Pakistan Gets Leading Position in International Cyber Drill

Cyber Drill Pakistan

In order to build the capacity of its member countries in the area of Cyber Security Readiness and to understand Dynamics of Cyber Attacks in depth, Asia Pacific Computer Emergency and Response Team (APCERT) organized an International Cyber Drill.

26 Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) from Asia Pacific Region including China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Australia and CERT of the Organization of The Islamic Cooperation (OIC-CERT) were amongst the participants.

Pakistan is a member of APCERT and Pakistan Information Security Association – Computer Emergency Response Team (PISA-CERT) has been taking part in this Cyber Drill from last three years.

To combat cyber crime, Pakistan Research Centre for Cyber Security (PRCCS) was established under the Cyber Security Task Force, an initiative taken by the Senate Defense Committee headed by Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed.

The Cyber Drill was prepared by PRCCS through a collaboration of Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE), Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE) and PISA-CERT.

Professional teams of Cyber Security handled the simulated cyber attacks and controlled the attack patterns using latest tools and knowledgeable skill sets. After the drill, Pakistan was announced as a qualified participant for successfully combating cyber threats.

It is an honour for Pakistan to be featured at such a prestigious platform internationally. This is also an indication that Pakistan possesses all the required skills and knowledge to cater with any computer/cyber emergency in case the need arises. The team which participated in the Cyber Drill included professionals from PISA-CERT, CASE and CARE which combined under Pakistan Research Centre for Cyber Security (PRCCS). The team for reference is as under:

  1. Dr. Zaheer – CASE University
  2. Mr. Talha Habib – PISA-CERT
  3. Dr. Farhan – CASE University
  4. Mr. Nadeem Yousaf – CASE University
  5. Mr. Hassan Ijaz – PISA-CERT
  6. Mr. Qaiser Shafi – CASE University
  7. Ms. Izza Zubair – CASE University
  8. Mr. Ali Iqbal – CASE University
  9. Mr. Zain ul Abideen – CASE University
  10. Mr. Najam us Siraj – CASE University
  11. Mr. Muadh Jamal Solaija – CASE University
  12. Mr. Nasir Yaqoob (IT) – CASE University
  13. Mr. Naseer Ahmed (IT) – CASE University
  14. Mr. Abbas Ansari – PISA-CERT
  15. Ms. Ufna Aamir – PISA-CERT
  16. Ms. Maryam Jalees – PISA-CERT
  17. Mr. Mubashir Hassan – PISA-CERT
  18. Ms. Sara – CASE University

      • Go back to loony bin if you do not understand technology. Keep playing with your toys and tech gadgets. Technical things are beyond your reach anyway.

  • This is perhaps a big news for Pakistani Tech industry. People are always so critical never looking in to what really has happened due to less awareness and knowledge about the matter.

    Anyways, APCERT has been an organization of international repute and Pakistani team competing at international platform shows real efforts and show of knowledge display that we possess substantial knowledge in that arena where big players like OIC CERT, Australian CERT, China CERT, Japan CERT and Vietnam CERT were taking part.

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