Mobile Service to Remain Suspended for Two Days for Over 70% Pakistanis [Updated with List]

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

mobile phone suspensionOn directions of Interior Ministry, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has just issued a directive to all cellular companies for closure of cellular and wireless services in as many as 49 cities across Pakistan, in addition to suspension of cellular services in whole of Baluchistan province.

Directive, a copy of which is available with ProPakistani, details that cellular and wireless services will remain suspended on 9th and 10th of Muharram, i.e. 24th and 25th of November 2012 from 6 AM to 12AM (mid-night).

Directive says that closure of services are aimed at helping the Law Enforcement Agencies to avoid any terrorism incident in Muharram.

Industry experts said that cellular services are likely to remain blocked for as much as 70 percent of GSM covered areas, since all the cities listed in the directive are highly populated urban areas where cellular usage is the most.

It maybe recalled that Sindh High Court is hearing a petition, filed by Telenor Pakistan, against this kind of suspension of cellular services.

List of Cities for Service Suspension

Here is the list of cities where cellular and wireless services will remain suspended:

  • Punjab:
    • Lahore,
    • Sargohda,
    • Attock,
    • Rawalpindi,
    • Jhang,
    • Faisalabad,
    • Multan,
    • Rahim Yar Khan,
    • Gujranwala,
    • Nankana Sahib,
    • Bhakkar,
    • D.G. Khan,
    • Muzaffargarh
    • Pakpattan.
  • Sindh
    • Karachi,
    • Hyderabad,
    • Khairpur,
    • Sukkur.
    • Saiwan Sharif,
    • Larkana.
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    • Kohat Region (Kohat City, Ustarzai area, Hangu),
    • Bannu Region (Bannu, Lakki),
    • D.I. Khan Region (D.I. Khan, Tank)
    • Hazara Region (Mansehra, Haripur)
  • Balochistan
    • Suspension of Mobile services in the whole province.
  • Azad Jammu & Kashmir
    • Muzaffarabad,
    • Neelum,
    • Rawalakot (Poonch),
    • Kotli,
    • Mirpur,
    • Bhimber,
    • Bagh.
  • Gilgit-Baltistan
    • Gilgit
  • FATA
    • Kurram Agency (Parachinar),
    • Miranshah (PTCL also should remain closed.)
  • Islamabad 
    • G-6 Sector

Time of Closure of Cellular Services:

  • All Other Places Except Islamabad
    • 9th Muharram (24 November, 2012) 0600 hours to midnight (0000 hours).
    • 10th Muharram (25 November, 2012) 0600 hours to midnight (0000 hours)
  • Islamabad
    • 1500 hours to 2000 hours on 24 November 2012 (9th Muharram)

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Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

    • agree cutting of facilities is not fucking solution its only disturbing us mostly the poor people if incident happens in someone house how he gonna contact ambulence or fire department i must notify you that they mostly using wireless phone and mobiles

    • no if you tense die for sometime wake up when its over thats what he is bullshitting talking about sheetan son of whore malik

  • yri think rehman malik sb guiness world record me new record bna raha hai a country with most.frequent suspensions of mob service

  • Upcoming News : Shaitan Malik ko bhatta na denay par Pakistan may Cellular Companies ko band kar diya Gaya… :D

  • I have a better solution for Govt. Ban cell phones forever in Pakistan. Na rahay ga baans, na bajay gi baansri ..

  • 4 cities of KPK, and all Balochistan province! O:) REHMAN BABA, WHy don’t u ask the companies to stop operating in Balochistan???? Mobile networks r 80% blocked by government in a month in Khusdar, Turbat, Gwader & Panjgur, …. Just stop the companies from operating, ppl will stop carrying signal less mobiles and the companies will shift their equipments somewhere else where they can earn a bit of revenue!

  • in 2013 Get Ready For Suspension of Broadband Internet Services :) … coz terrorists are now communicating through internet channel BC Rehman Malik

  • Seriously guys WTF? Its like banning food so all Terrorists die of hunger and starvation. I have suffered a lot due to these bans. May be WE the users should do something to stop these Intolerably catastrophic banns.

    • everyone is dead nobody gonna do anything to do something we need unity which is not in us in this country very few nation lover remained so dude we fucked because we love pakistan and want to see it developed so we are wrong and who raping motherland are running this country

  • Wtf! What do u want rehman malik from us. Its not the solution.telcos should take action against rehman malik.consumers should stand with them. Othetwise next step vl b privacy guys in the name for security concerns by the rehman Malik

  • Suppose the ban is a correct move, then he has given relief to Islamabad by closing only for 5 hours on Saturday only! Double standards seen clearly.

  • What is use of all intelligence resources for tracking via mobile signals?
    By closing, they are clearly announcing that either their tracking abilities are not sufficient or they totally do not have this facility at all…

  • This governmnet is nothing but a bunch of stupid, non-sense, mindless and heartless people such as Sheetan Malik :P :P

    • I fully agree with each word of this comment above by Rehman. Days for PPP to go and new better leadership required. They have ruined this country and still are in business to more damage to Pakistan and its citizens

  • brothers and sisters plz be patient. 2 din ki toh baat hy , guzara karlo apnay gf awr bf k baghair

  • I would like to request Mr. Malik to close all type of business activity in Pakistan, no body will be allowed to come out of their homes then there will be no danger of life execpt earthquack and drone attacks. Only US army is allowed to kill the people of Pakistan. JEEAAY REHMAN MALIK

  • 1. Rehman Malik aik mujrim jisko Adalat ne 3
    saal ki saza di aur “Zardari” ne iski saza khatam ki.

    2. Rehman Malik k baary men iss k apny party k
    saathi Zulfikaar Mirza ne TV pe saari duniya se kaha k “Rehman Malik paidaaishi
    jhoota hy, agar ye seb khaa raha ho to jhoot bolny ke aadat se majboor ho k
    kahy ga k men kela khaa raha hon.”

    3. Rehman Malik k baary men Supreme Court ka
    fesla hy k ye “Jhoota, dhoky-baaz, amanat men khayant karny wala shakhs hy.

    4. ” Supreme Court ne Rehman Malik k baary men
    jo likha hy wo khud he parh len: “As regards the case of Senator A. Rehman Malik, it may be
    noted that at the time of filing of nomination papers for election to the
    Senate held in the year 2008, he had made a false declaration to the
    effect that he was not subject to any of the disqualifications specified in
    Article 63 of the Constitution or any other law for the time being in force for
    being elected as a member of the Parliament/Provincial Assembly, therefore,
    reference will be required to be made to the Chairman Senate under Article
    63(2) in view of the provision of section 99(1)(f) of the Act of 1976, which
    lays down that a person shall not be qualified from being elected or chosen as
    a member of an Assembly unless he is sagacious, righteous and non-profligate
    and honest and ameen. Mr. A. Rahman Malik, in view of the false declaration
    filed by him at the time of contesting the election to the Senate held in the
    year 2008, wherein he was elected, cannot be considered sagacious, righteous,
    honest and ameen within the contemplation of section 99(1)(f) of the Act of
    1976. Therefore, for such purposes Article 63(p) is to be adhered to because
    the disqualification incurred by him is envisaged under the law, referred to
    hereinabove in view of his own statement that he had renounced his citizenship
    of UK whereas the fact remains that such renunciation along with declaration
    can only be seen as having been made on 29.05.2012.”

    5. Rehman Malik ko jin 2 cases men 3 saal ki saza hoi inki tafseel khud parh len: “Rehman Malik was accused of receiving two cars worth Rs17,98,000 from Saleem Godial of
    the Toyota Central Motors, Karachi, as illegal gratification on account of
    purchasing official vehicles by the FIA worth millions of rupees from Toyota
    Motors. The second case against Malik was registered by the FIA on the
    complaint of Hashim Raza, a resident of Lahore. Raza alleged that Malik, along
    with assistant director FIA Islamabad Muhammad Sajjad Haider, raided his house
    in August 1994 and looted jewellery weighing 20 tolas and Rs7,00,000 in cash.
    The complainant further alleged that the two officials snatched $20,000 from
    Raza’s brother. The Accountability Court had sentenced Rehman Malik to a
    three-year imprisonment in each of these two NAB cases. The Lahore High Court
    also upheld the sentence announced to Rehman Malik. As a convicted Criminal
    Rehman Malik should have gone to jail for 3 years but Zardari saved him.

  • I think mobile services should be banned forever. Remember when there are no mobiles people use to live peacefully and are more responsible citizens firstly using mobiles are the waste of money we are giving our economy to foreign country and becoming poor we should use letter service or ptcl landline to communicate with each other. These mobile services are nothing more but waste of money.

  • Why this one ignorant/illetrate called Rehman Malik is controlling the 170 milion peoples’ access to basic needs of 21st century which is communication,

    Plus putting bans on bikes makes lives worse.

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