Telecom Industry Prints ADs to Congratulate PM and IT Minister

It maybe recalled that Pakistan recently won a seat on the ITU Council in elections held in Bushan, South Korea. We covered the whole development here.

Yesterday, after almost two weeks of the news, telecom industry of Pakistan went ahead to publish print ads in all sorts of newspapers to congratulate Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Ms. Anusha Rehman, State Minister for IT and Telecom on the achievement.

It is very rare that telecom industry has gathered on a platform on this scale to publish congratulatory ads in newspaper. We just hope that they were not politically motivated.

You can add your thoughts in the comments below. Meanwhile, have a look at the print ads:



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  • Can these telco operators explain what contribution did the PM and IT minister have towards winning of this seat in ITU council ?
    Did anybody care to congratulate the actual professionals who are engaged with the ITU council ?

  • Sucking upto the sharifs was part of the licensing deals? These telcos never congratulated their customers who are their bread and butter. They never appreciated Musharraf govt. which allowed them to pay licensing fee by using loans from local banks.
    Well, when you sell license on base prices, which were decided after consulation of license candidates; when you let them bid right from their offices; when you do not make collusion a crime; when you allow them to pay fees in future using LIBOR rate (which is under investigation); when you let Ufone (a defaulter company) pollute bidding by violating rules and bidding for three 5Mhz bands only, and later settle for one 5Mhz band only, and when….oh wait. Corruption is integral part of democracy. We should be happy that we have 3/4 g now, and its not costly any more.

  • @aamir7:disqus, you better create another blog where you can post Anti PMLN and Pro PTI posts.
    There is nothing to share this news ..oh sorry this isn’t a news even or anything which can be shared. This only shows your hatred towards PMLN.

  • اس پر بھی انقلابیوں کی جل جائے گی …… اور عمران کو جلن ہو گی بیٹھنے میں تکلیف الگ

  • کوئی شک نہیں کہ 3 جی اور 4 جی ….. ٹیلی کمنیکیشن کی دنیا میں انقلاب ہے …. کریڈٹ عمران کو نہیں نواز کو جاتا ہے

  • We are thankful to #GoNawazGo that he chose our country to bring prosperity and utmost economic development PLANS that we are humbly enjoying since the start of His Highness’ Kingship. What would we be doing if he chose USA or Germany to bless them instead of us.

  • There was hot discussion in our office about these ads on day they are published in news paper. A group including me emphasized that they are funded by govt.

    Later I checked FB pages of all these five operators along with press release pages on their sites, no page / site had a congrats sentence/graphic. So what kind of media campaign it is that operators forgot to mention on their own sites or social pages.

    So here is what happened in my opinion,

    T Minus One day Ms in anusha in a meeting with CEOs of Telcos (Such meetings she hold oceanly) tells telcos to print an ad in paper and promises to give a favor like paying etc. By the way its just what I believe is happened.

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