Pakistan is a land of Opportunities: VP Nokia

Shiv-Kumar,-VP-Nokia-IMEASenior Vice President, All India Management Association & VP Nokia IMEA (India, Middle East & Africa), expressed during his recent visit to Pakistan:

“Pakistan is a land of opportunities and the credit for this goes to the huge youth population and the rich pool of talent available in the country”, these sentiments were expressed by D. Shiva Kumar, Senior Vice President, All India Management Association & VP Nokia IMEA, during his recent visit to Pakistan.

He was one of the key speakers from India at the two day management conference between the two countries in Lahore.

During his presentation, he expressed the need to understand the potential in the emerging markets especially Pakistan where there is unique talent pool, high potential, right time to benefit from opportunities.

In his views, this is a once in a life time opportunity and the time is ripe for both Pakistan and India to come together and work in the fields of Technology, Business Management, Brand Building and Education to make South Asia  even more visible to the rest of the world.

When asked about the business of Nokia in Pakistan, he said, “Nokia is one of the most loved Brands in Pakistan and we always feel great to see the business progress in Pakistan. For us at Nokia, Pakistan is a high potential market with opportunities for growth in the mobile sector. With the huge youth population, we see a fast adoption to mobile services and penetration.”

  • Youngster

    When i read the title i just could not stop my laughter

    • Maturity comes with age

      why were you laughing?

      • Muhammad Anas Zafar

        Yes, It really makes you laugh unless you are purely optimistic about your country, if not you ‘ll think while reading the title “opportunities of what” Corruption? Ransom? Target Killing? Money Laundering? Robbery, theft, and snatching?

  • zainab

    this is great if our rivals are even saying that we got opportunities here…that means they have seen what may be we are not able to see and that is why we always degrade our country.

  • Professional

    tu ab hum kya khush ho jaien?

  • Iska matlab hai yahan log abhi Nokia say aagay nae barhay,,,,

  • Pakistan is a land of opportunities according to VP Nokia but no Lumia 920/820 for Pakistan :O Good good….!

    • BTW I just bought Xperia S so even if over priced Lumias does not get launched in Pakistan it is still fine. :P

  • ali

    FU*k your mouth

  • Look who’s saying ? VP NOKIA :)

  • Mi Muba

    I appreciate your opinion about Pakistan but we have to correct our stance about it on the basis of ground realities. Now Pakistan remains a land of opportunities for the opportunists where merits are allowed to pine in obscurity.

  • Nokia=India , Nokia is indian B company . just have a look at nokia maps

  • Ryan

    Dear VP cum ________ _______ _______.. nokia will be dead ______ in 2years. better start job searching.. _______

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