Microsoft and HEC Partner to Benefit 156 Universities in Pakistan


Microsoft Pakistan and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan organized  an Academic Day to reinforce an on-going education alliance agreement to offer Microsoft software, technical skills, certified training and infrastructure development to university students across Pakistan.

More than 156 universities in Pakistan will benefit from the program which will help students and educators in Pakistan realize their full potential.

The contract between the two organizations initially targeted 73 public sector universities, but soon after realizing the potential of the country, Microsoft and HEC decided to expand this program, taking it up to the private sector universities.

The program has now resulted in 156 public and private universities in Pakistan, who are getting benefits from this partnership.

The salient features of the partnership included free access to latest Microsoft software products, conducting trainings & workshops by trained and certified Microsoft trainers, creating opportunity to participate in global technology competitions and content for curriculum design.

Students of associated universes will have to check with local administration to gain free and easy access to Microsoft resources.

The program also includes staff technical training, faculty connections as well as material for developing learning contents.

Microsoft and the HEC said that communities of committed, collaborative participants are essential to advancing education, which is a basic right and a socioeconomic and workforce imperative. More than 50% of today’s jobs require some technology skills, and experts say that will increase to 77% in the next decade (Source: IDC). Therefore, Pakistani students must believe that success starts with them and their educators, and then comes technology.

Amir Rao, Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan opined, “We want to deliver solutions that help transform education holistically, and create truly connected, immersive experience. The objective of this initiative is to promote education and encourage universities in the public and private sectors to develop their technical skills, have access to latest software and take advantage of curriculums from global top-notch universities so that students and academia could benefit from international standards of technical education and development.”

“Microsoft programs help to put technology into the hands of educators and students, giving them the skills they need for the future. Our goal is to engage every student by providing the tools students need in the new economy for success in the future, we are confident that effective, immersive learning experiences for the Pakistani students and faculty, will inspire improved outcomes,” he added.

Anwar Amjad, Director General (IT) of the HEC said, “Providing enabling environment to the academic and research community of the country has been at the forefront of HEC’s vision since inception. HEC aims to provide conducive environment for quality education and productive research contributing towards the socio-economic development of the country. We are very pleased to see Microsoft joining hands with HEC in empowering young people with providing access to technology and helping in skills development and training, improving education and also giving young people tools to support their learning.

“We appreciate Microsoft for giving immense support, ensuring that young Pakistani students receive the education they need to equip them for success in the global workforce. Pakistan to become progressive nation requires promising investment in youth”,DG (IT) added.

  • At our uni, we were given a Microsoft DreamSpark account for two years. It really was useful. I still am using original Windows which I downloaded from that account. It really is a useful initiative.

      • No. Both are same. But here are drawbacks of pirated Windows:
        1. When you use the patch tool for making your Windows genuine, the patch-tool could inject some malicious code into your Windows, which can anonymously send your personal or any data to their service (if they want to).
        2. You cannot get regular updates, because, Microsoft randomly sends the Genuine Windows Checker utility, which inactivates your Windows again.

        • I am using original MSDN Windows 7 sp1 ISO and do not use crack, I can use windows for almost 120 days, using legal Rearm commands. This windows is also genuine and free for 120 days legally.

        • But for a common man who can hardly afford a used PC with price tag of 8 or 9K, how he can afford to buy a genuine Windows, say, Win7 Home Premium, which cost 12K.

          It is not possible to have high priced windows which 80+% people can’t afford.

          • You are right about prices but this does not give us right to steal their efforts. I would prefer Ubuntu if you cannot afford the Windows. Though it’s not as user friendly as Windows but it does pretty much everything.

      • Pirated Windows have security backdoors (some of which are because of the cracks/patches). These allow viruses, worms, rootkits etc to infect your system and since they are using artificially create vulnerabilities in your OS, they aren’t detected by security software (antivirus, antimalware etc.) as well.

        Also, pirated Windows don’t get access to monthly update cycle (Patch Tuesday – every second Tuesday of the month) which often bring new features and most importantly patch recently discovered vulnerabilities in the OS before anyone can actually use them to compromise your machine.

        Pirated Windows is the number one reason for “slow PCs” that are riddled with viruses because Windows Defender (the built-in antimalware tool) requires a fully activated Windows capable of receiving updates since its virus definition files are updated daily.

      • Download MSDN Windows 7 ISO from torrent sites by comparing SHA hash tags, If SHA-1 tag is matched then you have genuine windows

  • Yes @Aamir001:disqus is right. The original software from dreamspark account works perfectly. Its been a third year in a row I am using genuine Microsoft Windows 7 professional and I haven’t encountered any major issue. The best part is that you are able to get a genuine copy of every OS, Office and every other Microsoft utility. Thumbs up!!

  • Pakistan has over 86% software piracy rate and given how much Windows & Microsoft software have helped this country (laymen and worker class despite all critique we put on Microsoft), such initiatives will help us gain a reputable place amongst other nations of the world.

  • I am enjoying MSDN Visual Studio ultimate subscription :)
    Every thing is free… :) #MSP

  • Bhai…. Virtual University man Windows and Office Upgrade karwa do, bari meharbani hogi, bacha dua day ga

  • Hi, i have a question .Please inform me about Microsoft student partner. how can i become a Microsoft student partner and what i have to do for applying for MSP(Microsoft student partner).

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