or Pakistan? Everyone has his/her own opinion, so don’t be a troll.
            BTW in Huawei Pakistan most of people working are Muslim & Pakistani.

      • Agreed.. We should have such events in Pakistan.. We ll grow one day and will have huge confrences like that..

  • My question to aamir ,now u r biased ,u should be neutral as a blogger .many of your posts are PTI biased now a microsft official is joined PML-N and u didn’t publish that ,suppose that if he has joined pti then therer will be a full length post about pti and its blah b;lahh ,feeling pity on youu ,propakistani is now totally ****** ….i know my comment will npt be published ,ty

    • I think propakistani is professional blog which is handled also by professionals so i dont think so you are thinkin right.

      As a professional they are posting what is necessary but as a man its his choice to have soft corner for anyone. Hope you understand

  • A Source Of Jokes

    Its indeed a nice step from huwai even though they were late but at least they did.

  • Saqib Ameen

    Nice Post @Zohair Future Seems To Be Bright !

    • Yup! but i guess its time they introduce D1, because Ascend P1 is no match for SGS III or One X.

  • yar zohair kasmay buhat kameny ho :(

  • cute video club

    i hope we should be the part of Pakistani blogger if you peoples likes our club/site !!!

  • Seems bloggers are getting more focus on product launches. A nice initiative.
    Time may not be far away when bloggers will be invited to pakistan film premiers (if any) to promote films ?

  • Mirza Ahmed Ali

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