MoIT, FIA Ordered to Strictly Deal with Hate Speech on Social Media

Pakistani Shiite Muslims assist an injured Sunni Muslim following clashes during an Ashura procession in Rawalpindi on November 15, 2013
Pakistani Shiite Muslims assist an injured Sunni Muslim following clashes during an Ashura procession in Rawalpindi on November 15, 2013

Government of Pakistan has directed Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to strictly deal with anyone propagating sectarian conflicts via mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter or any other online platform.

Following the conflicts in Rawalpindi that left nine people dead and over 80 injured on Moharram 10th, government has now decided to take on the elements that are inciting sectarian differences by posting fake and fabricated information on Facebook and Twitter.

It has become a norm in Pakistan that people propagate wrong information on social media for their personal gains. This seems to be a perfect opportunity for anti-state elements to instigate the sectarianism and apparently they aren’t behind in achieving the goals.

DCO Rawalpindi explicitly stated last evening that the facts presented on Facebook over the total number of killings in Rawalpindi are not correct. He further said that information updated on Facebook is not reliable and that anti-state elements are involved in promoting falsified information.

An official from MoIT confirmed that they are not only going to block provoking profiles online but will hunt down the people behind the propaganda.

Anyone can report hate speech on Social Media by emailing the URL to [email protected]

It maybe recalled that there is no cyber law in the country. Currently there’s no way of prosecuting those involved in cyber crimes, however, FIA can nab the culprits by charging them under Pakistan Penal Code.

Image Courtesy: AFP, Yahoo News

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  • Basher

    These guys are actually beating that Sunni Muslim… there is video as well as picture.

    • Shoaib

      Plz share the link of the said video…

  • Sohaib

    LOL helping? Look at the guy’s expression (on the left) and he is raising his hand to slap the guy, not help him..

  • Sohail

    I am a Muslim Belonging to Shia Faith. If these people beat or killed this innocent helpless muslim. They shall burn in fire o HELL

  • Shah Jee

    Watch the video, one of these guys stabbed this guy with a lance.

    • Shoaib

      Kindly share the link of the said video…

      • Shah Jee

        You should watch the 47 second video shared on facebook abt
        tihs incident facebook
        com/photo.php?v=436524929803855&set=vb.296074673848882 – put the .
        after facebook and go to the link. 0:34, you’ll see what’s happening.

  • Asad Jafri

    Aamir Bhai yaar caption to sahi ker lein. Please don’t distort the facts. The guy is being brutally beaten by these elements.

    • Shoaib

      How do you know it?

    • aamir7

      Asad bahi, carried the pic and caption from AFP.

      • Shah Jee

        Aamir, you should watch the 47 second video shared on facebook abt tihs incident facebook com/photo.php?v=436524929803855&set=vb.296074673848882 – put the . after facebook and go to the link. 0:34, you’ll see what’s happening.

      • Hashir Shah

        Aaamir7 Bhai. here is the actual photo. compared to the one posted in newspaper

  • mano bili

    watch it clearly ….. with open eye …

  • Sohaib Alee Khan Nagree

    Thanks aamir bahi for sharing the info. this will sure stop the anti Pakistan elements.

    • mano bili

      maro bhee tum log aur phir bano bhee masooom …. had ho gayee hai … wo hee kaam kiaa hai tum logon nay jo Hazrat Hussain (R.A) k sath 1400 sall pehlay kia thaa … un ko shaheed kr k aaj tak apnee masoomeat chupaa rahay ho ….. ab tum logon nay dekhaa k hum nay baygunah logon ko maar diaa hai to apnaa hee imam bargaah bhee jala diaa ….. ta k logon kee hmdardian hasil karain …. akhir jiss nay imam bargah jilaya us main koee ek bhee shia zakhmee yaa maraa q naheee … tu m log to sb udhr hee thay naa …

      • samiullah

        they will pay for that ofcourse.

      • shad0w~walk3r

        Hum shia lannat bhejtay hain Hazrat Imaam Hussain a.s ko shaheed kernay walon pay. Hum lannat bjehtay hain ahl-e-bait kay dushmonon pay. Hum lannat bhejtay hain BB Fatima a.s ka ghar jalanay walooon pay. Hum lannat bhejtay hain jo Ahl-e-bait kay dushmnon pay lannat nei bhejta.


      • Sohaib Alee Khan Nagree

        I will not bother to read a reply made by a person named fucking “mano billi”

  • ZeeshanShahid

    Not taking sides here but ProPakistani should have at least researched the most common of the hoaxes of the Rawalpindi tragedy. Or is it that we just wanted to believe the caption desperately? Rational people of both sects know what mob mentality is capable of. You don’t need SSP or SM in these incidents.
    I don’t know if anyone recall the video footage after a bomb blast in one of Ashura jaloos in Karachi some years back; there was an angry mob of azadaraan charging towards a cornered middle-aged policeman who was stumbling backwards and then fell. That was the end of that clip but the way the men were getting at him, I don’t think that policeman survived the angry mob’s violence who just punished him as a representation of the authorities who failed to protect them.

  • shen

    @aamir7:disqus bhai Pak mai jelly bean ki 4.3 ki update 3 4 din se aye hoi he.koi news ni yai ?

    • Time4Revenge

      Jelly bean ki update hai ya tera pregnancy test positive aanay ki update hai??
      Teray ghar say koi mara hoota na tou roads block kar kay tum Shia dharna dai kay matam kartay but yahan tujhey apni jelly ka danda apnay aandar lainay ki pari hai.
      Inshallah tum loog bi pitto gaey oupar walay zakhmi mujhid ki tarha and jhanum mein tum matam karo gaey baghairton

  • Shame on media..wait for taliban now

  • Salman Abbas

    This is jihad! Killing people you deem as munafiqeen is actively encouraged and rewarded in Islam so Allah knows best who will go to hell and who won’t.


    • Sohaib

      Who are you to judge who is Munafiq or not? Do you have any idea Who are the Munafiqeen? [email protected] calling it a Jihad..

      • Shahid Saleem

        Helpful hint for you: /s at the end means “sarcasm”


    • Hassan

      Stupid people like you end up in doing sucide bombs n stuff on our muslim brothers n sisters (Shiaa or sunni) go grab a book n get yourself educated before you say stupid stuff so openly…. Jihad can never be against any muslim no matter what sect he/she belongs to…

    • Ehsan Kayani

      Can you report any incident from Hazrat Muhammad PBUH time in which the munafiqeen were beaten or killed because they were munafiqeen?

  • tungi

    maulvi maro mulk sawaron

    • imran kasi

      jab tu marr jaey ga tu kaun tera janaza parhaee ga? U**^ ki &^
      Liberal fascist.

      • tungi

        janaza parhnay kay liyay saalay jahil maulvioun ki zarurat nai..un say iyada islam ka pta ho ga! ab ja apnay taliban training camp kyun kay tera time a gaya hai marnay ka

      • tungi

        kyun kay teri dari hai ,,i doubt tujhay liberal fascist ka matlab bhi pta ho ga,,munawwar hussain ki najaiz ulad.

  • AK

    Kick out all shiaz from Pakistan !

  • Saeed

    Here is the actual facts and our media is ignoring as you know that most our media channel person are Shia.

  • Mani

    wo to wesay be jalengay :P

  • Wrestview

    do not fight muslims do not spread hate we are people without guidance(bleive me) aisay hate ke comments phelanay se aisa or waqiya bhi pesh asakta hai do not spread hate. Allah hamain hidayat de maulana hazrat logon ko sahi taleem nahi dete or woh log jo islam ko zindagi mein lagoo nahi karte(matlab namaz parhna Quran-e-pak parhna ya phir sahi hadis shareef se ilm hasil karna) aisay logon ko koi haq nahi hai ke kisi or musalman chihay kisi or firqay se ho us se ladyee jhagra karein.

  • Wrestview

    Hazrat Ali R.A ka waiqa keun bhool gayay ho ap ke jab medan-e-jang mein 1 kafir ko jab woh qatal karne lagay to us ne un ke upper thook phenka to unhon ne us kafir ko qatal nahi kiya or farmaya ke woh qatal Allah ki raza ke liye kar rahay thay lakin us ke thookne ki wajah se un ke dil mein us shaks ke liye nafrat na ajayay to unhon ne usay maaf kar diya.

    Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 49 :: Hadith 857

    Narrated Um Kulthum bint Uqba:

    That she heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “He who makes peace
    between the people by inventing good information or saying good
    things, is not a liar.”

    is hadees sharif se sabq hasil karo or logon mein nafrat na phelao.

  • Wrestview

    apnay ulema karam ko follow karo kisi sunni ulema ne tv par bayan diya hai nafrat ka ya ki shia ulema na for example dr tahir ul qadri ya phir maulana tariq jameel ne is waqiye ke baad? sab ko pta hai ke nafrat kam karne mein hi bhalayee hai na ke nafrat barhanay mein mera yaqeen karein yeh ulema karam hum logon se ziadah bahadur hain or haq baat karne se darte nahi.

  • Sadaqat

    Media Role, self explanatory!

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Can any body tell me that whether if some body do some thing bad, does he represent the whole of his society or doing an act individually… we say Europe and USA are wrong who consider Muslims as terrorist because some Muslims are really terrorist but this does not mean that we all are terrorist..
    the same thing is here that if some people either belonging to some specific group or not, doing some thing wrong and we conclude that these people are representing their whole society/ group and start shouting.. what we are doing.. the same thing due to which we hate Europe and America and do the same..
    plz broaden our minds and think wisely… these people did not want to kill some people at Rawalpindi but their actual purpose was to start fight between two larger groups of Muslims and we are helping them …
    Think about it.. May Allah bless on our Pakistan

  • tungi

    hmari qaum ki jahiliyat idhar di gai comments say pta lagti hain!jab beguna shia ko mara jata hai quetta tab to itni bakwas nai krtay! tum log sab lashkare jhangvi kay mental level kay ho!

    • lungi

      because hum kafiron kay marnay ka afsoos nahi kartay…tumhari tarha katal kar kay kai soo saal say masoom ban kar rootay nahi aa rahay…because of you we sunnis are suffering and you people are the biggest reason for our decline and at what stage WE muslims are today. From day one you are agents of munafiqeen in one or another way…now before you bark….Shut the Fu(c)k up….10 Moharam ko musalmano ko maar kay shaam ko tum nay shaam e gahariban mein tum nay bohot mazay oura liyea…IA ab roonay ka time aanay wala hai tumhara…Tum loogon kay sath syria wala salooq he behtar hai…

  • barbarians.


    Why We Refuse to Learn From History
    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  • Bloody Pakistani

    Good Job Amir bhai it was much needed. but those bloody “Shar Pasand” people don’t want to c Peace & are trying to distort the reality of this pic. In the other pic people are also helping him they are just trying to help him stand. May ALLAH show us all the right path!