Dell to Equip 26 e-Libraries in Universities Across Punjab

Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, addressing on the launch of DELL e libraries in Government Post Graduate Girls College Samanabad, Mr.Ng Tian Beng, vice president and managing director Dell South Asia and Korea, Mr. Harjeet Rekhi Singh, Dell’s General Manager the South Asia Developing Markets Group, and Mr. Shahzad Aslam Khan, country Manager Dell Pakistan also seen in the picture.Dell has announced its collaboration with the Government of Punjab by providing IT hardware and solutions to equip 26 e-libraries and digital labs in tertiary institutions earmarked across the state.

The first three e-libraries were launched yesterday in Lahore, officiated by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Shareef. Dell was represented by Ng Tian Beng, vice president and managing director for Dell South Asia and Korea; Harjeet Rekhi Singh, Dell’s general manager for the South Asia Developing Markets Group, and Shahzad Aslam Khan, country manager for Dell Pakistan.

Commenting on Dell’s collaboration in this project, Ng Tian Beng said “Dell is pleased to be able to support the Punjab government’s initiative in advancing digital learning in institutions of higher learning. IT literacy among youths is the foundation for a progressive and knowledgeable society.”

Shahzad Khan added “The Government of Punjab has been proactive in deploying IT projects and infrastructure to help the nation embrace IT and improve the country’s competitiveness. Dell is committed to partnering with the government in making technology more accessible to the masses.

Following the government’s laptop distribution to deserving students earlier this year, the Punjab government has also been readying its IT infrastructure and resources to promote IT throughout the province, including rural and underserved communities.

The e-libraries extend the government’s effort to deliver the benefits of IT to the next-generation of workforce.

  • You dumbos you need to spend on training better teachers rather than building e-libraries that very very few people can read or have interest in accessing. The only benefit of this is enriching Dell Inc.

    I cannot wait for PTI to sweep Punjab Inshallah one day.

  • Last days before Ramadan Harjeet Rekhi Singh attend University of Central Punjab.
    i hope he was here to build library..?

  • Its good step but there should be some planing for education system. First primary education and high school system should also be focused more … so that new generation from lower class could come up with good stander.
    Any how some thing is better then nothing.

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