Mobilink Celebrates Pinktober to Increase Breast Cancer Awareness

Mobilink celebrated ‘Pinktober’ as a means to support Pink Ribbon’s campaign to increase awareness about Breast Cancer. The iconic Pakistan Monument in Shakarparian, Islamabad was turned pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Across the globe, the month of October is celebrated as ‘Pinktober’ by turning famous monuments such as the Pyramids (Egypt) and the Merlion (Signapore) pink.

Omar Manzur, Head of Corporate Communication Mobilink commenting on the initiative said, “Mobilink has been a vehement supporter of Pink Ribbon for the past 5 years and as a socially responsible organization we firmly believe that awareness is the first step towards a healthy society. Our partnership with Pink Ribbon is reflective of our commitment to raise awareness regarding the most pervasive forms of cancer and hope that this drive helps curb breast cancer probability in Pakistan.”

Mobilink claims that it is the only cellular organization to support the cause in collaboration with Pink Ribbon. Mobilink has been carrying out a fund raising drive via SMS broadcast for the past 5 years.

The SMS channel also continues to serve to spread awareness and educate customers with early diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer. This drive also includes advertising billboards and other collateral at prominent sites across Pakistan.

Mobilink also helps increase awareness through flyers and information material about breast cancer at its Business Centers across the country. Mobilink users can donate Rs. 20 to the Mobilink Breast Cancer Awareness Fund by sending a blank SMS to 8099.

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