Huawei Ascend Y300: Review, Unboxing and Hands-on

Huawei, this year at CES, introduced various new Android devices as well as a Windows Phone smartphone. We are excited to tell you that most of them will be launching here in Pakistan, including the gigantic Ascend Mate.


The first device made available in Pakistan is a low end android smartphone Ascend Y300 (Single SIM version) and here we are with brief review of this device:

Hardware Specifications:

  • 4″ Capacitive TFT Touch Screen
  • Qualcomm MSM8x25 Snapdragon 1 GHz dual core processor
  • 512MB Ram and Adreno 203 GPU
  • 5 MP camera with auto-focus and 0.3 MP secondary camera
  • 4 GB internal storage, up to 32 GB microSD card support


All the devices introduced by Huawei this year come with the same generic smartphone design. Y300 is no different. It has slightly rounded corners, a plastic body with a rubbery feel and a circle around the primary camera.

The phone dimensions are 124 x 63.8 x 11.2 mm. Huawei Ascen Y300 weighs around 130 grams and the rubber material allows you a comfortable hold.


Huawei Ascen Y300 is equipped with a 4 inch 16M colors TFT capacitive touchscreen, having a resolution of 480×800 pixels. The screen is vivid and highly responsive but it is prone to smudges & scratches, so using a screen protector is recommended.

Above the screen there is Battery indicator, ear speakers, light sensors and 0.3 MP front facing camera. Below the screen we have three touch sensitive keys; back, home and menu.


On the top left there is the power/lock key, which is a quite an odd place for that. On the top center we have a 3.5mm headphone jack. On the right side we have the volume rocker, which is again quite odd because mostly and usually the volume rocker is placed on the left, which in Ascend Y300’s case has the microUSB port.

The microphone is located on the bottom.



The backside of this phone has a 5MP Camera with LED flash light and an arc shape speaker just outside the Camera circle. On the bottom we have the Huawei logo embedded in the rubber material. Under the cover there are slots for Mini SIM, Battery and microSD card.


I had accidentally dropped this phone while taking it out of my pocket and surprisingly it didn’t take a single scratch, thanks to the rubberized plastic. Also the back cover won’t take any scratches so there is no need to add a protective case.

Overall I am very satisfied with the build quality of this phone.


Operating System and UI:

The phone comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 out of box and on top of it runs a newer version of Emotion UI, Huawei’s Proprietary User Interface which was first seen on Ascend P1 in Pakistan. This UI provides an easy functionality for the new Android users.

In Emotion UI there is no app drawer, and everything is on your homescreen, you can arrange and re-arrange the apps by putting them in folders.

You can still add the widgets by pressing and holding the screen. Huawei has also included some of its own widgets, like the “Me widget” which is a collection of different widgets where you can put your contacts, clock, music, weather and gallery widgets.


Emotion UI comes with different themes plus you can also download new ones. The notification area is also customized and there are many toggle buttons included for quick actions like turning on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Screenshot.

This UI also has a profile app, which allows you to select or create profiles with different sound, brightness and data settings.

By default there is no stock launcher present and the Emotion UI is your only choice, but you can use any other launcher like Nova or Apex if you don’t like the UI, still you can’t get rid of some of the features of Emotional UI because it’s integration with the OS.

Keeping in view the Huawei’s tradition of releasing OS updates, there are very few chances that this device can get a Jelly Bean 4.2 upgrade in near future.



The phone is powered with a Dual Core 1GHz processor,  512MB of RAM and Adreno 203 GPU. Most of the devices running Jelly Bean these days have at least 1GB of RAM, but surprisingly the device works very smooth without any visible lag.

Games like Temple Run 2, Battle Monkeys 3D Multiplayer run fine on this phone. Since Huawei Ascend Y300 is a low end phone and hence you can’t compare it with phones having Quad core CPUs with whopping 2GB Ram and better GPU.

The browsing is also very smooth and fluid. Have a look some of the benchmark results:


Camera and Video:

Ascend Y300 has a 5MP auto focus camera with a single LED flash light. The sample unit we got has a yellow LED that causes strong yellow tones in the close up images, but the overall experience is satisfactory.

The images turn out bright and vivid. Sadly there is no physical button for Camera, so you have to be extra careful while taking pictures. The Camera app is very basic and there are not much settings to play with. Yes, you can’t mute the camera sound.

The secondary camera can be used for video calling, which is quite sluggish.


The Camera only offers a VGA resolution for recording videos contrary to most of the phones available in market that offer at least offer a 720p video recording.

Other than that there are even less settings for video. You can turn on the LED light to record videos in the dark. There is also a standalone Torch app which uses the LED.

Here are few sample images taken by Huawei Ascend Y300 — not to mention, you can click on images to enlarge.

IMG_20130404_081255 IMG_20130404_081032 IMG_20130404_080749


The phone packs a 1730mAh battery, which lasts for 1.5 days for an average user, but for users who love to browse over Wi-Fi, play games and multimedia, it shrinks to a single day or less – but it’s quite normal. The Battery saving mode allows you to extend the life, by disabling Wi-Fi and turning off animations.


Price & Availability:

This phone is available all over Pakistan, for a price of Rs. 13,000/- with one year warranty of Airlink Communication. Currently the phone is available only in Black color but from next week the white version will also hit the stores.

Final Words:

Ascend Y300 is the best option in this price range. It has a durable design and delivers a satisfactory performance. Sharp screen and Android Jelly Bean operating system makes the deal even more attractive.

Unlike the “Rebranded” cheap smartphones, Huawei is an International brand and was one of the top 3 vendors of smartphones in Q4 2012.

Huawei is trying its best to grab the market share from companies like QMobile, HTC and even Samsung by introducing low end smartphones as well as affordable feature phones. They just need to focus on attractive advertisement campaigns, also as we mentioned earlier that adding Urdu language support, localized apps and variants of these phones with dual SIM option will attract even more customers.


Have a look at the unboxing and hands-on video:

  • disqusting

    Dude thanx a ton for the Review. Is it available in White color in Pakistani Market???

    • Huawei spokesperson told that it will be available in white color within a couple of days.

      • Danish

        how can we contact huawei person? are they Airlink Person?
        when will they introduce Dual sim version?

        • Yes you can contact with Airlink Communication, as they are the distributors of Huawei phones in Pakistan. Currently they have no plans to introduce Dual SIM version.

          • Danish

            they should have launched it with dual sim option

          • Danish

            AirLink Communication is selling Y-300 for 12,500 on OLX. are they authorized distributor of Huawei In Pakistan? what about service centers in Karachi?

            • Boyesa

              Its available in sadar for 11800rs or if you can negotiate more then you can get it for less then this

              • Danish

                have u bought one? if yes, for how much?

                • Boyesa

                  I have visited sadar two days ago friend want to buy a phone I try my best to convince him for y300 but he end up buying y300

                  • Danish

                    from where came “but”?? if you convinced him and he bought then there is no but ;)

                    • Boyesa

                      He little skiptial about buying huawei phone as he never heard of this name before i think he never used PTCL DSL other wise he was very much familiar about what huawei is hahaha.. Any way i have told him is the 2nd or 3rd largest telecom network provider company and 2nd largest in China. Why he didn’t buy Y300

                      1- Sound non familial to him
                      2- Qmobile Front is logo free so no one knows which phone he was using as almost all the touch phones looks alike and market is flooded with them.
                      3- As if you are Pakistan and some thing gain fame every one will follow it no matter what they are providing you.

                      Why i am unable to convince him

                      1- I can’t remove the huawei logo from the phone :P Though the box also has a free screen protector too :P
                      2- The official person of Airlink which has a demo unit is not in sadar at that moment he told that it will take 30 min fom him to reach here.
                      3- There is no review of this phone at that time as i was giving advice i have doubt in my mind how this phone will work as compared to A8

                      Hope now you can understand what i am trying to say.

                    • Boyesa

                      sorry typo mistake, he bought Noir A8 instead Y300

                    • Danish

                      now you have cleared the confusion ;)

                • Boyesa

                  Retail price is 13000 butyou can get bt for 11800 in whole sale official airlink warranty

  • imran

    thanks 4 review

  • thanks for the review

  • Wasique

    Qmobile A8 is much better then this mobile.

    • aamir


    • Sulaiman


  • Hands free?

  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    I am using A9 just the os is 4.0 all other features are superior then this y300..

    • How are the battery timings of A-9?

      • M.Aswad Mehtab

        liked ame as all other smartphones.. it only lasts a day… I liked the display no pixelation

        • Boyesa

          A9 is expensive then Y300

        • imran

          yar awaz kaisi ha is ke ? clear or loud ha music player ke ?

    • You are saying ICS 4.0 is superior than JB 4.1? ever head about project butter?

      • Stefan Dumitrache

        he was probably talking about the hardware, the A9 vs. Y300.

  • jade buaya

    how is the display of this smartphone? does it have a wide viewing angle? some website here in the philippines said it has an IPS display. but why in your blog it only have TFT display? do you have a reliable source sir? thanks

    • We have the phone, isn’t that a “Reliable Source” :) . Watch the unboxing video, the box also says TFT screen. There is another phone coming soon to Pakistani market G510, which has IPS screen, I guess you are talking about that phone?

      • disqusting

        Zohair. Also Make similar review of the G510 plus add a little gameplay in the video as well (e.g Temple run). Moreover can you confirm what processor in G510 is coming to Pakistan MTK or QUALCOMM?

        • Its qualcomm, I am afraid that the review of G510 is going to be delayed. Because the firmware was full of bugs. (Actually It was the firmware of Dual SIM phone). I have asked the technical team to resolve the issues and send back the device.

          • Danish

            but it has not been releasee in pakistan

            • It is on pre-order and will be available in the market very soon. I have got the sample unit but the firmware had some bugs, the Huawei team is working on some customization and once its done we will do a review of this device.

              • Danish

                what will happen with the pre-order price of 14,699 after increased taxes?

      • Boyesa

        The broacher of Y300 said that it has IPS display.

        • What brochure? The box says its 16M TFT, I am not an expert in this but its definitely not IPS because when compared to G510 the difference is clear.

          • Boyesa

            They have distributed brochure on many shops regarding this phone and its clearly says has IPS display. IPS display can vary from phone to phone if your Y300 has a same good viewing angle as compared to GD510 then i am sure it has a IPS.

            (In panel switching) provide great view angles.

    • Ganimoth

      I should mention that IPS displays are also TFT.

  • Qmobile a10 is more better :))

    • disqusting

      A10 is a bit too big. Y300 is just perfect size.

    • Boyesa

      have you ever seen its blezel its fail set

    • Hamza

      this phone or q a10?

  • nabeel

    noir a8 or this phone?? which one is better

  • umer

    pathetic sets

    • Danish

      be specific, what is pathetic in these?

  • Mubashir

    bro what are the sensors in y300

  • Mubashir

    sensors detail after personaly check dear Zohair

    • I haven’t check the compass and sensors thing, In G510 there is a compass application when works just fine, I will get back to you – first let me find the Y300, since morning I have lost it somewhere in my room :)

  • Mubashir

    in my Ascend Y300 Orientation and Magnetic Field (Compass) sensors are not available. what the crap is it

    • Guest

      is the set useless without these?

      • Mubashir

        no not Really

    • Guest

      do u want to sell ur Y300?

      • Mubashir

        not yet :)

    • Danish

      what is your overall reaction to the set?

      • Mubashir

        it may become a good phone if ram increased minimum 768 MB. now only 400 mb useable RAM :(

        • Danish

          it means it is not good? slow?

          • Mubashir

            not Really slow but looks slow with Multitasking single app at a time runs normally

            • Danish

              all the smartphone in this price range have 512MB Ram, what do u say?

              • Boyesa

                512MB ram is not that bad if you manage it accordingly but in this price range you can’t complain

                • Mubashir

                  512 means 512 but in Huawei ascend Y300’s Case it is only 400 MB it is Really Oops

                  • Danish

                    in all other cases how can u say 512 is always 512?

                    • Boyesa

                      512 or what ever memory is you never get full out of it due to binary system it’s not the case only with Huawei

                    • Mubashir

                      it should be Greater than 470 MB

                    • Boyesa

                      Some part of memory always shared with gpu to.

                    • Mubashir

                      :) Discussion is going in an other way. The Point is Phone is good but somethings are missing. Orientation and Magnetic Field (Compass) sensor Less ram. Camera Quality is 5/10 Star. But Good Phone in This Price Range

                    • Boyesa

                      i have HTC ONE S and according to Spec it has 1gb ram by your logic it should give me some 800mb free ram but user available is 400-450Mb only now i will have to hit my head to some wall as HTC has ripped me off :P Just kidding.

                      Xperia sola which cost 20k also has same 5/10 camera. You can’t expect that much from a phone which cost just above a 100 dollar with 1 year warranty.

                    • Mubashir

                      I already mentioned that it is a good choice in this price range. Much Better Than QMobile…. But “MTK is Faster Than Qualcomm”

                    • Mubashir

                      it is Crap Minimum 800 MB user available ram phone is good for use i am also sick of such Problems

                    • Boyesa

                      They have put 512RAM into it and some should have shared some where else its not like they have put less ram and mentioned that it has 512mb :P

                    • Mubashir

                      Check other Brand you will see the Difference

                    • meshobi

                      not exactly 512 but in others it is above 475, 480 @ Danish

                  • Available Memory is always less :(

              • Mubashir

                cant say anything right now but it is much better than QMobile

        • Danish

          plz tell me about flash player. can u watch above video on this device

          • Mubashir

            no cant see that coz flash player is not supported by default

    • imran

      yar awaz kaisi ha is ke ? clear and loud ha music player ke??

      • Mubashir

        Not Loud Normal as any other Phone

  • Boyesa

    If huawei have able to put 786mb ram in this its simply win win situation for them. At last some one is here to destroy the monopoly of Qmobile

  • Waseem

    Hey Zohair, how is the audio quality of this phone via handsfree? Is it loud & clear? How is the bass?

    • audio quality via handsfree or the speaker? The speaker sound is okay (not so loud)

      • Waseem

        Via handsfree. Is it comparable to Sony Ericsson or Samsung phones?

        • that depends mostly on the headphones you are using. The device I got didn’t came with any handsfree, used Nokia Lumia’s with it. Its almost same.

          • Waseem

            Thanks for answering. I’m gonna buy this phone now.

            • Good choice in this price range, just make sure you buy a screen cover too. There only thing that needs care is screen otherwise its a very durable handset.

              • Danish

                screen protector is in the box i think

  • Irfan

    :@ its a simple 1ghz processor not a dual core :/ dnt misguide the peoples :/

    • Boyesa

      It’s a dual core dude you are high or what?

  • imran

    yar awaz kaisi ha is ke ? clear or loud ha music player keeee ?

  • disqusting

    People this phone is the BOMB. All the best features for only Rs. 11.700. WOW

    • Danish

      i think its min price is 12,500
      plz tell ke from where i can get this in 11,700?
      one more thing, prices of all the smartphones increased by 1000 from today due to new taxes

      • Disqusting

        Mobile market. Tariq Road. i got rate yesterday

      • Boyesa

        Saddar main market go till the shops end there is two shops which also have electronic appliances he quotes me 11800rs for this phone. Now as govt. has implicated new tax scheme price should have been increased.

  • Yaameen Khan

    You’ve not mentioned Internal Memory anywhere…

  • Zohair Bhai, I am going to buy my First Android Phone. I Have been in Contact with Huawei Sales Person for the Last two Days he said he Could bring me the Phone to my House from saddar, he asked me what rate i got from the market, i told him 13k (which i got from Sarena mobile Market) he said he could bring me 12.5k without any Extra, I also Pre-Ordered G510 on Facebook Few Days ago.

    I was going to Buy A9 but now i am all confused. A9 Antutu Bench Mark is Less than 6k as told us Y300 is more than that.

    I saw in Comments here that there is no Orientation and Magnetic Field (Compass) sensor, what does that mean Screen Doesn’t Rotate when i Rotate the Phone or Doesn’t Car go Left or Right when i Tilt the Phone like steering wheel (In Game).

    What should i do Wait for G510 , or take Y300 or A9. I am More of a
    gaming/Apps Person which Phone will Serve me Well. Which of the 3 are
    Better in Performance.

    And One Last thing Can you Tell us the G510 (Pakistan Version) Specification like (Chipset, GPU etc.)

    • Danish

      auto rotate option of screen is available in Y300, i have checked personally, you can also do by yourself, go to Huawei Display centre in Star CIty Mall saddar, karachi. you can have hands on experience of the set. i dont know the utility of Compass function but auto-rotate of screen is there.

    • Buy it from the market, also as @danishiqbal543:disqus mentioned try it first. Accelerometer is there that means the orientation / auto rotate feature works fine. Not sure about the magnetometer, let me check.

      • Zohair Bhai you Have Y300 Does it Support 3G and can u tell me the Games it can Play,

        Like My Friend have A8 he can play Games Like Nova 3, NFS most Wanted Modern Combat 4, GTA Vice City and 3, Max Payne and Asphalt 7.

        • Danish

          i dont think you need anything special to play games, as far as hardware is concerned, Y300 is superior than A8 and software is also updated. so there is no reason you cant play games on it.

    • Mubashir

      Left and Right Function is Performed by Accelerometer

  • Danish

    above posted unboxing and hands-on video is not playing on Y-300

    • Mubashir

      Y300 Doesn’t support Flash By Default

      • Danish

        but i have opened metacafe videos on Y300, working perfectly

        • Mubashir

          Videos on FB Also Working

          • Danish

            it seems now you are using it

            • Mubashir

              Using it from Last 4, 5 Days Guest :D

              • Danish

                ohhh, then why dont u know about capability of flashplayer and sensors?

                • Mubashir

                  Accelerometer, Proximity and Ambient Light only these three are available. in specs Compass and Orientation is also Mentioned but actually not available. Tell me if your Phone Have These???

                • Mubashir

                  I don’t watch videos on Phone Often so

      • Danish

        above video is also not playing on TouchMate tablet

        • Mubashir

          hmmm…. then it is not a issue :)

  • disqus_aXAVxjTRD2

    do viber work on this phone???

    • sunny

      working only viber version 2.2.2

  • Mubashir

    Any one Here Checked The Sensors of Y300 Till??????????????? i am Still Waiting for the Reply @kofmzc:disqus @danishiqbal543:disqus @boyesa:disqus

    • No magnetometer, other sensors just work fine.

      • Mubashir

        G- Sensor is also not Available

  • Amit

    Hello guys, i am from India

    first of all thanks for this useful post

    the price in online store in India is from 9k and this mobile has launched today

    we can get it for 8.5k from local store….i don’t know why it is so costly in Pakistan

    The reason why i came across this post is that there are no hands on review for huawei y300 till today.

    after reading this post i am surely going to buy this mobile although the only problem is that the white colour is only available and not the black one contrary to what it is in Pakistan

  • disqus_aXAVxjTRD2

    Do viber works on this phone??

  • Danish

    if it is available in 8.5k Indian Rupees then it is costly there in India bcoz of forex difference between the 2 countries

    • Amit

      oh, i thought the currency is same and it might get lower after some days of its launch

      • Baghi

        No, amit, here we have got doggies which let not raise price of PKR in compare to USD…………

        • Amit

          don’t know much about the politics in pak although i bought the mobile at 7600 indian rupees. the price dropped 1k and much to my amazement the box contained both black and white panel and 4gb memory card!!!

          • qasim

            Well IND 7600 means PKR 15200 . so its costly in India.

  • disqus_aXAVxjTRD2

    hey i am getting problem with my viber.. receiver can’t hear me.. can any give me a help plz…………

  • Ali_Amjad

    @admin, from where did you get that green android figure? I want one

    • A gift from Huawei for the bloggers, they gave this last year. Its actually a speaker.

  • Wasiq Manzoor

    Got this phone yesterday, and pretty satisifed with the performace of this phone… as compare to Qmobile.. Phone is much better
    as far as I my concern, I am not able to VoIP via Viber.. may this would be application issue… but there are also several users who are facing this..

    No voice over Ip :(

    • Danish

      ohhh!!! very sad :(
      u should contact huawei/Airlink for technical help

    • sunny

      kitny ka lia janab?

  • nadeem

    i simply love this phone to use , m satisfied with this phone . only a little drawback , the battery should b more powerfull .

    • Danish

      viber works?

  • shakir

    Hi Thanks for the review :) I’ve HTC Desire S. Is it a good idea to replace it with this phone?

  • bhai htc wildfire best he ya ye

  • Bilal

    And a mistake!! THERE IS a physical button for the camera!! When you have the camera open, press and hold the volume up button, it will focus and when you release it, it will take a picture! :)

    • Nearly every android which lacks camera key let you use the volume rocker for taking snaps. But we don’t consider it as a dedicated two step camera key.

  • nadeem5476

    who said its a LOW end smart phone ? :)

  • Salman Khan

    Bought and used this phone and ma review is as under:


    Very Decent Battery life for an andriod phone (1 Day with med to heavy use)

    Jelly Bean with Dual Core processer just in 150$

    over all Smooth performance , minor lags can be


    Below Average Camera

    Weak Speaker (low sound output on media)

    512 mb ram makes limited multitasking , 786 mb ram would have been IDEAL but most mid range andriod have 512 mb ram and it works fine with medium use


    In its price range , its the king of features and performance… Go for it

  • Ali Shah

    wht about active noise cancellation feature in Huawei Ascend Y300

  • saim

    hi Zohair, where can i buy this phone in islamabad, any idea. looking for y300 for 13000pkr

  • Farrukh Kiani

    Hi Muhammad Zohair, I have Ascend Y300 and I am wondering if I can install JB 4.1.2 or downgrade my version to ICS, would it be helpful? because my phone is getting very slow. Secondly, Huawei team just introduced Emotion UI 1.5 can I install it on Ascend Y300?

  • Shariq Burney

    yaar front camera ni chal raha ya mujhe chalana ni araha koi pls setting batao pls :( [email protected]

  • KK

    Hey.. Nice review there.. Always good to see a local review. I have watched the Ascend G510 video review before watching this.. I think Y300’s UI is a bit slower when compared to the G510.. Maybe its the difference of A9 1.2 Ghz vs A5 1.0 Ghz..

    Please tell me if that’s the case..

    PS: I am upgrading from Xperia U and its performance on ICS is horrible.. So looking for an upgrade on a tight budget. Kindly tell me if spending the extra 2.5k on the G510 is worth the money. (Apart from increase in the screen size)

  • rana sohaib(faisalabad)

    well i have to choices write now noir a8 or y300 or i have another choice of htc rhyme but it has 3.7 inch screen it sucks a8 is with 4.3 and y300 has 4.0 so i think a8 can be gud
    can anyone help pls

  • mubashir

    which is the best between huawei y300 and g510
    plz zohair bhai answer zaroor dena

  • zoe

    how do you turn the internet off? I have a prepayd phone
    so i only wanna juse wifi, can i turn off the normal internet ?

  • Syed Mahroz Shahid

    sir i have a problem that it doesnt detect the location itself using wi-fi and gives an error although i hav activated the location services still it does detect the location … i even heard that andoid 4.1.x is having this error due to the recent google play services update whats the issue then ?

  • Zahid Jafferi Syed

    Attention please : i have installed Apex-launcher in this y300. But there in not option of ‘choose the default launcher’…. How to fix this issue as when i installed n press on the apex launcher, it appears and works but when i press the home button, Huawei UI Comes again and apex disappears. i also restarted the handset but no use

  • Zahid Jafferi Syed

    Attention please : i have installed Apex-launcher in this y300. But there in not option of ‘choose the default launcher’…. How to fix this issue as when i installed n press on the apex launcher, it appears and works but when i press the home button, Huawei UI Comes again and apex disappears.

    • Go to applications and then select All, find Huawei Home app and select clear defaults.

  • mubbshar

    yar is ki internet seeting ni ho ri