TV One Global Hacked for Airing Indian Content

TV One Global’s website has been hacked moments ago for allegedly showing Indian content.

The hacker group which defaced the home page of TV One Global left the following message:

“Pakistan doesn’t need any foreign enemies when it has their [sic] own. It’s not the first time TVOne did this. We also hacked your website when you were broadcasting Indian cultural programs last year.

We will no tolerate anyone who go against the ideology of Pakistan. By broadcasting these dramas you are putting more fire in the fuel.

We again request you to look into this matter carefully because if we can hack your website imagine what can we do more to spread destruction?”

The message was signed off by a group calling themselves the ‘Interactive Federation of Cyber Intelligence’. Members of the group include: MuJahid HaXor, Muhammad Bilal, Kai HaXor, Acetic HaXor and Magic HaXor.

While TV One’s website is unavailable right now, we managed to take a screenshot before it went down. Here it is:


A similar purpose driven hack took down Jamaat-e-Islami’s website not long ago. With computers and the internet becoming ubiquitous, the barrier for entry is lower than ever. It doesn’t help matters that even script kiddies (people who use known code or techniques to exploit security flaws) can do serious damage now.

There is little to no emphasis on security in Pakistan and hacks like these are the inevitable result. In today’s world, nothing is truly secure.

Given enough time, anything can be cracked. Security now relies on making things time consuming enough to hack that it’s not worth the while of the malicious group or the individuals. To do that, you need to spend money and the sooner everyone realizes its a worthwhile investment, the better.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • EXCELLENT JOB!! KEEP IT UP!! MEDIA are the people who have the power to build a nation, and also have the power to manipulate the nation by creating love and affection in the hearts of the people against sworn enemies, and unfortunately our media is doing quite a HE|| of a job of it!

  • Yes hate it .. Same with Dunya Channel .. Kon Banye ga Crore Patti .. BC Program India ka Question india kay or dekhtye Pakistani hain :@

        • Man, this is how it works:

          1. channel puts show on tv
          2. channel sells advertising time during commercial breaks to local advertisers

          otherwise it is NOT COST EFFECTIVE for the channel to air that show.

          So you say you don’t like the channels but you don’t punish the channels by boycotting the advertisers


    • Since real income comes from outside sources :P
      ghalat kamaana ha to ghalat dikhana to parega.. aur kamana buhut zaruri ha unfortunately for these people

  • زبردست! شاباش!

    ہیکرز کے ایک گروپ کو ایسے چینلز کے خلاف لگ جانا چاہیے جو غیر ملکی مواد دکھاتے ہیں۔ بار بار ان چینلز کی سائیٹس کو ہیک کریں۔

  • Not even a single person of all the commenters before me has condemned this hacking activity. I always wonder why we hate India. Rather than making your TV programming better and competitive to that of your neighbors, you want to stop a TV channel from broadcasting which will only result in lesser economic activity and reduced GDP of your own country. TV transmission results in more economic activity in the form of local advertisements, salaries to the channel’s staff, payments to other vendors and service providers of that channel, and profit for the channel itself. Foreign programs gets played on a local channel only because local people want to watch that foreign program. Remember, channels always perform adequate due diligence regarding potential viewer’s interest in a foreign program before buying the rights to broadcast that foreign program.

    • Mr. Ali, broadcasting an Indian drama is not the real issue here. Many channels are doing it already. We know that Pakistan industry needs to be compatible. The main ssue here is that they played a drama praising Indian Army. They could have got the rights of any other foreign drama and I am sure people would have liked it too but airing a drama which is in praise of Indian Army is without any doubt not the demands of the local people here although they do want to watch indian serials but certainly not these type of serials. I hope you got the point now

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