Spam Message Senders to be Punished Through Service Blockage


In an attempt to stop SPAM text messages, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed mobile operators to suspend messaging service of users who send out 200 identical messages in less than 15 minutes.

PTA has taken this step to target users who are SMS spamming for commercial purposes.

It is worth mentioning here that a similar policy was devised in 2012 which used the same dynamics as the latest policy announced. This new regime, however, is aimed at curbing marketing SMS only; under the previous policy some legitimate traffic was also getting blocked.

If a user’s service is blocked for sending out 200 text messages in 15 minutes he/she can get their messaging service reopened by submitting an affidavit that the offence will not be repeated. If the user violates the policy again, his/her messaging service will be blocked permanently.

We hope that PTA has developed strong parameters to target only SPAM messages as a lot of users tend to send out bulk messages to their loved ones during joyous occasions such as Eid, Ramzan, New Year, and many others. It might become an unnecessary nuisance to have your services blocked while just trying to share your happiness with your loved ones.

ProPakistani’s story on this policy almost two years ago can be read HERE.

  • Good.. but what about free sms service provider..? i mean jo free sms website hoti hain wo kia karain gy..? propakistani b tu free sms service provide kar rai hai na

  • Intentions of PTA don’t seem fair since 15 min is a hell less time. Should be at least 12 hours.
    Secondly, Ufone and Warid should also be warned for sending so many promotional SMS all day long. It is a nuisance indeed.

  • I have already suffered from this in past. I was sending smses to a specific group only but still got blocked. In same days I was getting spam smses as well. There shud b any strong control else this will affect only general public.

  • This new is fake. i just confirmed from Mobilink.

    Mobilink Reply “Sir, we have not yet received any such intimation or orders from PTA or any other relevant source.”

    Mobilink said also “Sir, in case customer sends more than 50 SMS at the same time containing relatively identical content will be identified by the system as spam message and the message in excess of 50 will be blocked automatically and will not be delivered to party B.”

  • How will PTA find out identical sms? BY READING OUR SMS. They took salt and shoved it up our behinds and we did not notice.
    But, im glad that we may finally get rid of sms junk / spam.

    • Reading SMS seems to be impossible. This can be track by flagging SMS sending rate. For identical message, may be sum of bits can be observed.

  • I like this. Having blocked just 3 SPAM SMS senders via my message app today… this is just getting outta hand. They should actually block the number and then fine the spammer.

  • even ufone is making marketing calls from 02525. They didnt stop even i requested them TWICE via email.

  • Well, One more point, PTA/mobile companies say that buy corporate SMS then one can send thousands of SMS at the rate of 20+SMS per second. Thus one become spammer/ commercial advertiser if he/she will buy the commercial/corporate SMS package (license to send bulk SMS ?).
    Its same like that: The wine will become hilal after you pay to the mulla

  • At least now i will not receive “Tanki Saaf karwa lo” and “witribe qubee wateen device and packages for sale” messages in the middle of night anymore

  • Aray esa karou ga tou Asma k abu ka intiqal hojae ga hospital ma, income support k winners ko kaisa pta chala ga? tm log awam ki bhalae nahe chahta !

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