#Blackout: The Best Social Media Reactions

Power outages are so common in Pakistan; they have become a part of daily life. It’s interesting how residents have been forced to accommodate it in their daily schedules. However, it’s unusual for 80 percent of the country to to be deprived of electricity all at once. Darker and grittier than Gotham or Starling city, you’d imagine.

That’s exactly what happened at approximately 11.50pm on Saturday as Baloch separatists blew up a transmission tower in Naseerabad, Balochistan. You can’t possibly expect ‘activists’ on social media to have nothing to say about the worst power failure out of four major ones that Pakistan has experienced this month. No wonder #blackout trended with a vengeance. Let’s let the reactions speak for themselves, shall we?




Syed Tahir Ali Shah (1)

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  • Altaf B. (@AltafBehn) pe reaction ayega foran:p worst type ka :p as soon as Mutahidda k launde parhien gae ye article

  • Well! Its not wrong with Politicians, its wrong with public that they cant snatach their riight.
    We should learn from India.

  • Also #Blackout is also helps to avoid sins in the absence of light and realizes the true reality of dark in #Kabar.

  • some one should make an app for smart phones which contain Dark Hours schedule and notify that ” Light Janay Wali Hai… ” with a bulb blinking ( on / off ) :)

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