AJK and GB to Wait for Few More Months to Get 3G and 4G

Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit & Baltistan regions will have to wait for few more months to get 3G and 4G networks, we have confirmed with concerned authorities.

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According to Information Memorandum for the auction of 3G and 4G spectrum auction, next-gen licenses offered to 3G and 4G operators will allow the telcos to offer 3G and 4G services with-in territorial extent of Pakistan excluding Azad and Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit and Balistan.

IM had said:

A License for spectrum awarded in the NGMSA provides exclusive use of the frequencies licensed to that Operator. The services permitted are governed by each specific License (see 2.1.3 below). The territorial extent of each License is the whole of Pakistan excluding Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

When asked that why 3G and 4G service offerings in AJK and G&B were not included in the license, authorities said that all necessary measures are being taken to give the current license holders an extension to start offering services in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit and Baltistan as well.

PTA said that Kashmir Council is being consulted on the matter and an extension in license is in the pipeline already. Authority didn’t communicate any timeframe for the completion of the process or when exactly the people of AJK will be able to experience 3G and 4G services.

It maybe recalled that cellular operators in Pakistan were offered an extension of their cellular licenses to offer services in AJK in 2005 after earthquake in the region. Companies were then charged US 1 million per operator for the service extension in AJK.

PTA said a similar extension will be offered to already operating 3G and 4G operators.

No new auction will be carried out for 3G and 4G services in AJK, instead the winners of April 2014 auction will be held qualified to avail the extension, confirmed us PTA.

It maybe recalled that Special Communication Organization (SCO) – an army administered telecom company — is monopoly in AJK and Gilgit and Baltistan for provision of broadband services to the users. Users in AJK and GB are largely unhappy about the rates and quality of services that SCO offers.

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  • we r happy if operators start services of 3G and 4G in AJK and Gilgit and Baltistan before us , we love Kashmiries , but due to complicate procedure in that area , companies required few more time to initiate services

  • AJK and GB are not constitutionally part of Pakistan – see Article 1(2) of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. The Federal Law of Pakistan does not automatically apply to these territories. Therefore, PTA has no jurisdiction in these territories, other than to the extent expressly permitted by the laws of these autonomous/self governing regions.

  • Where is that Zaid Zion Hamid Laal Topi? Dead or blind? or simply too busy settling scores with Jew TV? Curse be upon those who instilled propaganda into our minds when we were young. Hopefully, when the time comes, Kashmir shall decide to rid itself of India as well as Pakistan.

  • This is really bad new and injustice since there is already 2G and EDGE services than why not 3G. It’s worth mentioning that the PTCL EVO 3G USB doogle is already operating in AJK. I think army controlled SCO has some concerns.

    • SCO has no concerns, its not that kind of issue, try to understand the SCO has only issues which doesn’t disturb the communication of Pak Army.
      License issue, the disputed territories have different licenses like in India also.
      Hope so they will be issued soon for AJK and GB

  • In Indian occupied Kashmir Baharti Airtel, Idea, Air cell and Vodafone provide 3G services why not here as more peaceful territory than Indian occupied territory of Jamu.

  • They said “The territorial extent of each License is the whole of Pakistan”
    Means it will be available also in Many non-Big cites ? Like Sahiwal, Chichawatni.. (Would make me really happy)

  • today PRO-Pakistani team disappointed me. I am a big follower of pro-pakistani magazine but pro-pakistani published a biased statement regarding SCO. plz visit ma village where ma family is living then you will b realise that SCO is not a business doing organization. me and my village were contact -less ,number of tymz we approached to other operator to give us telecom services but due to the less population in ma village they din’t consider us their customer so we gave a application on blank paper to sco .in response SCO installed a tower for gsm as well as digital exhange including DSL services.plz tell me how can say say SCO has a monopoly?

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  • GB? Oh Man, I received this update via twitter on my phone, and I came running ASAP to read the post. I thought GB means Great Britain here. LOL

  • This is really not good… Pakistani Hamisha AJK walo sy soteli Maa jasa salook karty hain… don’t forget jab telecom companies ko extension mili AJK k lia 2005 main usk bad he Telecom companies ko boom mila and grow kea..

  • Hey GB me 2G network chal raha ha 3G me kiya problem ha. Indian govt kashmir me all facilites provide krti ha to pakistan q nahi krti. Is se ye pata chalta ha ke pakistan govt ne hum GB walun ko pakistani tasleem nahi kiya ha aur SCO go to hell bed networking bed services and internet providing. So plllzzz GB me 3G aur 4G chalna chahiye its very important for this generation

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