Tablet Market to Overtake PC Industry in 2015


It’s no secret now that the PC market is on its worst decline in decades. What’s more now is that we’ve reached a point where tablet sales will level with the number of PCs sold worldwide.

According to Gartner, the number of tablets sold next will cross 300 million units for the first time, and will just overtake the PC industry by 4 million. The difference between the two is still 52 million units.

The big thing to notice here is that the PC market, which includes both traditional desktops, ultrabooks and other premium devices, itself will grow. Microsoft’s bold move to end the support of Windows XP altogether this year is probably a major reason for this trend but it won’t change the fate of the industry.

The tablet industry as a whole will see a bit of a decline in sales this year, but will be back up again in 2015.

The combined sales for the entire industry (including mobile phones, PCs, tablets, other ultra-mobiles) will reach to 2.6 billion units in 2015.


And out of those 2.6 billion devices, more than half will be Android phones with shipments rising by 30 percent. Windows stands at 373 million while iOS and Mac will cross 300 million in sales.

According to the firm, the market share of Windows Phone will increase to 10 percent by 2018. We’re yet to see how that plays out but we’ve seen such predictions before.


  • In my opinion PCs have still the value because of their hardware power than tablets.PCs will remain come in use in offices or any professional organization.
    Specification of tablets are more or less same as smart phones but only differnce between smartphone and tablet is tablet has larger screen is some how good for people who travel alot for reading emails, accessing web & use communication apps otherwise you can;t perform larger tasks on them.

    • The Value That a Desktop PC Posses Cannot be Overcome by Tablets.
      Tablets Are mostly Used for Leisure ,Whereas Based up the Performance,PC is Always A Preferable Choice

  • lol its like you people are comparing a phone with pc

    pc is diff thing in other hand Tablet diff thing

  • PCs lasts a lot longer than tablets/ mobiles, as they pack a lot more horsepower inside their cores than their mobile/ tablet counterparts. I’m still using a 1st Gen i5 750 system, which is on its 5th year now. Me and many others with similar specs are simply holding off from upgrading because they don’t feel a compelling reason to upgrade an already outstanding processor.

    THe comparison of PCs with mobiles/ tablets is flawed in this context, and one of the main reason why we see the decline in PCs being sold, as not many people liked Windows 8/ 8.1 and did not switch to new PCs and are therefore still clinging to their WIndows 7 based PCs. Another aspect which has not been addressed is the upgradeability of a custom built or a branded PC, whose components you can easily swap/ upgrade over the years. This is what fuels the longevity of a PC.

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