YouTube May Be Opened Soon: Chairman PTA

breaking-youtube-blocked-in-pakistanFarooq Ahmed Awan, Chairman PTA, yesterday hinted that YouTube might be opened in Pakistan, in next couple of weeks. He was speaking with a private news channel.

YouTube was banned in Pakistan on September 17th, 2012 when anti-Islam film upload on YouTube had sparked protests across the Muslim world.

Mr. Awan said that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is in touch with Google, the controlling company of YouTube, for removal of blasphemous videos for viewing in Pakistan. However, no positive response has been received from the company so far.

Government’s eralier requests for removal of blasphemous videos for viewing in Pakistan were turned down by Google.

It maybe recalled that YouTube has blocked the access of blasphemous videos in various countries, including India, Indonesia, Egypt, Tunisia, Singapore and others.

Earlier, Rehman Malik had also stated that YouTube will be unblocked in Pakistan after the removal of blasphemous videos.