Ufone Strikes Djuice in TV and Radio ADs

Recently aired djuice TVC – for unlimited calls to 15 FnF numbers except 6PM to 10PM – was today confronted by pinching and taunting TV and Radio adverts from Ufone.

Djuice offer, which it claims to be specifically tailored for youth, allows unlimited calling to 15 friend and family numbers during off-peak hours (exclusion window: 6PM to 10PM) for a daily charge of Rs. 8 plus tax. On other hands, Ufone – with its Uth package for Youth – allows 0.75/hour calls to all Ufone numbers – round the clock at a daily subscription charges of Rs. 3 plus tax.

Ufone mocks Telenor for not allowing calls during the peak hours, by saying that Juice shop will remain closed from 6PM to 10PM.

Ufone also hit the fact that djuice offer allows calls to only 15 FnF numbers, while with Uth offer customers can call any Ufone number.

With this daring act of Ufone, it appears that the TVC war is on again but we will have to see if djuice will be able to respond to such aggressive ads by Ufone or it will contend by remaining slient.

Ufone TV AD:

Ufone Radio AD:

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