Breaking: PTA Orders Telcos to Stop All Kind of Voice and SMS Packages


It appears that the telecom sector was yesterday stormed with the biggest ever mis-understanding, as a directive coming from PTA ordered telecom operators to dis-continue Voice and SMS Packages. Same was interpreted by media and the telecom operators with whom we had confirmed the directive.

However, it is now emerging that that only voice and SMS chat rooms are to get blocked, and the usual SMS bundles and voice bundles that telecom companies offer are going to remain intact.

Read here the update: Voice and SMS Packages to Continue, Only Chat Rooms to End


Yes, you read it right. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed all telecom operators to dis-continue all kind of voice and SMS bundles that are offered for any time of the day.

Telecom companies are asked to stop all kind of Voice and SMS bundles, that include daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages by September 2nd, 2013 and submit a compliance report to the authority.

The letter from PTA, a copy of which is produced below, has made the social morality as a reason for the stoppage of voice and SMS bundles. The letter that reads “Directive Relating to Packages Offered by CMTOs Contrary to Moral Values of Society” reasons a survey conducted in November 2012 which suggested PTA that voice and SMS bundles were still active.

Taking the timely decision, PTA has now ordered the operators to stop the packages at once.

Omar Manzoor, Director Communications and CSR at Mobilink confirmed ProPakistani that his company received the directive late today. He said that Mobilink is reviewing the directive and will act accordingly.

Telecom operators are still unsure on how to react. Bigger operators are considerably happy about the directive which is a blessing in disguise for them. Smaller operators, such as Zong and Warid are furious for apparent reasons.

Analysts say currently the industry is derived by these voice and SMS bundles. If not reversed, the whole dynamics of telecom industry of Pakistan will change.

Conspiracy theorist say that PTA has made the case of banning the voice and SMS bundles on moral values, which is likely to be influenced by operators. They say that if operators don’t react on the decision then its apparent that this step is endorsed by the operators.

Other experts even question PTA’s ability to decide the pricing structure this way, especially when there’s no chairman or member at PTA’s head office.

Decision is a nightmare for the end users. The good old days are just gone. Now pay for each call and each SMS.

P.S. There’s no mention of Mobile internet bundles in the directive, which are likely to continue.

Here is the PTA Letter


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Azeem Ullah Hasan

    Unbearable that…

    • Abu Khuzaima

      ONLY chat group packages and not simple Voice n SMS packages

      • Junaid

        are you sure k jo normal Pakcges hain? ghanta Pakage or sms ye khtam nhi hoe

    • Ahsan Khan

      check out the signing dates you dumb wits its 28/8/2011 you guys are really dumb just use some brain.

      • Faraz

        Please read the header. It reads : “August 2013”

  • yahooo! thats gonna bring us all back to life !!!

    • Zohaib Jahan

      u ri8… :P

    • baqir talpur

      and Then my friend they’re gonna ban every F***in thing you can think of considering your happy reactions on BANS.

    • Azeem Ullah Hasan

      That’s really authoritarian actually. Don’t want to discuss politics on this thread, but seriously feel as if a dictator is ruling on us. No freedom for people, journalism or any other remotely-independent walk of life. Why not leave it to people to decide what to do?

      • Imtiaz Ahmad

        Brother What do you want ? already our generation is in deep trouble, they don’t know their religion and culture, what are the limits for man and woman described by Islam we don’t know, we only want to follow west and their culture, if u believe me peoples of west itself got worried about their life style. If we really dont know what we are, it means we totally collapse as a nation.

        • malik

          Great thoughts Imtiaz ahmad sahab.

        • Sheikh Shafi

          Imtiaz I agree with you.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Honestly speaking, sometimes it seems like neither does THEIR (PTA employees) know these things either.

        • NoName

          I’m waiting for not wearing hijab to become a capital offense since people like you who think that the government should force us into religion seem to be in majority.

        • Azeem Ullah Hasan

          Was freedom invented/discovered by the West? I was only asking for that…

    • to pehle app kaha the bhai life me ny the ?

  • Ali Tahir

    Those who have imminent need to text would text anyway and a chunk of subscribers will move on to VoIP applications such as Viber and Whatsapp. Even less revenue for Telco’s in a market which is already over ripe for consolidation.

    • SSyar

      dunno but.,. how many uses data packages for WhatsApp and Viber…!

      • Hassan

        banning data packages would be next step since internet can also be used immorally ;-) infact Mr Dogar can even ban calling & texting as a next step.. there is no end to stupidity!

    • Fayz Ali

      Pakistan government wouldn’t hesitate to block Viber/Whatapp. I am sure they’re next in their block list.

      • Jawwad (EX – JCA)

        dear you can use through proxy.. what’s the big deal…

        • Obaid Paracha

          using proxy on cells uses extra battery, and android users already are suffering form low battery timings anyways….

          why ban youtube ? man it was the biggest source for information,

          well this is just hypocracy……

          • Haseeb Arif

            use a vpn connection.

        • Fayz Ali

          Whats the point using VPN when my friends living in pakistan won’t have a VPN?

      • sunny

        PTA has not done well with Youth

  • DJ

    all type packages of this need more clarification :S

    • Ali

      Only night packages

  • Sheezy

    Fu** PTA…. Fu** the policies… The policies are only designed to piss of the end user… Why the PTA is unable to react on 3G delay, on PTCL disgusting service quality, and so on !!

    • Naa Maloom Afraad

      3G chahiye.. takay video calls k bi package miljaye hum Pakistanion ko.. wahh.. taqriban sabhi countries me voice aur sms bundles ka system nahi hy.. bas ek hamari awaam khuaar hy. BF/GF se lagay rehtay hein calls ya sms pe..

      SMS aur Voice bundles khatam hongi na phir jakay network service improve hogi.. pura network overload huawa hota hy in 24hrs non-stop calls aur SMS delivering pe.

      ab to sudhar jaao Pakistan. Even India me khatam hogai hein ye bundles system.

      • Hassan

        bahi apko koi gun point pe tu packages use karny ko tu nahi kehta na..& btw world over telcos ka business model he bundeling pe based hay.
        They have made huge investments & it is there right to bundle there products the way they want..
        Y don’t Govt bans sachet packages of surf & shampoo then? (illogical? yeah but as illogical as PTA’s banning SMS & Voice packages)

      • khan

        Someone needs to understand that people abroad, including in India, don’t use bundles because Data bundles have replaced every damn SMS and call bundle, eliminating them. You don’t have 3G so you will have to rely on GSM.
        Overload shoverload kuch nahin, you pay for services khairaat nahi hai.
        Lastly, not everybody messages girlfriend, people have legit causes.

      • f**ing hater of policies of go

        oh to all f******ing ppl who r are considering this ban a good one damn ppl u will all go back to stoneage because nowdayas nrmal calls are too expensive with no contact to anyone all countries have these packages even u.s.a our beloved nation’s father got packages nooray u.s.a kay tatoo apnay baap ki baat maan awein awaam ko tang kar rahay ho. jaha se kuch information milti hai wo block krdatay hain esa kro internet hi block krdo mobiles b block krdo taakay awaam ko kuch b pta na chalay k govt kia karahi hai taakay aapny jo pakistan ko tabah krnay k plans bnaye huye wo kamyab hojaye or awaam ko pta b na chalay if this gonna happen i bet there will be a war between youth and govt and mai sub se agay huga i promise agar ye hua to egypt walay halaat b osktay hain pak mai to my fu**ing govt and policy makers i warn you youth agay bht ghussay mai hain naa panga lo yeh na ho k pak govt ka b wohi haal ho k dhobi ka k**ta na ghar ka na ghaat ka u f**king govt just stop pissing off our lives…….

        • Naa Maloom Afraad (Once Again)

          Pakistan me rehna hyna beta? :P to aisi chizon ki aadat daalo..

          Tmhari cheap language he bata rai hy k you are fucked up (totally) :P

  • monis

    whats app is lot better then texts, people should shift to whats app

    • Saad

      Sadly they don’t have whatsap for Nokia 101s and 1208s.

  • monis

    for calls viber and skype :D

  • Ariz Shah

    now its time to move on Whatsapp and Viber..

    • taimur

      dude to use whatsapp or viber or any other app you got to have a internet package which are also closing

      • Ariz Shah

        na yaara, internet packages are intact
        no changes in that

        • Ali Ikhlaq

          jo bhi ha lakin internet packages itne fast hay na ke kam az kam call nhi ho skti

          • bustedemotions96

            calls?? Google kholne mein 5 minute lag jate hain! :/

      • Saad

        Internet packages nhn effect hungay.

      • sunny

        PTA kay Directives ka GOVT kay sath koi relation nee hay,I think Cabinet
        Division will intervene as PTA is under the Cabinet Division

    • Saad

      The percentage of those people jo Whatsapp ya Viber use karsakein is low. Har koi bara set afford nhn karsakta.

    • womic

      try this app wechat

  • taimur

    dekho dekho kon aya….shair aya shair aya..kafi salon ka bhoka ha..gin logon ne F**ki** Nawaz sharif ko vote diya tha us ko ab mza a rha ho ga..

    • Furqan

      Sher agia sher kha Gia khazana bharna hai bhai My foot ….. Ab shyed N ko vote deny walo ko merey khayal say sirf mera khayal hai baqion ka Pata ni ab buht sharam arahi hogi lekin Ager ni arahi to phir un ka kuch ni ho sakta…. Ab package sary hi jayen gey bcz khazana bhi bharna hai but not 3G waha Pata ni in ko Kia ho jata hai? Fazool policies Fazool log in ko banay waly

      • womic

        hahahahhahhaha! u r right Furqan, politics is my fooooot..these awL bulshits only for fullfil their bank accounts and willn’t do anything for people who voted them…f*****************************************************k :@ bullshit

        • Furqan

          But the question is… why people voted them when everyone knows they done nothing in 23 years of his bloody politics…. Dunya agey ko ja rahy hain aur hum pechy ko…. Banda pochy agey Pani hai kia lol…. Abi kashkool b tor diya inho ney… aur ab karachi walo ko b sawaren gey Metro bana k hehehehe….

    • suresh

      we always fill masjids, and pretend to be muslims, and pakistanis, but when it comes to shattering our comfort zones, we become pigs.,..

      dont know how this useless govt could increase their wealth? and how could we ‘prosper’ like West by utilizing sms and call bundles…? (as some ppl saying it…)

  • DJ

    Get Ready for More Layouts !! :@

  • Zohaib Jahan

    wt are social values, norms that have disturbed,… any definition???
    is any part of constitution disturbed by the packages….??? justify , clarify to the poeple….
    (although i’m happy with the decision made)

  • What will happen to my monthly sms package for which i pai 100pkr last week … that’s i am concerned about only as i sub it by mistake :(

    • womic

      hahaha! bro i think u will pay by govt for it…ahhaah :)

    • sunny

      Allah bether karay gaa

  • raja

    Great step.

  • Salman Qamar

    Will there be any compensation plan ?
    Because i and my family are using ufone’s yearly sms bundle.

    • Ariz Shah

      no compensation, as pakistan mai sirf liya jata hai, diya nahi jata

      • Saad

        Bilkul sahi :D

  • irfan

    ye govt awam ko khus ne dak sakti….bas….logion ga shugal laga hwoa hy laga rany dain….recharge per to tex lagaya hy…..paki rupay ki valu imf k kany per kam b kr di hy ap keya chaty hin

    • sunny

      Yar Govt ka koi chakar nee hay
      Yah sub PTA kee chawal hay

  • naghmash

    is it applicable for postpaid users? i am currently using mobilink indigo.

    • saliraza

      Yes it will be applicable on both postpaid and prepaid. Only FREE minutes airtime will be cut off .. I hope so

  • Hassan Arif

    I have never seen such packages anywhere in the world; now ROI will be more realistic

    • twister286

      Nonsense. Here in Australia I get free SMS, free MMS, free international SMS, and unlimited calls WITHOUT having to subscribe to any package at all if I buy the right plan…and I can buy packages that give me unlimited SMS/MMS, and unlimited minutes if I so wish if I plan doesn’t include it.

      Pakistan is well and truly going back into the stone age. First we pay a gross total of 35% of taxes on our telecom services, and now we have the buffoons at PTA deciding we cant have good value for what we pay either.

      • SSyar

        well thats the difference… aussies have big plans pak have samll packages :)

      • wasay

        stone age…?lolz..

        sms package aur bundles use kar ke kya ukhar liya?

  • Basil Khan

    Chutyapey ka mulk hai. This is what happens when religion is mixed with the state. The writers of this very webpage are pro censorship and this is the fruits of that mind set. Congratulations. We are well on our way to the stone age if the morality argument keeps being used.

    • ZrFh

      Islam strictly does not support a secular state and muslims should respect that.

  • I use WhatsApp :D

  • Shahzad Waheed

    its only about night packages … see there is written that irrespective of the time of day

    • Saad

      “irrespective of the time of day”
      Iska matlab k bhalay din ka koi bhi time ho, Voice and sms bundles should be immediately stopped.

  • Baloch Khan

    What moral values? Here are the few real moral values of our utterly dead society, i.e. Proud to be Corrupt and keep stolen money in swiss bank accounts, Prostitution even around the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam, Hypocricy, Teaching children to earn money by hook or by crook, Leaving the injured on the roadside and not helping a human being because of Police fear or busy schedule, proudly break the traffic laws, steal electricity and gas, take loan from banks and don’t return it, Zero agriculture tax, vote for the same corrupt leaders, no respect for the Supreme Law of the Land (Constitution), Forcing children to get married in clear violation of their Islamic rights………. We don’t live in a society… we live in shit.

    • faisal

      Then why do you leave this country?

    • saliraza

      Pakistan sey zinda Bhaag ! :)

  • Facebookjihadiiii

    Good islamic values hain unn ka khyal karna chaiye

    ya boyfriend girlfriend

    Well done nawaz bhai for making pakistan a hell for people and heaven for religious people

    Ji bhai gussa na ho islam islam kartha ho ab bardashth karo

  • Ikram45

    fuck off pta

  • SSyar

    shitt yaar.,.,. ab miss calls miss calls khelna paray ga.,.,

    • us per bhi charges hain meray bhai, ab books ke taraf dheyan dena parday ga :P

  • Waleed

    Social Morality? LMAO how about they stop taking bribes first then lets talk about social morality, SMS packages are not only used for Immoral activities. only if they knew

  • Sad news for Majnu and Lailas jo ghar ki nukkar say apni ammi ko awaz detay thay “ammi phone per baat nahi kar rahi, main parhai ker rahi hon”

    Good news for networks like telenor, jo pehlay he chahtay thay network traffic controlling per kharcha he na karna parday. waisay bhi telenor ke 50% services pehlay he off hain “temporary work” kay naam per kai months say.

  • Mubashir

    Such a Bakwaas From PTA,
    Youtube bund, Night pakeges bund, Tax On Mobile, Tax on Calls, Aur ab Sms aur Voice pakages bhi bund… jo 2, 4 cheezain reh gai hai wo bhi khatam ker doooooooo!!!

    • sunny

      PTA has become control less Elephant

  • anax

    Mubashir jo 2,3 gantey rahte us mein light Band :P

  • Fine approach. Now please go towards education.

  • M Zubair Aslam

    why pemra do not put ban on some of tv shows and dramas, which are also a big threat to our society and culture.?

  • M Zubair Aslam

    now companies should focus on the quality of service they provide. not on bakwas packages.

  • Shazan Sayani

    Do we just got that Islamabad guy “Sikandar” on PTA Chairman Seat??

  • Stone

    Well this will finally end Aamir Atta’s rants about price increases by the Telcos lol flat tariffs…….ab kero ayashi

  • Ahmed

    Close the internet companies and lets make all the telecom operators run away from this “Greater Afghanistan”. Lets go back to the AMPS Paktel era and analog PTCL lines. Problem Solved!.

  • Faixan Rabbera

    Thanks that someone has mercy over this NATION

  • jhonjjj

    Keep up the Good work Govt. Truly a great step for rehab of Nation.

  • Muhammad Anas

    Nothing happened to Inaami Scheams even after two directives by PTA and they’re still on! This one seems similer case!

  • Furqan

    After this 1 sms =5 Rupees and PTA kahy ga khazana b barna hai shero

  • Ali Sharif

    Telcos reply to PTA: Alright Sir! we will do… : P

    bhai kiya Rehman Malik Shb ki job PTA mai lag gai hai ?

  • Syed Asim

    its fake news as well fake letter… look at DG signature like baby done his job lolx….

    • ALI

      No, thats not fake I read same thing in Jung today. but thats really really really a shamefull act.

  • Bakhtawar

    Rehman Malik is born again or someone takes place of that curly hair man.

  • Adeel

    I am wondering ye kon log hai jin ko VOICE ya SMS package band honay say problem ho rahi hai…. package band kernay ko kaha hai CALLs ya SMS kernay say tou kisi ko nahi roka….. zarorat ki CALLs or SMS hi kerna na ab fazool CALLs or Latefay send kernay ki bazaye kuch positive kaam kerna.. :)

  • ALI

    Unbelieveable! i wish i wasn’t born in pakistan. Pro-talibans are at work… or maybe 3g preparations are being made. 1st we are being pushed to use slow edge services & then a fast 3g network wil definately gonna be a success. a ban on calls & msg pakages only and not on internet packages makes me think that.

    • Amjad Shaick

      hahahahaha… try to reborn in any part of world.. I’m sure you wont find shit like ours anywhere. These sort of packages can only be found in Pakistan. :-p

  • ali

    bilkul sahi kiya

  • Anon_IET

    What the Hell, Sms packages were only the way for Students to communicate at low cost . No matter what companies think Sms packages should’nt be baned . Who has Wingle All the time . PTA you Suck . only think you want that country should back online on your pay phones . i dont think what Telecom companies think . they would be happy because they can charge every rupee from us

    • Amjad Shaick

      do fair use bro. it will lead you to adopt fair usage of many other things in life also. cheers !

  • iqra

    m happpyyy.. very good

    • smoky pro

      why iqra why :(

  • Sikandar

    Dont worry dears within a couple of month 3G technology starting in Pakistan.

  • Fahad Khalid

    thats a relief..

  • german


  • saleem

    aur do vote in ganjy brothers ko, ab bugthooo

  • LostWithout3G

    So much for 3G. Keep this up, PTA, and you can kiss the auction good bye. No one in their right mind would invest in this kind of an industry.

  • Finally No More Spam Text Messages! Cheers.

  • abbas khan

    Ye to buhat acha how keh ye packages hatm horahe he Kio ke aaj kal har larka or larki ginto ginto baate krte ha…. Jan na pehchan Or ma tyra yar in package ki waja se bohat loog harab hogye ha.. chalo Ganjy ne to aik kaam sahi kIa. Thank You…

  • Asim

    Jaanu rakhna wi mehnga pae ga hun :P

  • ahmed

    good decision keep it up

  • Atif Sarwar Malik

    very good

  • Truth teller

    Why ppl saying these package are useless? I am not in favor of night packages, neither I do have. I have one package which is sms which I used for my universities friends, I am passed out now done with university but we just keep in touch with each others. Hardly used that package too. But by saying this these thing are useless or wastage of time. What about facebook my friends? that isn’t wastage of time for our youth? We have seen how our generation used youtube and for what purpose?. It’s simple. They want money from us more and more!! They already increase taxes on every mobile card that we buy. So this way we will be in need more card in less time. If right now they are having 10% of taxes. They will be having like say 20-30%. If this step has taken for just for our youth or religion, while it’s not. People in punjab will always support nawaz no matter what decision he’s gonna make as same goes for karachi ppl for altaf. Because blind ppl can’t see day or night.

  • Farrukh Khan

    thanks god they r blocking atleast the sms packages, atleast everyone would b free from spam texts

  • Should I laugh on theme or feel sorry for them. These cellular companies generates billions of revenue for Pakistan


    • Ali

      oh bhai laugh on theme……..letter bi parha ke bas theme per hi comment kr dia…..only chat packages banned not all sms and call packages…mind it

    • Amjad Shaick

      You mean rest of world face loss in telecom without such bullshit ?

      • For your information rest of the world also provides that kind of packages.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    No supply of pure water, electricity shortage, gas shortage (cng+consumer) , internet censorship and now another gift from our government.

    Currently PML-N government is locking down everything which we have access to. RIP Voice and SMS packages.

    • Amjad Shaick

      By the way, these packages were alive only in our society. There is no example of such bullshit anywhere else on earth.

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Bullshit is not the way I will describe it. I we go on your definition then everything in this world which is available in low rates is BS. SMS and voice bundles are just low cost stuff, its on you, how you use and or misuse them.
        I am advocating them but I personally don’t use any voice or sms bundles. But I think there are people whom daily sms and call needs are much higher, so if they are utilizing these, then its no harm,
        However, its upto end user how he/she utilizes the stuff. Everything have pros and cons. we just need to learn to use pros not the cons.

  • Taha

    zardari sahab hee achay thay aur ppp ki govt…

    • Amjad Shaick

      yeh directive zardari sb ki govt ka he hai. :-D Kal sirf reminder send hua hai. hahahaha

  • Hasan

    Desperate times. Such hard decisions should not be made while there is no replacement of this. This gov. Is taking away everything from us leaving us venerable.
    No 3G . No data plans. Each time you top up. You pay more then 20 % tax. Just cus you have money. This is unexceptable! It’s like we are living in 80s.
    I swear if they stop those SMS packages. I’m gonna destroy my sim. And I’ll be using landline and wifi.

    • Amjad Shaick

      dil par mat lou bhai,, no one asking you to stop using mobile phone.. sms karo, phone karo but do fair use. this is only purpose of this.. dunia mai kahin bhi aisey packages nhi hotey, sari dunia zinda he hai. :-)

  • Salman Abbas

    Bandar ke hath mein qanoon..

  • Ahmad Nauman Mirza

    Talk of morality bullshit…..Facebook ko ban kro phr… plus ko …..infact complete internet he ko kr do. ……hakumat pehly he 25 rs tax lay rahe the ab har call aur sms pay lay g aur jo meray bhai bol rahy hain k baqi dunya mah pakages nae tou zara baqi dunya ki net ki speed daikho….un k tareeqay daikho…..wahan package plans hoty hain full month k intny free mins free sms itna internet…..yeh tou woe bhat hai bhai k sarak par garian chalana chor do accidents ho saktay hain. …..huh hadh hai is pta ki jahliat ki nojawahn o pata b hai nojawan ka….istamal har insan k apny uper hota hai… har banda use krta hai proxy k through bary ahy thy ban walay. …..infact proxy say tou filter free ho jate hai browsing. …aur rahe sae qsar b puri ho jati hai…..ya tou in mah salahiat nae ya yeh jan kr jahil hain

    • rock

      i agree with you

  • rock

    kuch arsy bad tw ghar sy nikalny pa b pabandi lagy gi q k log tw GF awr BF ko b milny jaty hain ap sub log aqal ko hath maro har koi package GF sy bt k lia nh krata ha aik business man k lia har kisi sy connect rehna huta ha think positive .,, Its a bad from PTA …..

    • Amjad Shaick

      brother, late night konsa business hota hai ,,, Idea tou hogaa apko ?

  • rizwan Hailian

    nai yaar keh doo ya joot hai :( :(
    main too mar joon gaa

    • Ali

      only chat packages banned not all packages…propakistani mis guiding peoples

    • Amjad Shaick

      Marey ga wohii , jo in call / sms packages ko mis use kar raha hai,, aur waisey bhi aisey logon ko mar he jana chiaye doob kar.

  • rizwan Hailian

    govt. apni income increase karny k liye kar rai hai????????????

    • Amjad Shaick

      No, not at all.. Govt society sey filth minimize karney k liye yeh kar rahi hai. Here are million of parents who want this for betterment of their kids. In short, unki suni gai hai.

  • Abdul Hadi

    Dun Worry Supreme Court Zindabad Stay Order Will Come 100% on this notification.,,,

    • AJ64

      So true. All you ve to do is to “pay-the-right-price-for-justice” (read Chief’s justice)!!!

    • AJ64

      At the same time it is worth-mentioning:
      “Read between the lines guys, who gets to benefit from it most in the long run”
      Yes, the telcos!

    • Ali

      ..plz read letter carefully only chat packages banned

  • Imtiaz Ahmad

    Its Good for our Country, Girls and Boys crosses the limits, dear brothers we are Muslims we have such values in our religion and culture, its good for the whole nation, believe me or not, lot of parents are worried about their children. Iam Happy really Haaaapppppppyyyyy….!!!!!!

  • saif

    PTA ne apni rishwat ka rate barhana ho ga iss liy aisa ker rahe hain

  • Muhammad Bilal Khan

    it will help curb wrong calls

  • Muhammad Riaz

    Thanks PTA to Save the Young Generation

  • nad

    kiyunkay log nawaz shareef govt ki aslyat khol rahay hain SMS pay / twitter pay is liyey becharo ne ye fesla kia aur sath main 25 percent TAX bhi mazeed milay ga hur call pay ! theek hai is qom k sath ye hi hona chahyiye jo ZULM pay khamosh rahti hai .

    • Amjad Shaick

      hahaha. jab yeh packages nahi hotay they tab bhi sab kuch thek tha.. so get a life.. stop crying.

  • saliraza

    Thank God !! Now I’ll get rid of $hit adverts !!

  • saliraza

    Now people will come on time in office and in schools/colleges/universities :)

  • Hassan Mehmood


  • Hassan Mehmood

    aisa kabhi bhi ni hoo skta dnt worry guys its jst fun

  • Abdullah Faiz

    Alhamdulillah, this is a very good decision.

  • Amjad Shaick

    Blessing in disguise, Indeed. Great step, appreciated. One of the many ways, we can minimize the destruction of our future, our youth.

    • Rocket Scientist

      Great! How is this a great step? The youth is screwed not due to packages but due to no direction! This is just a way for the government to fill its freaking luxuries! BLOODY GANGAAYz are here to screw the nation more than the BLOODY GADHA ZARDARI!

      • Amjad Shaick

        We as a nation have a very serious issue, first we keep on doing wrong deeds all day but in evening we start abusing our leaders / government. We need to change our attitude first to change other things in society. And whereas this directive is concerned, it will effect me too like million others, but I see a greater benefit for our youth. By the way no body banning mobile service, this is just to regulate something so there is no need to cry.

        • Rocket Scientist

          I am not in favor of the packages but this is deeper than that. You are absolutely correct in saying that each one of us has to play our morale role to straighten things out not just abuse the leaders. But my dear brother we don’t have a leader, the thugs in government are just crooks. A real leader is needed but it will not happen until the whole nation comes to its senses and starts using common sense and intellect not Stupidity and the jahalt that prevails in Pakistan.

  • Sarhadi Khan

    محترم دوستوں!

    میرے خیال میں یہ پی ٹی اے کا یہ قدم اچھا ہے۔ موبائل کا مقصد یہ ہے کہ انسان اپنے دوستوں سے بقدر ضرورت رابطے میں رہ سکے۔ جیسے کہ ایک دوست نے یہاں تحریر کیا کہ ہمارا نوجوان غلط راہ پر چل پڑا ہے اور ایسے پیکجز کا غلط فائدہ اٹھارہاہے۔ یہ درست ہے کہ اس سے فائدہ بھی لوگ اٹھاتے ہوں گے لیکن ان پیکجز کا سب سے بڑا نقصان معاشرتی بے راہ روی ہے، آپ موبائل کمپنیوں کے ایڈ دیکھیں آپ کو پیکج کے بیک گراونڈ میں ایک جوان لڑکا اور لڑکی ہی نظر آرہے ہوں گے۔ کیا وجہ ہے کہ یہ ایک ایسی چیز کی طرف دعوت دینا ہے جس کو ہمارا دین منع کرتا ہے اور اس کی وجہ کیا ہے وہ یہ ہے کہ معاشرہ صاف ستھرا رہے اور عورت اور مرد ایک پاکیزہ زندگی کے خوب صورت سانچے میں نظر آئیں، ایک صاحب نے تحریر فرمایا کہ آپ کو کوئی گن پوائنٹ پر تو نہیں کہہ رہا ے کہ آپ پیکج لیں تو محترم آپ کی اطلاع کے لیے عرض ہے کہ اسلام ایک پاکیزہ معاشرہ کی تخلیق کرتا ہے اور لوگوں کو سکھاتا ہے کہ جیسے وہ اپنی بہن بیٹی کی عزت پر حرف نہیں آنے دیتا اسی طرح وہ دوسروں کی عزت کو بھی ٹھیس نہیں پہنچاتا، یہ دو رخی انسان کو لے ڈوبتی ہے کہ اپنے گھر کے متعلق انسان کا خیال کچھ اور ہو اور دوسروں کی عزت کی پرواہ کیے بغیر جو دل میں آئے کرتا رہے! عجیب نہیں ہے؟؟ ہمیں اسلام اس کا حکم دیتا ہے کہ حکمت اور دانشمندی سے پیار و محبت اور اصلاح کا جذبہ دل میں لے کر ایسے ہر راستے کو بند کردو جس سے گندگی نکل کر ہمارے معاشرے میں آنے کا اندیشہ ہو۔ حضرت امام شافعی رحمۃ اللہ علیہ ایک حدیث شریف کی تشریح میں فرماتے ہیں کہ ’’پاک دامن رہو تمہاری عورتیں پاک دامن رہیں گی، یاد رکھو کہ زنا ایک قرض ہے اگر تو نے اسے لیا تو اس کا بدلہ تیرے گھر والوں سے لیا جائے گا‘‘۔ اسی طرح اگر کسی کی بہن، بیٹی ، بیوی سے غلط طریقے سے بات کی (یعنی انتہائی ضرورت کے بغیر) تو یاد رکھیں کہ اس کا بدلہ آپ کو کبھی نہ کبھی دینا پڑے گا۔

    اللہ تعالیٰ ہم سب کو اپنی حفظ و امان میں رکھے۔

  • MMMTheHacker


  • Zeeshan

    whatsapp and viber FTW :)

  • Ali

    Propakistani please stop creating the metter carefuuly…only chat package stop not all sms and voice package..stop this non sense and mis guiding peoples

  • Ahmad

    پاگل ہو گئے PTA ہیں والے

  • Osama

    Thank God, people were swaying away from work just because of this issue. :) Truly a positive step to development.

    • Osama


  • Raheem Khan

    Oh Gosh! I just subscribed to Ufone’s monthly voice package. Who’s gonna pay my 500 Back? PTA or Ufone? :P

    • Ali

      Dear only chat packages banned, not all sms and call packages…plz read letter carefully

  • Osama

    And I have spent 1 year in China. Trust me if you’re a texting/ calling addict you wouldn’t like to live there. There are no packages over there and the calling/ texting rates are too damn high! I think they did it to protect their country from junkies which we have in Pakistan.

  • hassan

    this is only happening to make way for 3G ….

    • Basher

      Wah kamal logic

  • soul

    Any fucking good reason given by pta……????

  • Conspiracy theorist

    I agree with this — Conspiracy theorist say that PTA has made the case of banning the voice and SMS bundles on moral values, which is likely to be influenced by operators. They say that if operators don’t react on the decision then its apparent that this step is endorsed by the operators.

    • Ali

      oh bhai theorist…….not Voice and SMS bundles……read again..only Chat packages…..please.

  • Ali

    Aamit atta sahib please read carefully before post…….dont create mis awareness to peoples……only banned chat packgaes not all sms and calls packages

  • John cena

    well done PTA, ye to bht pehle ho jana chahea tha… miss call k b call wale charges kuttne chahean

  • Syed Irfan Ahmed

    Is this another LIE like youtube? I bet, there are some hidden conflicts among government and cellular companies.

  • Imran Hunzai

    We’re fucked with a notice.

    • Sheikh Shafi

      dear behave your self

    • Basher

      No, its only you :D

      • Imran Hunzai

        You don’t know but I see it coming :D

  • Sheikh Shafi

    Dear we pray for all who’ s take decission of discontinue the voice and sms packages.Because its right decission for all.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Turn your phone off. Instantly discontinued!

    • Amjad Shaick

      May Allah give them best rewards.

  • emran

    woww…. ye cheeeeeezzzzzzz

  • CMR

    jahalatt ki inteha karr dyty hain kuch logg…………………. USER KI HARR TARHA SAY MARRR K KEHTY HAIN WHY PEOPLE DONT LIVE IN PAKISTAN……. THEIR MOTHER LAND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FO

    • Amjad Shaick

      You can’t find call / sms packages like ours, anywhere on earth. :-D

  • Bilal Ahmed

    this for upcoming 3g

  • Ummat-e-Muhammadi

    Good Decision
    jazak Allah khair

  • Bilal Tariq

    Gooodddd……… Like that…
    Now only legit user will use Mobile… Not every freebie!!

  • Ali

    very good…our youth was being spoiled by these packages especially sms packages

    • Saif

      Thanks God, u r safe. :)

  • Saif

    So Nawaz Shareef has hidden qualities of Dictator???

    And every idiotic dadooo who is jumping in the pond k bundle packages are no more in use all over the world – don’t know that world outside the pond has shifted to upper levels, and people all over the world are using 3G, 4G / LTE bundles, and for them the terms of short-messaging service (SMS) and General Packet Radio service (GPRS) are classic, antique and out-dated.

    And some theke-daars of community (actually the burden on earth), who r in pain – k sab seedhay raastay pe chalein – should not worry about others, cuz har aik k apne emaal hain, aur Allah ko jawab dena hai, aap maamay na banein doosron k. :)

    Freedom of speech & rights is basic element of every human’s life. Insaan ho, jaanwar nahi k koi bhi danday se treat karne pohnch jaey, is liye apni jaanwaro wali soch change karo, aur jo baat ghalat hai usay ghalat hee kaho. :)

    • Amjad Shaick

      Orders were issued in previous government. Study the document tight and then do some comments.

      • Saif

        Oops, then if their moto is to follow Zardari policies – which they are already following by corruption, bad governance, loadshedding, dollar highest price, hunger and lawlessness – then Zardari’s Pak-Iran gas pipeline should also be completed without any penalty. Anyhow, I was talking about peoples’ OWN business, and as of now SMS packages are not gonna shut off.

  • Muhammad Waheed

    this will be a good change

  • Muhammad Waheed

    this is a good change by PTA … GF BF culture discourage ho ga … I m on PTA side

  • abdulwhhab

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  • syed hasan atizaz

    haha, for me its actually a curse, although most of my sms goes waste, but still i uses the sms package in locating my classroom. damn…..

  • Muzamil Ismail

    Now fb is the only option guys and viber too. I think this is smart planning by facebook if mobilink zong not directly involved

  • Imran Hameed

    Mother of hell tou phir inn mobile phones ko kia choosna hai ya phir
    inka murabba bana kar khana hai????? Morality my foot.. In dhakno ko yeh
    tou nazar nai aata ky TV per Fohash indian programs ko run karny ki
    permission dainy sy kitni moral values kharab ho rahi hain. Baat karty
    hain morality ki……… Pieces of Sh*t.

  • sfsultan

    Yeah pretty soon these leeches called Shareef Bros will be asking money for the freaking air we breath too!!!

    • Amjad Shaick

      This directive is just sent as reminder, orders were issued in previous government. Study the document tight and then do some comments.

      • sfsultan

        O my God!!! Really? Should we rejoice now?


    @ Suresh, Finally some rational thought.

    I was so much worried by people’s foolish reactions to these equally stupid bans weather it be call/sms bundles or even some sites like youtube etc, that i began to
    question the maturity of our nation. I feared govt could provoke a R1OT
    by ban on facebook which is probably the LIFE LINE of our youth On
    one hand we have religious extrem1sts who wan to BAN every dame thing
    they cant understand and on the other we have these westernized liberal
    lunatics who think that banning these things will some how take them to stone age

  • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

    اچھا ہے خرافات کم ہو جائیں گی

  • John

    Always they are doing stopid things.pakistan you are rock.

  • Ahsan Khan

    check out the signing dates you dumb wits its 28/8/2011 you guys are really dumb.

  • viber

    PTA khud aik auhtority hai… Governemnt se pooche baghair hi ye kaam ker sakta hai… Agar kisi ke nazdeek acha hai to good. agar kisi ke nazdeek bura hai to Govt ya Ministry IT ka koi qasoor nahin ho sakta is main.

  • TIPak

    han ji.. PTA ka apna kaam hi lagta hai.. letter se andaza ho raha hai.. is main governemnt ka koi kasur nahin..

  • salman mani

    Ye PTA ka buhut acha qadam hai… ab agar koi roz roz man baap ko load karwane ka kahe ga to man baap ko bhi samajh lena chahiye ke daal main kuch ala hai. baqi reh gaye baligh afraad to .. unki marzi.. agar wo apna pesa barbad kerte hain to.

  • frensy

    PTA is authority. IT take decisions without asking or involvement of Governemnt

  • salman ansari

    The PTA is ensuring that Telecoms in Pakistan is going to be a slow train wreck. What PTA? There is no PTA existing today as the Authority consists of the three (Chairman, Members Telcom, Finance).

    This is an extremely silly decision. We are the saviours of people’s morality. I am sure there is a direct line to the keeper of the heavens that copies of the directive are sent to!

    As far as the industry is concerned, they do not have the vision and are like sheep – confused, selfish and without any long term vision. They will never come together and will only all go down the tubes and then scream blue murder as they die going down the quicksand.

  • Munir

    @PTA took decision by its own, Packages should not block at once, should be search for middle way,

    • Frensy

      Yes Munir, I agree with you. The owner of the Decision is PTA only

  • trustme

    PTA.. good. I like this step.

  • Kamran

    Yeh decision sirf PTA ka hai.. kisi or ka nahin
    Governemnt or koi Ministry is main involve nahin

  • janbaz

    Han ye kaam PTA hi ka hai… magar acha hai…

  • tipu

    Janbaz, u r right: Han PTA hi is ke peeche hai. Ye Governemnt ka faisla nahin hai.

  • monolithic

    PTA. ye kia kia? chalo acha kia. khas kam jahan pak

  • uzma siddiqi

    koi xrort ni h…. pak m iske elawa or konce facility h jo isko b khatam krne ka soch rahe hain…

  • Nasir

    I strongly believe that all the SMS and ghanta packages should be banned for ever. This is a stupid practice which is in operation only in Pakistan. These packages are being used as a tool to destroy our Islamic and cultural values. being a franchisee of a mobile network I have witnessed many incidents which destroyed many families. These packages are mostly used for negative purpose and specially late night offers are promoting immorality in the society. These offers should be stopped immediately.