Tranchulas Brings Competition for Hackers in Pakistan

promo bannerTranchulas has announced ‘Capture the flag’, a competition to hunt for Pakistan’s top hacker at Cyber Secure Pakistan 2013 to reward them with exciting prizes including Nexus 7 and a chance to work at Tranchulas.

On the upcoming event of Cyber Secure Pakistan 2013 at the Marriott Hotel Islamabad (20th April, 2013), this competition is for all the hackers out there to show their expertise and to win prizes.

There are no prerequisites for this competition and the registrations are totally free!

Participants will be given a scenario with VPN (Virtual Private Network) access and they will have to exploit that scenario on the spot in a given time frame of 6 hours (One working day). The first one to exploit all machines will get the prize.

Such ‘Hacker Capture the Flag competitions’ are arranged all over the world at premium hacking and security conferences.

This is wonderful opportunity for all the hacking minds who should capture this chance of ‘Capture the flag’ & to become Pakistan’s Top hacker. For registrations/inquires email: [email protected]

  • asif

    really, is it a competition or an easy way to trap a mouse??

    • sfy

      Of course trap a mouse or mice if I may say. Attending such a competition would mean that they will be spotted by agency personnel and come under intense surveillance. Nice try Tranchula!


    Hackers are advised to Hack such pages from facebook which are against Islam.