Dunya TV Show on New SIM Rules [Video]

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Dunya_TVMuhammad Malick of Dunya TV recently did a talk show on new measures taken by government of Pakistan to curb terrorism in the country.

These measures include the blanket ban on sale of SIMs on retail stores, ban on sale of SIMs in KPK, ban on MNP and others.

Malick had guests from PTA and telecom industry to talk about the concerns of regulator, industry, consumer and the government. Guests included:

  • Muhammad Farooq Awan, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
  • Arshad Khan, Former CEO of Ufone
  • Zafar Usmani, Former COO, Zong
  • Aamir Ibrahim, VP, Telenor

ProPakistani will bring analysis on the show, however, during the while we are presenting the video of the show here for our readers – with thanks to Dunya TV for doing this much-needed TV show for the industry.

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  • lets c what come up next
    hopefully retail network wont be closed in short time of notice
    i m retailer now and in past i work in one of service provider for 8 year when 789 start i was there when pre sale sms system start i was there and i think so one more move like some kind of change in activation way going to take place soon but not just close of sale network

    • i have also been a part of Telenor and know the importance of such things…
      there should be the change in activation.. not the sales network… it is established after a lot of hard work and should not be destroyed at once…

      • one new move is total 5 sim per CNIC eithere all from one network or one from each total 5

        • Zameh

          Yes, it’s true but very pathic. Atleast 10 SIMS per network should be allowed.

          • Muslim

            Karna Kya hay itni sims ka? Why not 5 enough?

  • irshad ahmed

    zabardast show ka Dunya TV ni mein Salam karta hoon jis ni ic issue par show kia i like it…

  • Aamir Pervaiz

    admin bhai bare fast nai post karty aap ne abhi to program ko air howe kuch hi days howe hai lols

  • Irfra Jamaal

    Very good program and comment by Malick that Rehman Malik said that most of the people … are killed by their wife’s and girlfriends ….hahhaha

  • Sims not sale on roads, and footpaths.in entire world .. like Pakistan .. it’s very good decision

    • Zameh

      It is not good but sale on roads, lorry stations should be banned

      • Adnan

        Be clear before u declare, here in England Sims are being sold roughly on roads and stalls even in Pakistan there’s 789 to activate sim, but here, nothing…..

        • yep i know many counters where sim sold on roads and not required any activation

  • Rabia Khan

    apart from great arguments of Arshad Khan, at 16 min and 51 second Aamir Ibrahim points out the dirty game involved. HE says, “jin ka faida karwana chah rahe hain unka bhi nahi nahi hoga.” O_o

    • Zameh

      He means Mobilink????

  • Usman

    good step…prepaid sim should be totally banned from pakistan. Only postpaid billing sim should be allowed.

    • Muhammad Anas Zafar

      I didn’t find a single word in article nor in the video discussing postpaid and prepaid!!! then what the rubbish are you talking about?????

    • Saleem

      Prepaid or Postpaid..it does not matter. The point that matter is GOVERNMENT HAS NO SENSE TO RUN GOVERNMENT. Every country has prepaid and postpaid SIM but hardly bomb attach happens… Your lovely government blocked whole country service (except government officials own numbers) but still attackers blasted and killed many.

      On other hand, you, majority of Pakistanis are against US but can not dare to kill a single dog of USA. Reason is one and only….They are smart people and they know how to come out of home and crush heads of those who are even thinking to harm US or US citizen. This is called a country who cares its Citizen. Pak Govt cant control terrorists but one way or another simply screws sincere citizens, living in country or abroad.

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    Salute to Dunya TV and for presenting this much needed talkshow!!! other channels should also show concern on the issue

  • yar ye ab kya nai chawli mar rhe hain, per CNIC 5 sim, jis k pass 5 easyload wali sims hain wo baqi sims kis nic pe krway?