Warid Launches Phone Backup App


With smartphones performing more and more tasks of our daily lives, the data stored on these devices can be pricy, at times more valuable than any other stuff.

However, due to its handheld nature, smartphones can easily be lost (read stolen). This situation can be further worrying in countries like Pakistan where street crime rates are comparatively higher as compared to developed markets.

Not only this but smartphones can at times become victim of physical damage or software malfunctioning.

This is where backing up of data becomes essential.

Thankfully, Warid brings an exclusive Android based app with the innate quality of backing up your Contacts list, Call Log and SMS messages.

Additionally, the app helps you to keep your personal and sensitive data backed up.

After installing the App, users are required to sign-up for an account by entering their Mobile phone number (03xxxxxxxxx), a password, and activating it using the pin code received through SMS message.

The App is neatly coded with clean design on top of a user-friendly environment. It packs various easy to understand options available which includes,

  • Add Contact,
  • Browse Contact(s),
  • Synchronize Contacts,
  • Call Log,
  • SMS Restore, and
  • Account Info & Settings.

Users have the authority to manage and schedule automated Backups on Daily, weekly or monthly basis on their specified time. It also grants its users to enable/disable the feature to backup call logs or SMS messages, these options are available under “Account Info & Settings”.

With the user-friendly environment and conceivable options, anyone, even with inadequate acquaintance of smartphones can easily Backup their Contacts, and with call log backup feature a user can back-up every number he has dialled, every call he received or even missed

Your data is backed-up over cloud, which can be accessed directly from the web using http://mobilebackup.waridtel.com, anywhere, anytime.

After reviewing it thoroughly and going through every available option I must say that I am quite impressed with its clean design and easy-to-understand options. I’d recommend it to anyone who would want to keep their data backed-up and secure at the same time, not only on the phone, but on the Cloud too.

You can download app from here!

Here are few screenshots:



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