Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin [Infographic]

Love Bitcoin and want to know every possible fact about the currency? Well this infographic by Entrepreneur has you covered then.


The infographic comes with 50 interesting (and sometimes weird) facts ranging from Bitcoin mining to usage by Wikileaks.

And if this isn’t enough, the plethora of sources given at the bottom will probably keep you occupied for a long time.



  • Correction: Litecoin is a not a bitcoin competitor, it complements bitcoin as a smaller unit , like coins are to currency notes… the value of litecoins is directly linked to value of bitcoins and fluctuates accordingly….

  • This is Game by JEWS.
    They are mining Bitcoins & Exchanging them into GOLD & repeating this process again & again. GOLD is forever. They are making fool all of us.

  • My brothers this is not fake thats true i am also earning bitcoins from last 3 years and i have been cashing out them also

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