iPhone 5 Reaches Pakistan But Nano SIMs Are Yet to Surface!

We have been told that iPhone 5 has reached Pakistan with really limited stock in open market while retailers (and online shopping stores) are still waiting for iPhone 5 devices to be available by early next month or in second week of October at most.

iPhone 5, at this point of time, is being sold in open market at Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 97,000 as an exclusive offer for those early adopters who want to outshine in their circles. These iPhone 5 devices are believed to be shipped by individuals coming from USA to Pakistan.

Online retailers and phone stores are expecting to sell iPhone 5 devices around Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 90,000 when smartphone will be available at mobile markets in less than 2 weeks from now.

While on the other hands, Nano SIMs – compatible with iPhone 5 – are still not available with any telco. Mobilink had claimed the availability of Nano SIMs, however, we are getting reports that stock is yet to arrive at service centers.

A Facebook update by Mobilink reads:

For all the potential iPhone 5 holders, Mobilink is introducing the new nano-SIM SOON!

Mobilink customers will soon be able to simply walk into a customer care center and get their standard SIM replaced with the new nano-SIM.

Those who are inquiring for Nano SIMs from Mobilink are entertained with altered version of Micro SIMs, i.e. by cutting, grinding and curving the Micro SIM with nail filer.

We are yet to get hold of pricing details of Nano SIMs.

We are expecting other operators to launch Nano SIMs too, so let’s see who will be quickest to bring Nano SIMs in Pakistan in real.

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