Obama Cites Pakistani Tech Innovator to Emphasize Immigration Reforms, A Lesson Local Authorities Must Learn!

Faizan Buzdar

Many of your might already know Faizan Buzdar from Elixir and then from Ultimas (based out of Rawalpindi) – where he started his tech career back in the days. Faizan is praised by many for the way he started Scrybe and the way it created buzz around the globe.

He didn’t stop there and went on to start Convo, a business collaboration service, which is making rounds with over 5,000 customers globally.

Faizan has gone up he ladder from bottom and went through all the hardships one can imagine. However, after all this – he, along with his products, impressed Barak Obama, President of USA, enough to push him for a tweet praising his work and the need for immigration reforms that USA needs to breed such talent in the country.

Obama also attached a link to a video with his tweet in which Faizan Buzdar speaks of his experiences and troubles in starting a tech company in the United States.

Obama administration is perusing these immigration reforms as a top priority with an aim that talent should be brought into US to help boost the economy.

Here is the Original tweet from Barak Obama:

The other side of the picture has many lessons for Pakistani authorities. As western markets are making its easier and more incentivizing for the global talent to go there and to build and market their products, developing countries like Pakistan are missing the chance of capitalizing these genius minds by letting them go this easily.

There are countless local firms who are shifting their back-offices from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to China, Philippines and even to India. Coders, developers and project managers are shifting to US, and European Markets or to Australia just because they aren’t offered better opportunities in Pakistan.

Pakistan is fast loosing its grip over IT exports for reasons known to everyone. If not taken care of, this looming industry can become further obsolete in the country.

  • Great job Faizan. I am really proud of being your instructor in two courses at GIK Institute. I usually quote your example of hard work and steadfastness to my students.

  • Great job Faizan. I am really proud of being your instructor in two courses at GIK Institute. I usually quote your example of hard work and steadfastness to my students. I also tell them that people like me are probably working for you these days.

  • Obama tweeted the video because it suited his propaganda machine. While i cant underestimate the achievements of Mr. Faizan, he was given the limelight for a totally different reason.

    • Get a life dude. He could have tweeted for someone from India or any other country but he chose Faizan out of thousands others. It is not a small deal

      • Let me settle your illusion of grandeur. In his re election bid, obama promised immigration reforms. The debate is heating up and propaganda and lobby machines are set in motion. They shall use everything that suits the interest. Its the VIDEO by mr. Faizan which Obama tweeted about. Did you bother to read the tweet? Or should i translate that for you in urdu?
        He tweeted about a succinct message in form of a video,not the achievements of the person.

        • I have read the tweet. The only logical reason why he would quote Faizan there is because his accomplisment is impressive. I still don’t get ur point.

          • Please check it again. Obama said “Faizan is a good example of why we need immigration reforms”. He did not say that Faizan was good example of tech entrepreneurship etc.
            I have already mentioned that i cant underestimate achievements of Mr. faizan but the tweet is serving a different purpose.
            I am a couch potato. I cant, and will not, object at anyone’s achievements. You may rest assured about that.

            • So what you are saying is that the tweet’s text which can be read either way is actually in negative sense? Doesn’t seem so given Obama’s stance on reforms.

              • No. The tweet supports the immigration reforms. He gave the example of Faizan’s video just to support the propaganda.
                Gun control is more important than immigration reforms. However, US of A lacks the brains.

                • I would just like to say that do not devalue the talent and people of pakistan. It’s are good thing that obama tweeted about a young pakistani professional. We should be proud on our immensely talented professionals.

  • Aaand we cannot watch the video because Youtube is blocked in Pakistan. So much for progress in IT.

  • As per his father he is successful because he didn’t get married …. :) .. by the way there are some grammar/spelling mistakes in the post which should be corrected….

  • I still don’t understand why all the brilliant peoples of Pakistan end up with serving other countries instead of Pakistan like Babar Iqbal, Mr. Faizan and many others. Can’t they survive in this country like 180 million other Pakistanis do? I won’t praise these peoples for being brilliant.

    • Just one word: JOBS. There simply aren’t enough. For example, a lot of engineers, doctors, etc. live in the Middle East, and our country fortunately or unfortunately literally DEPENDS on the money they send home to keep the economy doing well. There is no way the local market could produce enough jobs to keep them employed.

      So, you ask, what about starting companies instead of seeking jobs? Well…

      The fact that OVER A DECADE since the internet exploded in Pakistan we still do not have an internet Payment System that serves the needs of PAKISTANIS IN PAKISTAN!!! is a strong indicator of how much harder it is to build local startups. No easy way to get payments from customers (especially for companies that target normal population, not businesses or outside clients). And that is just for the SIMPLEST, LOWEST COST industry — I.T. All you need is 1) office space 2) internet 3) electricity. No raw materials like wood or cement or cooking oil or anything at all like that. Lowest running costs of anything. And yet, abysmal failure compared to what it could have been.

      Fact is, the local laws, banking rules etc etc are favourable to existing companies, and heavily biased towards larger companies. Also the system is not designed to help entrepeneurs unless they are already rich and/or have contacts! No easy way to get venture capital from Pakistanis.

      In fact, even in IT, how many of these companies that sell services or products to foreigners even have 100% local offices? Look harder, and you will find that many have a partner who went to university in Europe or US or Australia, and the company started due to his/her contacts. And that partner might even have an address or a corporate banking account or something outside Pakistan to ease the flow of funds and to accept payments with paypal etc.

      I don’t know which industry you work in or what you do Sikander, but I would like to see you start a company that targets ONLY the local market in technology sector and succeeds without foreign investment or help or clients.

      I mean, we are talking about a country that PUNISHES people for installing solar panels for home use.

      • I simply sum up the things that the whole system is revolving around for the benefit of selected people and there is no value of talent in this country. Better you keep your souls alive, rather you ask a reasonable return of your capabilities from this country! That’s too pathetic.

  • Another story of Pakistani talent. How come the information about a non American reached Obama, may be some one in white house pointed out his comments on US immigration while our top leaders so called elected are surrounded by morons who only know to please the bosses and experts in loot & plunder. God help Pakistan where talents is wasted and no one cares.

  • Such a lame that we have everything in our country, Still government is not providing good facilities to those talents and so they move to other countries :(

  • Tried to see the video on Obama’s tweet. Just forgot that we live in the dark ages..it was on youtube! Don’t like using proxies as most find a backdoor into the machine. There is no free lunch…

  • Convo is a great tool. This guy has obviously added value to people’s lives. Much respect. I wish the Pakistani market could absorb the likes of Convo and other great tech ventures.

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